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Hey i ordered the season one bundle and it says that the bonus disc and the animated series is on back order do u know when it will be ready to send ? thank if u have a answer
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  • The missing merchandise has FINALLY arrived at the warehouse and I expect remaining backorders to start clearing on Monday. Thanks all for your patience.
  • All backorders should now be cleared. If you're waiting for an order that was placed sometime between mid-June and July 6, and have not received a shipping confirmation email, please send me a PM with the order number so I can look it up for you. Thanks!
  • Hey I just got the email thanks :)
  • Hey i just received the items today thanks guys
  • Great! Enjoy, and thanks again for your incredible patience. I'm really sorry it took so long.
  • I appologise for using another's thread for my own question but I believe it's related...I was just wondering if backordering for the Animated Series is common at all, and how long is the usual wait for a new shipment?

    I am about to lodge an order for my season 2 DVD and the Series, so Im not too concerned by this as Im sure you guy will just hold the whole lot off until whichever comes in last, but it says the series is backordered now...while I understand fully because it is an epic series, it just slightly worried that I'll have to wait longer than I would like...
  • We ordered more animated series last week. They should be in stock before or around the same time Season Two starts shipping, so I wouldn't worry about there being a hold-up for your order.

    The issue last time was not that the Animated Series was backordered for a long time, but that we happened to be switching warehouses when it went into backorder. We had to send the copies we'd just ordered from our new warehouse to our old warehouse and they actually got lost in the mail. :p It was a fluke and I don't expect anything like that to happen this time!
  • Good to I said I wasnt too concerned due to the S2 DVD coming in would just be a matter of which comes last...I shall now continue my wait...thanks
  • I have the animated series on backorder. I was curious if there was any update on when it will be in stock.
  • It's back in stock now, but an order doesn't ship until all items are in stock, so yours will be held until the Season Two soundtrack arrives at the warehouse. That's expected to happen in September sometime.
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