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XP dies at start up

posted by tay1237 on - last edited - Viewed by 380 users
the game freezes before i can type in my login
i dont know why, my directx is up to snuff
and i can play sam and max without issues

below is my system info
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    I'm assuming you mean when the launcher wrapper shows up. The initial loading may take a little longer than you're used to. How long are you waiting before calling it?

    Also, there are many different versions of DirectX 9.0c (14 of them to date) where Microsoft hasn't updated the displayed version number. So going by the version number alone is very misleading. The only way to be sure you're up to date is by running the DirectX Web Installer if you haven't already.
  • Also, do you have any sort of debugging tools or cd cloning software installed? And have you tried redownloading and reinstalling.
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