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Why don't people use armor?

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You don't really see it in the series, and you don't see it in the game so far...
But why aren't people using armor to protect themselves from the walkers?
If they can't bite you, you're pretty much invulnerable, as long as its not 100 walkers prying you apart.

A firemans uniform wouldnt let human teeth through, kevlar, thick leather, its not like walkers have become panthers, they are still humans. Hell if you happened to come across a smith, or someone handy, you can create a crude metal outfit or just armor like a knight. Pretty powerful stuff in a zombie apocalypse if you ask me

I've heard one reason once being that it would be too hot in Atlanta, and i may agree to it if you walk around in a full metal armor, but even then you would only have to put it on when you are going in dangerous territory. And yes you may be alot slower too wearing alot of stuff, but i would gladly lose some mobility if it saves me from a ton of bites... Its not like Walkers are that fast.

And im not even talking about heavy armor, like i said, leather should do the trick. Or just protecting your arms and neck... I hope this gets mentioned or used in season 2. What do you guys think?
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