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If you could create an extra group member character in season 1?

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What would they be like,how would they interact with other group members,how would they die if they died at all(your character your rules). Interesting thing to discuss? This is just from the top of my head but I would have created another Male character(in his late 20s) who was in the army and was Mark's best friend and was rescued alongside him. Lets call him Ryan. Fairly nice guy like Mark, goes back with Ben and Carley to the inn and stays behind to watch the inn when Ben and Carley go to see whats up on the farm.Is furious in episode 3 with Lee that he didn't notice something was up with the ST Johns and that he didn't insist on seeing Mark when he was injured. Tries to attack Lee in anger but Carley/Kenny subdue him.Later calms down and apoligizes to Lee. Get's shot in the bandit raid protecting the group but gets patched up while on the road and is ok. Votes to keep Lily when she shoots Carley/Doug, implied that he has feelings for her and that something may have happened between them during episode 1-2. Is upset when she leaves. In episode 4 when Chuck defends Clem Ryan is with Chuck fighting them off when one from behind grabs him and pulls him to the ground he manages to shoot it and escapes with Lee and the others but unknown to them Ryan has been bitten on the neck,he covers it by spiking up his collar,he goes with Lee and Kenny to get the boat and they meet Molly,then when they are running from the walkers after Kenny drops Lee,Lee and Ryan are trapped in the alleyway,this time the walkers behind them are alot closer and it appears Lee won't have enough time to open the manhole,Ryan reveals his bite to Lee and says something like "my luck was eventually gonna run out right". He holds off the walkers letting them bite into him to buy Lee time to escape,as Lee drops into the sewer he hears 1 gunshot and the screams of the group above implying Ryan has shot himself before he was completely devoured.
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  • Omid's cat;830597 said:
    Yeah. Big brown dog. Funny animal but coward, when zombie attacks.
    It would be Ben's pet.

    I couldn't think of anything more terrifying. Their fuckery would be unstoppable.
  • Omid's cat;830597 said:
    Yeah. Big brown dog. Funny animal but coward, when zombie attacks.
    It would be Ben's pet.
    Ren rook out ROMBIES!!!!

    Then after some crazy shenanigans Ben would give him a good ol' double sided scoobie snack,and then Lee kicks Ben off the train and Scoobie lives on,but he is now depressed,he took up smoking and drinking,he gave his life saving Clem,he was a hero to us all.

    A moment of silence for Scoobie...................anyway,if I could create a character I would make him a russian guy with a big beard,'nuff said.

    Tell me he wouldn't be a good partner to have in a zombie apocalypse.
  • I dont know,but someone who kills Lilly.
  • fabi777;830789 said:
    I dont know,but someone who kills Lilly.
    Agreed. BEFORE she shoots Carley! They would also hear of Vernons boat-stealing plans and stop Vernon from stealing the boat aswell. This in turn would mean Clem wouldn't get kidnapped and Lee wouldn't get bit.
  • Sorry but no one they would have starved with any more people :D
  • Firewallcano;832723 said:
    Sorry but no one they would have starved with any more people :D
    What if the new person brought a truckload of food? :D
  • then i will ask him where did he get that
  • I want a hardened badguy/criminal in the group, like Merle. Makes things more interesting and more dangerous internally ;)
    Sure Lee was convicted, but you cant really call him a bad guy. A bad guy wouldnt have taken Clementine with him.
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