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Shel's choices

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Ok first ever time making one of these .. anyway

I thought Shel had the most choice focused episode in 400 days so i'm curios of the choices people made.

[B]Choice 1 - Taking stock
- Did you let Becca oversee the guns?

I personally didn't as the only thing I knew about Becca was that she played guitar and Shel was trying to keep her away from horror stuff. She still got to help with the torch's anyway

Choice 2 - The intruder
- Did you kill the thief or let him go?

I was on the fence but eventually agreed to kill him, it was hard but we couldn't keep him and we couldn't let a threat go. Turns out it was the right choice as the guy ends up killing Boyd if you let him live.

Choice 3 - Go fish
- Did you cheat at cards?

Didn't cheat as i didn't see the point

Choice 4 - Run or gun?
- Did you flee or put down Stephanie?

I was really stuck on this one however i eventually picked up the gun. The reasons generally were that i felt I had to stand by my original decision why should I bail when it was my turn?, We couldn't save Stephanie it was Shel kill her or someone else, plus Steph did try to take everything and leave. Finally Becca was right where would they go? Shel is no Lee, Kenny or Lilly; she dosn't seem like a fighter and add an annoying child and her survival rate was really low.

Choice 5 - Go or stay?
- Did Shel go with Tavia in your story?

She refused making her the only one who didnt go, it kind of sucked but the alternative was leaving Russel and Wyatt so I don't mind.

Anyway sorry if this was too long but what were your decisions on your first playthrough?
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  • 1.Taking stock
    Did you let Becca oversee the guns?

    I thought that telling her no would be like treating her like a child, so I let her oversee the guns, but I also told her to be careful with them.

    2.The Intruder
    Did you kill the thief or let him go?

    I had no idea what to do. I had to pause the game to figure out what should be done about him. It took me 10 minutes to decide. In the end, I decided to set him free because it felt like the right thing to do to me. I immediately felt bad when it ended up killing Boyd, but it was a choice that I made and I'm willing to stick by it.

    3. Go fish
    Did you cheat at cards?

    I ain't no cheater.

    4. Run or gun?
    Did you flee or put down Stephanie?

    I honestly liked Stephanie and thought that she was an okay gal, even when she tried to escape. When I learned that Roman made the group more oppressive because of rules he made, my gut told me the truck stop isn't as safe as it used to be anymore. I really wasn't okay with having to kill Stephanie and was hoping that there would be some way out of the execution situation. As soon as I saw the keys in the drawer, I jumped at the first opportunity I got to get the hell outta there.

    5.Go or stay?
    Did Shel go with Tavia in your story?

    Since I fled from the truck stop in the RV, Shel went with Tavia.
  • Am I the only one that cheated at go-fish?
  • Seems that way, well I think Two Best Friends cheated also.
  • with Shel i let Becca check the guns, i let the intruder go, i didn't cheat, i ran in the RV and i went with Tavia
  • -I didn't let Becca oversee the guns.

    -I let the guy go. It was the right thing to do.

    -I didn't cheat.

    -Drive away. At that point, I still retained my humanity from the first season. Besides, it seems like the logical choice if you let the thief go earlier. The only people that agreed to let him go were Boyd (who's dead), and Steph (who was caught stealing). I wasn't about to stay with all the aggressive people who wanted to kill the thief.

    -Shel came with Tavia. Hoping Roman returns next season. I really like the idea of him becoming a major antagonist.
  • -I let her check the guns. Making Becca responsible is a good way for her to grow up.
    -I let the guy go, but I was sure it was gonna bite me back.
    -Why cheating? Where's the fun?
    -At first, I wanted to let Steph go, but when Roman said she stole all our stuff for her own selfish reasons, I was shocked. I liked Steph. Her betrayal broke me. I did the right thing for me and for the group, but I still regret killing her.
  • I let Becca check the guns, I let Roberto go, I didn't cheat at Go Fish, I left in the RV and Shel/Becca went with Tavia.
  • Cany0udance;833294 said:
    Am I the only one that cheated at go-fish?
    I cheated there, too. I kind of expected Becca making some comment on it. When Shel went out to talk to Roman, I didn't think she had her cards face down. I thought maybe Becca would take a look, see that she cheated, and call her out on it. "You did have a 7, you liar!" Would've lightened the mood a tiny bit before Shel had to lay the bad news on her.
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