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Best Choices Storywise for 400 Days

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I haven't completely made up my mind yet on what my canon choices for 400 Days are going to be. I'm trying to decide what choices work best in terms of story, regardless of whatever consequences they might bring in Season 2.

I only have two locked in so far.

The first is that I think it is better for Wyatt to be afraid of venturing outside of the car, to win the game of rock-paper-scissors, and to leave Eddie behind when shot at by Nate. I didn't see Wyatt or Eddie as being particularly brave, so I kind of prefer that to having Wyatt volunteer to go outside. Also I think he is a bit of a hippy, so I had him roll with the 'How did it go so wrong.." dialogue choices regarding Eddie having shot Nate's group member.

I also have decided to have Shel reluctantly go along with killing the intruder (after voicing support for recruiting him), as she is afraid simply letting him go will send him back to another group that could put Becca at risk. I had her balk at killing Stephanie however and flee, both because Stephanie had been one of their own, and because it would seem to work against her goal of trying to raise Becca to not be heartless.

How about yourselves? What choices do you think work best in terms of the story?
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  • I can agree with that.
  • Only difference was that I stayed in the car as Wyatt, I think I prefer the story that way although it puts him in a bad light, but everyone has moments they are ashamed of. To me it seemed weird that Eddie spent so long arguing to Wyatt that they should check out who he run over and that they can't leave them behind, yet he does that to Wyatt if you leave the car. I guess its irony, but I prefer it the other way round, to me Wyatt seems like a coward.
  • I agree that my ideal game will have Wyatt stay in the car, both because I don't think he'd be eager to go out there and that I'm freakishly good at RPS and failed many times at losing so I could see what else could happen.

    I played Shel like a very passionate idealistic, so she won't approve of killing either the intruder or Stephanie.

    I'm still torn on Russell. On the one hand, I think getting as far away from Nate as possible is in Russell's best interests. On the other hand, their interactions are just so interesting. I think he'll stick around with Nate.

    Since I think Danny probably is a rapist, Vince will leave the bus with Justin.

    Bonnie lies to Leland. I hope she'll be able to set the record straight eventually, but the situation was too dire at that point to risk losing Leland, too.
  • I like the idea of Shel starting out idealistic and letting the guy go, but then relenting to the pressures of the apocalypse and killing Stephanie after she realized that her idealism led to Boyd being killed. I also like the ending if she stays a lot more than the ending if she leaves. Leaving in the RV is just so sudden and you don't feel the weight of your decision. The scene if she stays is a lot more somber. The whole "I'm sorry" "Me too" exchange worked out really well to me.
  • have the people who say wyatt is a coward seen how badass he is when you get out of the car and try as hard as you can to save the guard? he dragged the guy back while shooting multiple zombies in the head in full on hero mode, but saying that the story does seem to be leading you more to stay in the car.

    with vince the best choice seems to be shooting danny, with shell i guess it depends on whether you actually wanted her to be Lilly 2.0 or whether you wanted to be totally against killing people, with russell i think staying with Nate is the best, if you are silent when nate points the gun at you and asks if he should kill the old couple it's like russell has become trapped with a mad man and that just seems like the most interesting scenario, and i think honesty is best with bonnie, it was an accident after all

    and i have this weird feeling that accidents/mistakes was the theme of 400 days
  • I originally shot Justins foot off as Danny seemed more trustworthy despite his crime. (He wanted to help the prisoner being choked and stood infront of a gun to protect Vince and Justin whilst Justin seemed more of a coward and was so open about lying.) I also figured as it was Dannys suggestion he deserved to live and Justin was closer to the door so there was more chance of us being able to help him.

    In Shel's story I originally let the intruder go but played through again when I realized siding with Boyd cost him his life. I felt bad for him especially as he was the only cancer support patient to show remorse for stealing the boat.

    So my final save looks like this:

    1.) Vince shoots off Danny's foot
    2.) Wyatt stays in the car
    3.) Russell walks away from Nate
    4.) Bonnie tells the truth and Leland and goes with her
    5.) Shel shoots the intruder and drives away in RV
  • I would go with this:

    Vince shoots off Justin's foot.
    Wyatt stays in the car (preferably by winning r-p-s), then drives off
    Russel leaves Nate in the end.
    Bonnie lies to Leland.
    Shel lets the guy live, then leaves with the RV.

    Not all my original choices, but this is what I'm almost certainly gonna go with for my "canon" playthrough.

    By the way, a topic like this should totally be made for major season 1 decisions, I'd like to hear people's opinions
  • There already is a thread for Season 1 decisions.
  • This would probably be the best for S2.

    Shoot Danny's foot (Justin might appear in S2)
    Leave the car (higher chance of Eddie living)
    Stay with Nate (So if they meet again, Russel doesn't die)
    Tell the truth to Leland and have him go with you (So Bonnie isn't a liar)
    Kill the guy (Boyd lives) and kill Stephanie (So if Roman meets Shel again, he won't kill her)
  • That's a little different I think. That topic is about people justifying their decisions as players. I doubt many people think what is best "storywise" when they do their first playthrough- most probably end up picking choices that they hope will influence the story in the direction they want. It's only after we finish the game that we begin to see the bigger picture and start exploring, finding alternative choices and decide what choices might be "best" for the story. For instance, in my first playthough, I shot Stephanie, but later (since Shel ends up out of the group anyway), I figured that storywise, it's probably more fitting for her to leave in the RV.
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