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A sequel to burninate for!!!

posted by Dr. Zoidberg on - last edited - Viewed by 282 users
Here's my idea for a sequel to Trogdor:It's the same concept, stomping on peasants to achieve burnination, but with power-ups such as the iCEiNATOR!!!!That lets trogdor breath ice and freeze everything, the POGOiNATOR!!!!That lets trogdor jump on top of huts instead of burning them, and the ultimate power-up:"THY MAJESTY!!!!!"in which trogdor uses sheer majesty to blow up an entire village!!!You would have to earn a certain amount of points in all AND do an obscure untold objective in a certain level to get these power-ups.So that's the concept.Here's some cover art.

It would be cool if someone could make this game (hint hint Videlectrix), but that's not gonna happen. (hint hint Videlectrix)Oh well.
P.S. I know I used all lowercase 'I's when typing all caps.It is explaned here
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