the walking dead episode 2 chapter 7

at the beginning of chapter 7 episode 2 where you have to walk into the house through the screen door where you find a hostage with a gun to her head.... i automatically get shot every time i try to go through this sequence. I have read walk throughs and it says at this point there is a gun shot outside where you have to run and check on Kenny. This never happens. Please help me with this issue.

How do i fix it?



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    I've rewound and redid chapter 6 and still get caught up in this shitty loop.
    It can't just have happened to us two right?
    Or do you think our shitty choices leave us to die at this point in the game and we just can't play anymore? wtf? Waiting so long for the next chapter, then waiting even longer to be able to actually download it properly, now a freaking in-game glitch? ffs telltale...
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    Read and searched, that thread wasn't much helpful.
    But don't worry acon man, donzombies got your back.
    Take baby steps, stopping for 10 secs before each step.
    You'll get prompted to engage in conversation, don't push
    her buttons, act nicely, take the calming route, all the time,
    slowly inching her up the stairs to a little surprise waiting at the top...
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    Slowly creep forward a little at a time. Eventually, you will be able to talk to her before she shoots you. Repeat this about three times as she backs up to the top of the stairs. Not a bug- but rather a poorly planned out interaction on the game designer's part.
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    I am having this same issue....

    I'll try the slowly creeping forward thing.

    The games been *ok* up to this point, kinda disappointing really as you are very, very restricted in your choices that you make in the game. But, the game was cheap to buy - guess I cant expect that much can I?
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    Only move forward when the gun isn't pointed at you. And if any conversation boxes pop up, choose the least antagonistic responses.
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    U have to keep Walking and Eveytime she Point the Gun at You stop Moving and do that until U reach The Top of the Stairs Then She Gets Ate by a Walker
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