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Kenny alive or not

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Sadly I think I have found evidence he may be dead in episode five after lee covered Clem in them walker guts and there walking away from the marsh house I think I saw Kenny! Although I could only see his back,the walker definitely had a hat. I like to think if it was kenny he was doing the same thing as lee and Clem and had covered himself in walker guts. But of course this theory Is highly unlikely, telltale probably wouldn't even put somebody in the back ground that only 20% of people would notice.
I am totally team kenny and like to think he's alive, though I may be in denial. Comment what you all think!

  • this is a spoiler ben must die early not at episode 4 for kenny to live or just leave his teacher on the trap at episode 2

  • I think it's safe to say Kenny is long gone now. He was simply overwhelmed in both scenarios. Just because you didn't see his death, doesn't mean it didn't happen. It's implied and fairly obvious anyone, even Kenny, could not survive that.

    I'm surprised people are still in denial about this.

    Kenny's story is finished. Let it (and him) rest. :)

  • Apparently, his death was going to be more obvious before the final version, with him screaming in pain as he's torn apart and what-not.

  • I think it's safe to say that I don't presume to know Telltale's mind. I'm absolutely baffled re Ken; his 'death' was ever so slightly dodgy. **Mark$man ** made the best points regarding Ken's possible survival that I've ever seen on here, and yet, I'm still torn.

    Ultimately, I don't know what I want for S2.

  • I think that it's possible he survived in the Christa version. Not likely, but possible. IMO, if he was in the alley with Ben, he died. If there had been no Season 2, or if they hadn't said they would "Explore Kenny's fate," then I'd think he died in BOTH versions... but, like Octopus said, his "deaths" are a bit too ambiguous. With them redoing the death scenes and taking out a good portion of his screams, it seems that they DELIBERATELY tried to make it as ambiguous as possible. They don't even say he died, they just put "lost". Since they went out of their way to keep the final results a mystery from us, they must have something for him planned in the future.

  • Ofcourse it's not very likely to survive a situation like that, but Telltale DID leave his death very ambiguous:

    • Kenny goes offscreen during both scenes
    • No death screams
    • Only in the Ben scene you can hear the walkers eating
    • Listed as "lost" while all the other dead characters are listed as "died"

    Gavin Hammon also said they rerecorded the scene and removed the death audiio to leave his fate more unclear. It just seemes odd to me to kill off such an important character in such a vague way. I know I probably shouldn't, but with Telltale announcing to "explore his fate" I'm kind of keeping my hopes up for Kenny to return in season 2 :D

  • Has anybody mentioned the possibility that Molly bailed Kenny out again like at the alley by the docks?

  • While his fate was left ambiguous, the situation was such that he would need deus ex machina to survive. Sure TTG can bail him out from that situation, but personally I think that it would be a cheap trick and make the whole situation less meaningful. But everyone is entitled to his/her own opinon and I'm certain that there are plenty of people who would be happy if he survived, no matter how.

    • They will make a DLC about how he escaped, I'm sure of it.

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