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If Kenny DID survive, then how?

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I curious as the what the forum believes are the possible reasons that Kenny might have survived his 2 unfortunate outcomes...
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  • Ben Paul;843529 said:
    His mustache protected him. I know it did.
    Well, we KNOW he survived now. Ben was THERE, he saw it.

    Kenny confirmed for Season 2.
  • I'm not letting this damn thread die... So I'll say this, when the heck are we getting a stat trailer? Its almost freaking September...
  • VentingSylar;845321 said:
    I'm not letting this damn thread die... So I'll say this, when the heck are we getting a stat trailer? Its almost freaking September...
    Shit, bro. Be patient. Cuz the hunger a mans got for a trailer is the only thing left in this world.
  • Kenny can possibly escape, he may have been got a chance to hide at the metal trash just like Glenn does... and stayed their until it all cleared out and walk out as a continuation of his fate... that's why he was included at season 2.

  • I refuse to believe that Kenny said "GET THE FUCK OFF ME" to a WALKER. I refuse. I think he might be saying it to a LIVE person, maybe Molly or somebody.

  • Holy CRAP. Guys I think I have evidence for the Molly or somebody thing. As you can see in this vid: (if that didn't work then ) go to around 5:20 and look at the scene. 5:33 we see Kenny run off in that direction, two walkers follow him, but the other one doesn't? That's either a flaw or Somebody else is in that hole! SURELY! I mean Kenny just fired a shot and the walker just ignored him? I mean maybe it was just a flaw by Telltale but maybe its not? Maybe somebodies there! I mean if you follow the walkers direction they all go left, whilst Kenny went forward. And if you go 240p then you can see doors, when Kenny goes FORWARD. But I think he realised he wasn't alone in the hole so he went over to ??? and they defended themselves until they went though a door and braced it with the pole they used to try and get Christa up.

    I'm telling you, that can't be a flaw, that walker was going after somebody other than Kenny, somebody else has to be in there :(

  • I really doubt he would have survived, sure I guess its possible he escaped through like a sewer grate or something, but he seemed to have pretty much lost his will to live after his family died, so I guess he just wanted to die heroically.

  • There is the possibility that he found a manhole in the ground similar to how Lee got out of the alley situation. There could of also been a window on the side of the building somewhere.

  • Well at least He said in season 2 he was so lucky he got out...

  • Molly saved him by using Hilda, then went her separate ways. Kenny camped out in a restaurant where Sarita, Mathew, and Walter later found him.

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