Kenny alive or not

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Sadly I think I have found evidence he may be dead in episode five after lee covered Clem in them walker guts and there walking away from the marsh house I think I saw Kenny! Although I could only see his back,the walker definitely had a hat. I like to think if it was kenny he was doing the same thing as lee and Clem and had covered himself in walker guts. But of course this theory Is highly unlikely, telltale probably wouldn't even put somebody in the back ground that only 20% of people would notice.
I am totally team kenny and like to think he's alive, though I may be in denial. Comment what you all think!



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    I agree if Kenny turned into a Walker, they'd show him to us. A main character just don't pass away like nothing. I'd love to believe that Kenny still is alive, and I'd do anything to see him in Season Two. But I don't think we can count on it.

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    this is a spoiler ben must die early not at episode 4 for kenny to live or just leave his teacher on the trap at episode 2

  • I think it's safe to say Kenny is long gone now. He was simply overwhelmed in both scenarios. Just because you didn't see his death, doesn't mean it didn't happen. It's implied and fairly obvious anyone, even Kenny, could not survive that.

    I'm surprised people are still in denial about this.

    Kenny's story is finished. Let it (and him) rest. :)

  • Apparently, his death was going to be more obvious before the final version, with him screaming in pain as he's torn apart and what-not.

  • I think it's safe to say that I don't presume to know Telltale's mind. I'm absolutely baffled re Ken; his 'death' was ever so slightly dodgy. **Mark$man ** made the best points regarding Ken's possible survival that I've ever seen on here, and yet, I'm still torn.

    Ultimately, I don't know what I want for S2.

  • I think that it's possible he survived in the Christa version. Not likely, but possible. IMO, if he was in the alley with Ben, he died. If there had been no Season 2, or if they hadn't said they would "Explore Kenny's fate," then I'd think he died in BOTH versions... but, like Octopus said, his "deaths" are a bit too ambiguous. With them redoing the death scenes and taking out a good portion of his screams, it seems that they DELIBERATELY tried to make it as ambiguous as possible. They don't even say he died, they just put "lost". Since they went out of their way to keep the final results a mystery from us, they must have something for him planned in the future.

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    At the end it states Kenny was "lost to the herd."

    Lost to the herd = zombie food.

  • Although I believe and would prefer for him to be dead (for the sake of the story), the fact that the devs went out of their way to make Kenny's death as ambiguous as it was shows that they thought they could bring him back if they wanted to. I remember hearing Gary Whitta mentioning this with Molly. If Lee doesn't bring Clem along and fails to shoot the walkers attacking Molly, she'll get overwhelmed and also disappear into a crowd of walkers. He purposefully left her death ambiguous so that, no matter what, he could bring her back if he chose to. So it's far from inconceivable that the same may have been done for Kenny.

  • In my mind, Kenny is dead. The death scenes were very ambiguous, yes, but realistically, no body could have survived them. If Kenny suddenly reappears in Season 2 and is all like "HAI GUYZ!" I'll be a little disappointed with Telltale, but since Kenny has so many fans disputing his death, ya never know...

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    If Kenny shows up alive, I highly doubt the first words out of his mouth will be "HAI GUYZ". If I'd miraculously escaped a near-death experience - building or alley, it doesn't matter - my first words would probably be "F*** f*** f*** f*** f*** f*** f*** f*** f***!!"

  • Lost =/= dead. Everyone else who died, literally everyone else, was stated as having died in some definite fashion, such as killed, or died, not just "lost". Why is Kenny the only one who isn't specifically described as having died for cure...

  • Ofcourse it's not very likely to survive a situation like that, but Telltale DID leave his death very ambiguous:

    • Kenny goes offscreen during both scenes
    • No death screams
    • Only in the Ben scene you can hear the walkers eating
    • Listed as "lost" while all the other dead characters are listed as "died"

    Gavin Hammon also said they rerecorded the scene and removed the death audiio to leave his fate more unclear. It just seemes odd to me to kill off such an important character in such a vague way. I know I probably shouldn't, but with Telltale announcing to "explore his fate" I'm kind of keeping my hopes up for Kenny to return in season 2 :D

  • I think he is alive as well, and i believe he will make a return if not alive then we'll probably find him like lee found chuck.

  • If it said lost in the herd, I'd understand, and that would definitely then make his death very ambiguous. But when you're lost to something, you're gone for good. At least, that's my definition. The particular wording here was intentional but I think many people are just over analysing this way too much.

  • Well, obviously those would not exactly be his first words. I was being facetious. :)

  • It's just too ambiguous for me to believe, 100%, that he died. This is one of those situations where we need to see a body in order to settle it. Since he was such an important character, the only one with Lee from Episode 1 all the way to 5, it just seems strange that they wouldn't show us AT LEAST him being bitten if they wanted us to know he died. Instead he just runs offscreen, where any number of things could have happened. It's too fishy.

  • Has anybody mentioned the possibility that Molly bailed Kenny out again like at the alley by the docks?

  • I doubt so. Even if he is. His wife and kid are gone. He is an empty shell of a man. I doubt he'd be much fun now.

  • Plus he is the only character to appear in every episode. Yes, that was him and Duck at the beginning of 400 Days. So of course Telltale has no problem with Kenny being alive and well in Season 2. What i don't get is why no one can shut their traps and stop saying someone's dead when they don't know anything about Season 2 is about yet. Most people think Kenny is dead but people think that Molly survived if you leave or shoot her? Her situation is much worse she is completely defenseless but Kenny at least has a gun even if it has no ammo (determinant) he actually has a weapon.

  • While his fate was left ambiguous, the situation was such that he would need deus ex machina to survive. Sure TTG can bail him out from that situation, but personally I think that it would be a cheap trick and make the whole situation less meaningful. But everyone is entitled to his/her own opinon and I'm certain that there are plenty of people who would be happy if he survived, no matter how.

  • Who knows. This topic has been debated for several months, almost a year now.

  • While you listed some good points, the actual truth, according to the recordist, is that the death audio WASN'T deleted. It just never showed up in the final script of the game. This was explained by Gavin Hammon himself in this interview:

    While Kenny was my third favorite character after Lee and Clem, his character serves NO purpose at all if he returns. I don't want him back.

  • Kenny had a great story. When you met him. He had a wife, and a child. You built a strong friendship or hate during the episodes. He lost both his kid and his wife to a horrible zombies. What I mean is, when you see him again. That a if you do. He's likely broken down through the loss of his family members.

    I'm saying he like Lee, had a good run but instead of continuing that storyline. Give a fresh chance for new people with a clean slate to start over. Perhaps you will like the new people ever better then Kenny.

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    It's going to be hard to adapt to the new characters. The first thing I'll do when I see Clementine in the new season is drop a tear and remember Lee, and the rest of our friends lost. Clementine is the only person left from our group who came all the way from start to finish. Gonna be hard to accept that.

  • Well during Ben and Kenny's fate in the alley, there is a possibility that Kenny had found a manhole of some sort on the ground similar to how Lee did in Episode 4. Also, I have one question that has been bugging me forever and nobody ever brings it up! How come Christa and Omid couldn't see what happened to Kenny when they were clearly looking down at the alley? The run up to Lee like "What happened"? I really want an answer for that.

  • I have no idea, logically they should have seen what was happening, well we could just say game logic and call it a day, and to be honest this has been debated to death, I personally think Kenny made it, but there is nothing that will fully prove or disprove anything until season 2.

  • That actually got me thinking. Christa and Omid seemed like they were looking down into the alley when Lee came back up. Maybe, just maybe they saw Kenny escape after shooting Ben (if he was able to escape) and they were wondering why Kenny ran off. But I don't know, might just be a game flaw.

  • If you say to Christa and Omid to stay on guard before following Kenny down, they will complain that they can't really see from the rooftop to the alley. Which is bit weird considering that all of them saw where Ben fell. I believe that it's an oversight.

  • Isn't the topic title itself kind of a spoiler? Should we even be marking our posts?

    I want him to have survived.;-;

  • Some Spoilers on possible statements by Kenny at the end of episode 4

    They should could easily ruin season 2 if they bring Kenny back in a significant role. If they do bring him back it shouldn't be more than an extended death scene. He should die in the city. Other than Lee and Clementine, Kenny is the only well developed character. Players have very strong and differing opinions of Kenny, and bringing him back in a major way would likely ruin the story for many. I can't imagine the game without the moment Kenny comes out of his drunken depression and refuses to let Lee go look for Clementine alone while telling Lee he see's him and Clementine as family. It's one of the most memorable and emotional moments in the game and is by far the most emotional moment that's not between Lee and Clementine..The entire game builds up the meaning that Kenny's words evoke when he calls you family. That moment also made Christa and Omid feel out of place and annoying since they aren't developed well making their words mean nothing.

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    Agreed. This should be in Story Discussion. The thread title spoils everything.

  • I plan on doing an in depth analysis video on whether he may be alive or not. I think he is alive.

    God bless

  • You have a point... I was thinking the same thing at Marumochi's post.

  • Insisting Kenny's character would serve "no purpose at all" if he were to return in S2 is somewhat presumptuous, considering we don't even know what S2's plot is yet.

  • Of course he's alive, i dunno why people say all the time he died in that street.

  • Kenny should be alive. Sometimes Telltale's realism hurts them.

  • So should, Shawn and Carley/Doug and Katjaa and Duck, unfortunately that is not going to happen :(

  • in my opinion the all thing about Kenny's death is strange, at least if he died on the street... I mean he could just have shoot Ben to spare him from pain and go with Lee, there was moer than time... But we don't understand why, he chooses to let Lee go alone and stay there... I found it kind of dumb, but I allways thought he was depressed and was thinking irrationally. But on the other hand someone depressed would let the walkers kill him, and wouldn't search for a way out of there. The only two ways think he might be alive is if he was sick of going with Lee (actually i treated Kenny really bad :P ) and found a way out on his own, not telling Lee about it so he wouldn't search for him, or someone saved him, I really don't know how he could be alive. But despite not liking him I guess I won't mind if he's alive ;)

  • Hurts them how exactly? Telltale has done a great job of sticking true to the WD franchise: they want to keep things as realistic as possible. Or what can be realistic in a zombie apocalypse, anyways.

  • By that I mean their policy of dead is dead. Realism in real life is sometimes far fetched. People who should have died live and people should have lived die, look at war for example. What I'm trying to say is that Kenny could be alive and without making his death all ambiguous, they could have just made it clear about his fate.

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