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i bought this great game, back to the future the game
but i don't seem to find where i can save the game.

i don't want to start all over again every time i start the game..


  • JessW_TTGJessW_TTG Telltale Alumni

    Hey pulis1! BTTF actually has an autosave feature, so no need to worry about saving. When you quit out it then reopen it to play again, it should start you off at the last auto save spot. Hope this helps!

  • hi jessw.

    there were no load/save/continue menuitems visible at all in first episode.
    savegame worked well in sequels.

    i have a new issue now with game launcher.
    space under 'episodes' is blank, so that i cannot choose wich episode to play
    and 'launch' button is also missing.

    could it be, some network feature fails with my account..

    • ismo
  • JessW_TTGJessW_TTG Telltale Alumni

    Hey Pulis,
    I would suggest reporting this to our support team with a screen shot. This can be done by emailing them at . Sorry for the troubles.

  • I played this game for about 2 hours last night. Turned it on this morning - it didn't save. The only option I get is New Game.

    I'm ticked off because I don't want to risk starting again - but I just bought the dang thing. Feel like I wasted my $. Grrr!! :(

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