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I hate Episode 4

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For me, it just slows everything down, It makes the least sense and is filled with things i personaly hated doing

1. Digging up the dead dog seemed way to random, did they NEED to get in the house that badly?

2. Burying the attic Zombie was also just out of nowhere, I mean Kenny didnt even bury his own son yet he wants to bury this random walker because its rotted corpse " kinda looks like Duck " know who else kinda looked like Duck?...DUCK!

3. Getting the safe combination from the dead doc and the tapes and all just made me feel like i was playing some CSI game or something

4. The way Chuck died was Lame, Its a video game, be Creative for gods sake

5. The whole sewer puzzle was just stupid, who on earth would think of doing that in the moment?

6. Lee walking around the house shouting CLEMMM? and getting Angry was also lame and seemed like lee just had a personality switch all of a sudden

7. I think MOLLY is not very convincing as a character, too over the top.

Theres more i hate i just cant remember it at the moment.
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  • If I had to pick a weakest episode it would be episode 1. The pharmacy part bores me a little (But that's of course after countless playthroughs)

    Episode 4 might be my favorite. I remember when I first got it I was pissed they didn't spend that much time on the radio man after I beat it. And it made the wait for episode 5 all the more excruciating. But 4 was badass to me, you go look for a boat and end up feeling hopeless, you get split up from Kenny and Clem (the only originals left in your group) and when you get back to the mansion you think something bads happened to Clementine only to feel badass when she finds a boat. Then you get to go to Crawford which ends in a badass finale (Thanks to Ben) And just when you think hey this episode might have a happy ending BAM The epic duo of tragedy in gaming history happens at the same time. Clem gets taken and Lee gets bitten. I know I couldn't have asked for a better episode.
  • My list goes from 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 1 is the lowest, but not the worst, 2 was just better, and then 3 was even more mind blowing, 4 was pulse pounding, and 5, well do I really need to say anything about 5, so no I liked all of them, they just kept getting better.
  • Bioshock Infinite WD;832063 said:
    My list goes from 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 1 is the lowest, but not the worst, 2 was just better, and then 3 was even more mind blowing, 4 was pulse pounding, and 5, well do I really need to say anything about 5, so no I liked all of them, they just kept getting better.
    Yeah I agree with this. The creators even said they were going out of their way to out do the previous episode in between the waits last year. And it shows. One of them said that they wanted you to by time you get to episode 5 look at episode 1 like it was Disney land (In terms of darkness)
  • Though I don't agree with many of the op's points, I tend to criticize episode 4 as well.
    There were some great moments with Clementine, but I think I felt less connected with the rest of the group overall. Chuck died with little remembrance, wasn't a fan of Molly, still didn't know much about Omid and Christa yet, Ben's incompetence went beyond my suspension of disbelief, etc.
  • Bioshock Infinite WD;832054 said:
    I know, I can't pick a weakest Episode, because without even one Episode the game would not be game of the year, simple, and I really liked Episode 4, they all brought something to the table the others did not.
    Episode 1 - Can We Work Together in a Broken Society?

    Episode 2 - Must We Become Monsters To Fight Monsters?

    Episode 3 - Should We Keep Going When Plans Are Pushed Aiside?

    Episode 4 - Will You Pity The Weak, or Fight The Strong?

    Episode 5 - What Lengths Will You Go To For The One You Love?

    Ya know, I came up with these on the spot. Episode 2's is pretty awesome when I look at it!
  • While Episode 4 wasn't my favorite, I rather liked it. It has one of my favorite moments of the season in it (Kenny's rage at Ben in Crawford) and the belltower escape is second only to Lee going through the herd in Episode 5 in terms of action sequences. Lee asking for help from the group after he gets bitten is also a really great moment that I thought was very well done, and I love that scene every time I play it. My only complaint would be that it starts out pretty slow, and doesn't pick up the pace for a while.
  • StalkerWalker;825472 said:
    you know who else kinda looked like Duck?...DUCK!
    This had me on the ground :D

    I have to agree that some bits seemed random, but i believe they left Katjaa and duck there because there was a sense of impending urgency, to avoid any walkers and make it to Savannah. It sort of felt like burying the walker made up for not having the time to bury katjaa and duck. And also, they had no tools or anything, and had to leave quickly.
  • StalkerWalker;825485 said:
    lol dude you just dont understand, please do not insult me as this is an internet forum and i am allowed to post my opinion, you have been reported
    I don't see i'm reported, so go away and delete your account.
  • Episode 4 is fucking amazing. Everything about it is AMAZING to me. The boy in the attic was just fucking incredible, and the whole Crawford supply hunt while surrounded by walkers was also SO cool. Probably my favorite episode besides 2 and 5
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