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Here's a new thread to discuss the continuing adventures of Doctor Who (presently played by Peter Capaldi) and his companion Clara (presently played by Jenna Coleman).

Here's a wiki page.
Here's a wiki.
Here's what's canon.

And here's The Kandyman and Alpha Centauri:

Are we good? We're good.


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    These threads were like children to me. Treat them with care!
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    Now with poll!
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    Now with poll!
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    Is it lauch timey-wimey?

  • Exterminate!

  • Poll? Nope.... can't see that.... is it hidden away as part of the "improvements", or what?

    Still, I suppose anything featuring the Kandyman can't be all bad.

  • You lied to me! I trusted you and you lied to me! Now I can never trust a living soul again.

    Which means if I want to get married I'll have to marry a Zombie.

  • I had a great poll, which went something like:

    Which Doctor had the best Cinematography:
    William Hartnell (The Grumpy One)
    Patrick Troughton (The Flautist)
    Jon Pertwee (A Dandy)
    Tom Baker (Teeth and Curls)
    Peter Davison (Pleasant, Open Face)
    Colin Baker (And the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat)
    Sylvester McCoy (The Brown)
    Paul McGann (I)
    Christopher Eccleston (Eeyore)
    David Tennant (Tigger)
    Matt Smith (The Professor)
    John Hurt (The Skipper)
    Peter Capaldi (From Hit Show "The Hour")
    Peter Cushing (Grand Moff)
    Rowan Atkinson (Mr. Bean)
    Richard E. Grant (Iconic)

  • I think the majority of this threads regulars jumped ship. :(

  • Seems like it, shame.

  • wait what happened to matt smith? i know that they showed who would be the next doctor but i didn't think he would show this quickly.

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    Matt Smith is still the Doctor... until the Christmas Special, when he will regenerate into Peter Capaldi.

    Ribs was being a little premature, but then he does that all the time with women, so... :p

  • o ok so we at least get to see him off proper. thats nice.

  • You can't edit posts anymore and this is to be a long-term thread, therefore it makes more sense to let it last as long into the future as possible.

  • Well, you can't edit them...

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    This. That is all.

    Alt text

  • SF Debris tries to figure out why Doctor Who got cancelled back in the 80s. Spoiler alert, it's the technicolor dreamcoat's fault.

  • I'm literally just posting so that I'll get updates on my feed and won't have to try to find this thread anymore.

    Carry on.

  • I can't believe you did that. Do you know how hard it was to find an image without the "and remember" at the end?

    And now you've just gone and ruined it. RUINED IT!

    Alt text

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    Alt text

    Don't mention it.

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    I spent the past few days at a mate's house marathoning every new Who episode from series 3 right up to series 7's The Name of the Doctor. Suffice it to say, I've become a big fan of the show very quickly, and I thought I'd give my thoughts.

    I really like how smart the show is. It takes time to show the consequences of messing with time but it doesn't feel too Back to the Future. It's certainly more alien than that, and it mostly tries to give a good scientific basis for everything. I like to think it's a healthy mix between BTTF, Star Wars and Star Trek. It struck me as somewhat of a sci-fi comedy as the doctor is indeed a very quirky character and each actor portraying him has given a very different performance. However, it also has its genuinely creepy moments, proven by episodes like Blink, a personal favourite episode of mine.

    The series isn't without its faults though. There are some pretty dodgy storylines, particularly those in series 1 with Rose (a character I despise and one I consider to be the worst of the doctor's companions), some of the Christmas specials and near the end of series 4, the latter being a real shame as I really like David Tennant's doctor yet he had to go out like a bitch with that wimpily delivered line "I don't want to go". Thankfully, the series really picked up after the disaster that was The End of Time with Matt Smith's introduction. He really nailed the character and so far is my favourite of the 3 actors I've seen on screen. It's going to be really sad to see him go but I'm sure I'll soon warm up to Capaldi's doctor after a few episodes. I just hope that Smith departs with more dignity than Tennant.

    This post is also a good opportunity to talk about the short film I'm starring in soon. My good friend in Bendigo has been working on a full length Doctor Who episode entitled The Sonic Screwdriver and he's asked me to play the main character, who is basically modeled after my real life persona. Before I discuss the synopsis, a bit of background:

    My friend and I have

  • Dammit, where'd the rest of my post go?

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    Ok, let me start again.
    My friend and I have been working on short films for a few years on his channel, The1stDirector. We made a few different ones including the Damper Saga, a story of a man who goes to extreme lengths to rescue his stuffed toy chicken, the (Bat)Man Vs the Joker, the first part of a story that focuses on Bruce Wayne battling his greatest foes without the aid of his Bat gadgets, and finally, Sonic, the film I will go into in a bit more detail now.

    It followed the story of my character finding a burnt out sonic screwdriver, just after the events of the first series 5 episode, The Eleventh Hour. It explored the consequences of a human discovering this alien technology without the doctor being there to help when shit went down, and of course that's just what happens. It goes for nearly 15 minutes and you can watch it here: It only got a little over 1,000 views on YouTube, but it received a pretty good reception considering how new we were to making films at the time.

  • Sorry for the triple posting, but this new forums seems to have a word restriction of some kind.

    Anyway, about a year after Sonic was made, my friend messaged me on Facebook and said "let's make a Sonic sequel, I have some ideas and a small script" so I gave it a look and instantly I said "ok, I'm in, but I also have some ideas" and after a few hours of discussion we came to the conclusion that if this was to work we really needed to scrap what came before and start fresh, meshing the two film ideas to together to form an episode length Doctor Who adventure.

    So, that's what we've come up with, an epic, 40 minute long fan-made story that we hope will fit nicely into the continuity of the TV show. We are also aware of the amateurish nature of the original Sonic, so we've made sure to make it look and feel as much like a real episode as possible. The script has been in development for quite a while and had rapid changes, but we've finally got a story that works and we hope you enjoy it when we finally release the thing. The main cast is set, we have a full scale TARDIS police box and we'll be getting some cool costumes for the villains (hint: after watching the episode, I doubt you'll remember them). Shooting should begin later this month, then after that we will start editing and hopefully be ready in time for the 50th anniversary special. I really hope some of you here will tune in when it finally comes out on YouTube.

    Thanks for putting up with my long rant, I tend to go on a lot, I know :p

  • I've always wanted to be involved in a fan-production like that. I even half-wrote my own audio one once, with a future doctor. I thought it would be interesting to explore what would happen if the Doctor was cyber-converted. Turning against his companion and becoming cyber-leader, with an army of regenerating cybermen based on his genetic structure. I had it ending with him mortally wounding his companion, who in turn shot him to induce a regeneration (thus breaking his cyber armour and stuff). It would have ended with a brand new doctor leaving with an extremely guilty conscience because he caused the death of hundreds of people and the person closest to him. I never finished it though...

    But yeah, I'll watch your video when I get a chance.

  • Bastard bastard bastard forum keeps ignoring my posts. Try a third time. Clip show BBC3 this Saturday. This news story here about something else.

  • Wow, the picture of Davison with the sign made me laugh. Any idea when the clip show is on/what it is about?

  • I just have to brag. I have now seen Peter Davison and Sylvester McCoy.

  • Yeah well I've seen... I've seen...

    Erm... I'll get back to you on that.
    I'm going to Colin Baker in November though. He's the voice of the book for "The Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy:Live!"
    Where did you see your pair of docs?

  • At Dragon*Con! And let me tell you, with the two of them there despite being the same entity at different points in existence, it was quite a paradox.

  • announce underwhelming official 50th Anniversary announcement that has already been taken off the BBC website

  • Only 75 minutes? Awww.

  • I've just seen a direct confirmation of something people will be happy to see in the Special that I've been hinting at knowing would happen for some time from someone I trust completely and has no reason to lie. You won't even find it out on Gallifrey Base or any of those sites but trust me when I say I think'll you'll all be very happy.

  • Gallifreybase... the one internet forum worse than the new Telltale forum

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    I read that as "With Billie Piper as John Hurt" and I was all "Huh, wonder how they're going to manage that."

    Also, my prediction for this episode. The Tennant Doctor isn't actually the Tenth Doctor, but rather the alt-Earth Doctor that grew out of a hand and he's coincidentally also the Valeyard. Okay, that last bit might not be accurate, but I've got a good feeling about the rest.

  • That is pretty much a given. I mean, the alternate reality is where they'll have to get Rose from. So, why not double dip?

  • we have been asking for that for a wile now so that makes sense.

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