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hi, i discovered this game at a friend with his pc attached to a full hd beamer and really enjoyed the time i spend there. now my clan m8s told me its on sale on steam but i noticed, it "only" has single, so i didnt buy it, once i hardly or never play SP only MP PvP or COOP.

only registered here, to ask the devs to be so kind an please, please add a coop modus to this part or the maybe the coming sequel of this awesome game!!!! that woud then actullay make me buy it!

keep up the good work

  • I am not sure how that will work out, whether players will be able to efficiently be able to communicate with each others at will or it will be limited to certain dialogues? This isn't an open world game bro XD i'll be hard tho.

  • hd beamer = hd projector ?

    co-op wouldn't work with the choice system because it would mean two people would have to give input, which then means double the work load in fact double everything.

    i don't recall telltale doing any multiplayer or co-op games.

    personally i understand you like to have some one to talk to / interact with whilst playing games but for me some games are better solo and just because a game is solo imo is a stupid reason not to buy it and considering how cheap it is now...if you want you can use skype/teamspeak/ventrilo or another voice chat online programme and still play along with friends..

  • edit: 17:15 sry, Milosuperspesh u answered whiles i was writing, so the answer is/was for Web Head...sry, no more time on my rig today....milos u are wright and i wish u all a nice weekend. byeeeeeeee

    howdy, dont get me wrong. i'm not asking for a open wide mmorpg style game in a open world game!! no, not @ all!!

    i' just rather prefer to play the single player story or atleast parts of it, together with 2-3 of my good friends in a coop mode
    in teamspeak, then play "alone in the dark"! that just would be sooo cool to have, as an optional choice of:

    sp or a normal mp-coop a way alla L4D or so, to enjoy this wonderful piece of art together and not just shit alone in my panties. thats all.

  • Naw it wouldn't work at all and sounds like a pretty lame idea anyway... I am the same in that I usually and mostly only play MP games, but this just wouldn't work.

  • Not every game has to have co-op . Story games almost never benefit from it in the story and what extra modes could they possibly put in?. It's a point and click adventure

  • There already is a co-op mode for The Walking Dead. It's called "Hey, which option should I pick, person-on-the-couch-next-to-me?" It also works online.

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      Vainamoinen Moderator

      Ragnar Tornquist tried to coin a new term for that experience: "social singleplayer".

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        DjNDB Moderator

        The term is new to me, but that's how we played almost every game in the 80s.

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          Vainamoinen Moderator

          Those certainly were the good times. ;)

          Here's the full quote from the Rock Paper Shotgun interview:

          RPS: That's something that I find very interesting. Social gaming that is single player. I grew up passing a controller back and forth with a friend or a sibling. Singleplayer games, but we experienced them together. It's something that's much more common spoken of in film. We go to a cinema and watch a film together, almost a community of minds, and talk about it in a bar afterwards. We don't talk about that aspect of gaming enough.


          Tornquist: You hit the nail on the head. That's something I've been trying to turn into words for the last few months now. Dreamfall Chapters is a game for couples, or any people playing together. Social singleplayer games. You don't have to actually control the characters on the screen to enjoy participating because it's the story, the characters, the dialogue, the puzzles. It's about saying "hey, why don't we look over there" and not needing to be the one with the mouse and the keyboard to have input. You can come up with suggestions.

  • That would be too difficult for Telltale to program.
    I don't like the idea anyways.

  • I don't see the point of coop in a game like TWD and I also can't see how this could be implemented.

    Point and clicks are best enjoyed single player. Go play L4D or Dead Island??

  • Why on earth every damn game needs to to be co-op or MP is beyond me.

    Do you need someone to help you turn the pages when you read a book?
    Is it impossible to watch a film alone?
    Must there be at least two people around when you listen to a song?

    • The flips side to this is two things:

      multi player only games, are still being made titan fall being one of the newest (xbone exclusive i think), looks good and all, but i don't know much about it's 'story' or if it actually has a plot and some progression beyond the 'skirmishes'.

      Some people want to play games together in private or just share the controlls/ the experience. i have done it with people one thing i find a bit annoying is when the other person wants to explore or have fun with it, sometimes it drags out the game and since i have already done it i know whats going to happen and thus get a bit bored of it or have to start explaining stuff to the person as to why they can't certain things, heck even trying to explain what to do if they get stuck.

      co-op is great and even though a game has co-op sometimes it's tacked on like in saints row 2,3,4 the 2nd player has no baring on the story elements, and that player will only see their character..

  • No way that would work for a game like this.

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