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Larry Caul, savior of the universe!

posted by Cactus_Sauce on - last edited - Viewed by 1.4K users
If Larry survived the unfortunate business with Kenny and made it to episode 5 and the game played out in the same plot do you think that he would help you rescue Clementine? :D
Personally I think he would, he's a big ol softy underneath all of that hate.
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  • TTaing987;832465 said:
    I believe Larry would help out. He cares about Clementine, and who would let a little girl get kidnapped just because they hate their guardian?
  • Cactus_Sauce;832467 said:

    Also, no Larry probably wouldn't have been very helpful in getting Clementine back. Especially if Lee was bitten. At best he would do what Kenny suggested: kill Lee and try to get Clementine back himself. But since he's an old fart and not a badass urban motherfucker, he would fail and Clementine would be stuck with the crazy radio guy.
  • It's anyone's guess if group interaction with the guy would have changed much.

    I think the first positive aspect in Larry surviving would have been the idea that Lilly may not have completely lost it. Of course Larry might have been throttling someone in her place when the traitor situation came to a head, so who knows?
  • Cactus_Sauce;832463 said:
    There you go peeps, the beginning of the end :D
    I always give Larry the beef jerky.. just sayin'

    He doesn't seem like the cracker and cheese kinda guy :P
  • i think he would, yeah, he is hateful towards lee, but he did care about clementine, i am sure about that
  • Choombi;832687 said:
    i think he would, yeah, he is hateful towards lee, but he did care about clementine, i am sure about that
    Based on...what?
  • belief in human kind, larry included
  • If Larry lived

    - He might not hate Lee as he saved his life
    - Lilly wouldn't go nuts/ Kill Carley/Doug
    - Ben would be kicked out probably
    - Chuck, Christa and Omid probably wouldn't have joined due to suspiscian (from both sides)
    - They would both help save Clem mainly due to Lilly I think

    Of course this is all hypothetical, he died - that's what happened
  • I don't think so . Remember what Larry said back in the meat locker ?
    " And if you turn , I will be the one to put the axe to your skull "
    If he was still alive , he would of tried to kill Lee because he was bitten just to protect his daughter and i don't think he would be okay to go in this suicide mission and wouldn't let Lilly go with Lee to save Clem .
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