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  • People are kneejerking and circlejerking against Obama hard over a stupid Department of Commerce study. And Comrade Pants goes to Reddit. Hilarious. I'm gonna trash him and he's not here. I love bullying!

    Still, it's amazing the conviction Obama neglects to show now on citizen privacy versus during his Presidential candidacy.

    Yes, I've been paying attention to something political today. Mostly because of meltdowns by all political parties alike over something so stupid.
  • Perhaps it's because I'm European and have no interest in foreign politics (or any sort of politics for that matter), but I didn't understand a lick of what you just said.
  • Just the President getting falsely criticized by every political party at once on the internet for something he's not even doing.
  • I stopped reading at "Internet".
  • GaryCXJk;831549 said:
    I stopped reading at "Internet".
    But he loves when you read to him.
  • Darth Marsden;831479 said:
    Pfft. I was born 8 pages ago. Noob.
    Because we're awesome or something.

    EDIT: Scratch that. If I were awesome, I probably wouldn't be sitting here watching a poorly acted shark mockumentary which I PVR'ed on Discovery.
  • Fucking wonderful. I'm pretty sure my dog has fleas, and I'm pretty sure they've been biting me while I sleep. This is exactly the sort of thing I wanted to realize at 4:45 am when I need to go to sleep.
  • Aw man, sympathies. Fleas suck. Our cat keeps getting them, though they (thankfully) don't seem to bite me. Absolute pain in the arse to get rid of them.
  • I was under the impression that my legs got chewed by mosquitoes while I was doing yard work on Sunday. And lately I've been finding little black specks stuck in Max's fur. Just a little while ago, I saw Max scratching on my bed, and I looked closer and noticed some sort of bug on him. A little Googling and the conclusion is that yep, those are probably fleas, the black specks are flea dirt, and my legs are likely covered in flea bites.
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