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hi, i discovered this game at a friend with his pc attached to a full hd beamer and really enjoyed the time i spend there. now my clan m8s told me its on sale on steam but i noticed, it "only" has single, so i didnt buy it, once i hardly or never play SP only MP PvP or COOP.

only registered here, to ask the devs to be so kind an please, please add a coop modus to this part or the maybe the coming sequel of this awesome game!!!! that woud then actullay make me buy it!

keep up the good work

  • Actually It's could work, i mean if the game has 2 or more character. At choices every player character will have their own screen with choices, action part will like it too. When going around, you and players can going around to search stuff stalk... and gather around at one place to continue the story. This is my opinion, i'm not so sure but i think it's could be work.

  • They could add an online mode where you meet up with other players and battle Walkers and... nvm starting to sound like DayZ xd

  • I think it would be much fun, however would it really fit in with the game?

    Maybe if it was cleverly done it could work as a different game - a standalone, maybe?

    I have always wanted a game where you make your own character then are randomly assigned other people who are in your group, then you play like that with the dialogue themes. One big problem for that is getting everyone online at the same time!

  • Or they could continue on to craft a unique singleplayer experience. Which is the only way the games made by Telltale work well. Quite apart from the fact that the atmosphere (thinking of the last moments of the first Walking Dead season) would suffer tremendously

    Btw, I can't believe you really typed/used "m8s". And "4".

  • story games are single player for a reason..

    c0-op just wouldn't work it these current forms.

    players would have to wait for others to make a choice to react too, and then choose themselves etc etc that to me could make the game slow and lose it's impact of 'rash choices' not to mention the extra amount of stuff ttg will need to do.

    and ttg seem to take varying amounts of time to make one episode now... so it'll take longer to make.

    and lets be honest here, co-op games have trolls and general idiots playing them, cos for some odd reason they have fun pissing other people off, which is one of the biggest flaws in co-op not every one wants to play it and thus make it as annoying and frustrating as possible...

    for example, on gta online today playing rooftop rumble one guy decided to run over on player to get the mission item and then proceeded to do anything but drop it off..

    also what about peoples saves ? this co-op would make the current run of issues worse by adding more variables.

    if this game was an action game and not much story then sure but it's not.

    also not everyone has friends who like these games, i have a few who like them but then there's chatting about stuff while the game is playing and missing out on dialogue. not to mention people tend to suddenly need to leave the game either to take a piss or sort out their noisy bratty kids. or their parents decide washing/garbage other chores need doing at that precise moment.. or the people who for some reason take the longest amount of time possible to choose and then get all pissy cos they ran out of time or picked the wrong thing in panic and then want to start over..

    so not for me with out some plan to negate these factors :P

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    CathalOHara Moderator

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    Multiplayer in TWD? Are you serious??

  • Don't feed the trolls now kids, run along and play...

  • I would only lose faith in Telltale if they make a Call of Duty game

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    InfiniteDawn BANNED

    Guys, it's a troll.

    How did you not figure this out?

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