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Problem with King of Town on Strongbad

posted by ndskarin on - last edited - Viewed by 381 users
I've dug the holes (all three), covered them up with brush, stuck candy in them, but the King of Town keeps stealing the candy. He avoids the hole, even though they're covered up.

At one point, I threw brush over the hole and then threw candy on top. It knocked the brush away, but I put new brush over it. It doesn't seem to recognize the new brush.

Please help!
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  • Are you playing on the Wii or on the PC? If you are on the PC, could you send us the save file? I've only ever heard this happening once before and we couldn't recreate it. I'd love to track it down using the save file if possible.

    As for fixing the problem, I'm afraid you will probably have to load a save from before you started digging the holes. It's non-ideal, but you shouldn't have the problem happen again.
  • Also just as a heads up putting candy in or on the whole is not how you solve that puzzle.
  • The problem in on WiiWare, so it looks like I'll have to start the game completely over again, since everything autosaves.

    I know that candy doesn't factor into the solution, but I think that perhaps it ran into the glitch because I put the brush on once and then knocked it in when I tossed in the candy and had to put more brush on.

  • I am having this problem on the PC. I've dug the holes, covered with hedge clippings, and then place the candy at the door, but every time the KOT notices the hole and steps around it.
  • I finally solved this by throwing chocolates down the hole until Strongbad told me that he didn't think that would work. Then I placed the hedge clippings over the hole twice, and then it finally worked. I can send the save file from the glitch in if it will be helpful.
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