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New Wolf Among Us Info/Previews - PSA: Releases this Friday (Oct 11) + New Footage on IGN Up at Noon

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Recent Updates about the game

Episode 1 releases this Friday. Woo! Additionally, a new Launch trailer is out!

August 20: Additional previews indicate that the series will be five episodes (no big surprise) and that all platforms, even Xbox 360, will have a Season Pass whereas episodes will cost $5 individually. Also, unlike Walking Dead, Shacknews gives the impression Telltale will be returning to monthly instead of bi-monthly-ish episodes.

October 3: Telltale has just put up pre orders up on Steam and their own store, and collector DVDs are back for people who get the season on the Telltale Store. No release date has been announced, but we can't be too far off...

October 4: Episode Titles have been revealed on Steam:

Episode One: Faith
Episode Two: Smoke and Mirrors
Episode Three: A Crooked Mile
Episode Four: In Sheep's Clothing
Episode Five: Cry Wolf

October 7th: IGN has a short clip of an early fight scene from episode One on IGN Up at Noon. Footage starts at 13:57
Additionally, they also tease TWAU as "coming soon" and that Walking Dead Season 2 will premiere during the course of TWAU Season 1. (In other news, someone found that the page for Episode One has a release date of the 11th; aka this Friday).

(Original Post from August and earlier edits/additions are below)
For those who do not follow Telltale's twitter, some sites have released previews for the first hour of Wolf Among Us Episode 1. Several of the previews indicate the game's release was delayed from Summer to Fall ("Late September/Early October according to Destructoid).

Most of the previews consist of story spoilers, but I included some interesting non-spoilery excerpts below.
"Investigation isn't part of the gameplay, but it is part of the plot. You're aren't always really in situations to look for clues or details, but you can look around for more story points if you want. This design plays into Bigby's conflicted nature. He could be a proper detective, one that goes by the books. Or go more with his wild side as the Big Bad Wolf to sniff out crime scenes and use his gut instinct. You'll find different things depending on how you investigate the situation.

On the technical side, you can now hold down the right trigger to move your character a little faster. Also, the Telltale engine has been improved to resolve issues players had with The Walking Dead such as save-state problems, frame-rate hiccups, and the like. The technology for Telltale games kind of gets locked into place with the first episode to a series, as the subsequent episodes are treated as downloadable content. So a lot of the issues have been ironed out, Telltale told me."
"Bigby is an interesting character, in that he's much angrier and more physical than any of Telltale's previous heroes. Throughout TWD, I chose to have Lee act with the sole goal of keeping Clementine safe and sculpting her into a strong, independent woman. But with Bigby, that's all out the window. I have to keep order in a town full of vulgar frogs, alcoholic pigs, and smug mirrors with an affinity for end-rhyme. This time around, I'm willing to do whatever's necessary in order to right a wrong, even if that means throwing a flanneled woodsman out a window.

After playing about an hour of the first episode of The Wolf Among Us, I walked away with the utmost confidence in Telltale's next adventure. Any fears that this game would have to cower in the shadow of The Walking Dead were immediately put to rest, as it became clear that this story stands tall with its own unique voice and style. I seriously can't wait to see just how unhappy of a man I can make Bigby when The Wolf Among Us launches early this fall."

Joystiq has a preview up as well with new video footage.
"And to tell the truth, that's a good way to describe the majority of my experience with The Wolf Among Us: moments of strong emotion preceded by moments of absolute surprising surrealism. It's a bit much to take in, this world of fairy tale creatures, magic and morality, but Telltale manages to instill an emotional weight that makes it easier to look past some of the out-there stuff – like a pig smoking a cigarette, only pausing to greedily lap up hooch from a highball glass.
Here I was, watching a story unfold about mythical creatures hiding out in New York City and it's all so ridiculous and yet I didn't even question it – not once. The emotional impact and intensity of the storytelling drew me in immediately and I was hooked. Telltale Games has risen to provide a level of character development and narrative other studios would do well to dissect.

The Wolf Among Us is slated to launch either in late September or early October for Xbox 360, PS3, Mac and PC. Five episodes will be available in total, priced at $5 each. Season pass options will present themselves on all platforms closer to launch."

Other Previews
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  • Ack, I posted this in another thread. Oh well.

    A few things I picked up while reading: (Possible comic spoilers)
    -The game seems to be set somewhere between 10-15 years before the first trade. Maybe we'll see how Bigby and Snow's relationship started here.
    -Ichabod Crane runs Fabletown at the time, so we might get to see how his role gets switched to King Cole.
    -As expected, there is gameplay just like TWD, from choices to combat.
    -It looks like there will be another important new female character besides Snow, probably game-exclusive. She was shown in the trailer.
    -More choice is seemingly shown in the TWAU than TWD. You can choose to investigate just how much you want in the scene of the crime, as well as choosing to pick up any items around the room when fighting.

    EDIT: Well, the first episode is delayed until late September/Early October? I can practically hear the rage from the WD sub-forum.
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    Blind Sniper Moderator
    I was thinking about the delay as well as what Telltale has been saying about their new goals with releasing multiple seasons. I guess that perhaps Wolf Among Us and Walking Dead will run coherently, both as an opportunity for Telltale to try releasing multiple seasons at once and also to give a niche series like Fables more mainstream exposure by releasing it alongside Walking Dead Season 2.
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    Jennifer Moderator
    Summer ends September 21st anyway, so I wasn't expecting the game until then. A few more weeks of waiting won't be so bad. ;)
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    Profanity BANNED
    Jennifer wrote: »
    Summer ends September 21st anyway, so I wasn't expecting the game until then. A few more weeks of waiting won't be so bad. ;)

    It's not so bad if you completely ignore all the other delays. It gets annoying at the point where even a rather abstract date can't be made.
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    Vainamoinen Moderator
    Great write-up, Blind Sniper!

    Has me hyped up for the game a bit more, actually. There's no denying that the joystiq article pretty much confirms that The Wolf among Us will be a game about a detective which doesn't let the player do the actual investigation. All the investigation bits seem to be totally optional, which does seem like nothing but a wasted design opportunity to me. :(

    For David Hinkle from joystiq, "an adventure game" now seems to be synonymous with "hitting the A button a bunch of times" (= actual quote from the 'video preview'). I can't even begin to describe how much that saddens me. :( :(

    However, there are some really positive aspects I'm looking forward to in this game!! First, the bits where that 'bonus' investigation takes place; mostly because it sounds like there's far more direct control in the game than there was in TWD. Granted, without any exception whatsoever, ALL the screenshots hitherto released show cutscenes and none of them gameplay elements, which is a huge bummer.

    Second, although I'm not a sound fan of either, the 'coreographic' approach to the brawls sounds infinitely more interesting than the Quick Time Events found in TWD or even Jurassic Park. Also, the promised possibility of actually loosing a fight and having to continue from there adds an element of suspense and the air of skill based gaming.

    Third, the score. What the IGN article describes as:
    the music, which harnesses all of the fantastic, evocative synth of an ‘80s action movie.
    sounds like Jared Emerson-Johnson will excel in this series. In TWD, the music naturally had to be of a quieter, ominous nature, and while I found it to be quite fitting, I was hardly craving a CD soundtrack or anything. For comparison, JEJ's fantastic cross-genre Sam & Max Season 3 "soundtrack waiting thread" still has a lively following after almost three years. I expect TWaU to repeatedly deliver on great hummable tunes. "80's action movie music", that encompasses such legendary motifs as Silvestri's "Delta Force" theme. I'll keep my ears peeled, I can tell you. :D

    As for the "delay", errr, well, that hardly counts in Telltale time. If the online zines are right, we'd have episode 1 only a few weeks after summer ends. That's nothing, absolutely nothing. Still, if TWD has to be delayed - and I am pretty sure Telltale now knows if that is the case - the news should get out NOW. Not in December or January... :(
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    Blind Sniper Moderator
    The preview from the Verge had an interesting view on the gameplay. I'm posting this here instead of the original post because that is long enough already. It's interesting how even another choice based game is going to be so radically different from the Walking Dead outside of story.
    This aesthetic is reflected in how you play. The game’s basic mechanics are almost identical to those of The Walking Dead, but combat and conversation are emphasized over traditional "place object on object" puzzles. Finding the right clues is still important, but at least in the game’s early sections, you’re more likely to show them to a colleague than use them to fix a swing. "We want it to feel organic," Shorette says. "I don’t want you to feel like ‘This is story time, this is game time.’" While Telltale’s games are often put in the point-and-click adventure genre, he doesn’t think the label fits. "I don’t think you can classify [The Wolf Among Us] as an adventure game. It’s almost a genre unto itself."

    The biggest difference between The Walking Dead and The Wolf Among Us may end up being how the same storytelling engine serves two very different genres. The post-apocalyptic Walking Dead was an exercise in constant anxiety, with a vulnerable protagonist who could lose everything by making a bad decision or telling one lie too many. Though the first half-episode of The Wolf Among Us gives you just as many chances to make someone hate Bigby, its hardboiled fantasy style makes him a powerful player in a world of nearly immortal characters. It’s hard to say whether fans will find the new direction as satisfying, but it gives Telltale a much-needed chance to explore the limits of its medium. And if some players don’t like it — well, there’s always the second season of The Walking Dead.
  • What about next gen? I'm buying a PS4 at launch. If I buy a season pass, that means the season ends in february.
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    Vainamoinen Moderator
    Bandai wrote: »
    What about next gen? I'm buying a PS4 at launch. If I buy a season pass, that means the season ends in february.

    We have neither heard of a release schedule, nor of the number of episodes they're aiming for. It's probably safe to assume that by all means they want to get back to the 'roughly monthly' releases - and there's about a 90% chance that TWaU will have 5 episodes... ;)
  • Late September to Early October? :(

  • So no more save problems or stutter between scenes YAY BITCH YAY, sorry, that annoyed me so much, so Wolf Among Us and season 2 of Walking Dead will be both better looking and less glitchy, and so what if it got delayed, both are going to be better games because of it.
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