want to download 400 days but it wont register my walking dead game

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Hello I would like to download the add on '400 days' for my existing 'the walking dead' game which I have purchased directly from telltale games and which I have 100% completed but A) when I boot the walking dead it says only part 1 has downloaded and parts 2-5 are 'coming soon' and hence I cannot get 400 days unless I download it illegally which I do not want to do as I totally support telltale and the awesomr game the have produced, any help please guys???


  • I have the same issue,
    I purchased the game a while ago and now when I log in it says that my account does not have a registered version of the game to play so I cannot log in and whilst I have logged into the website I don't know where I can check my details or an account page to fix this issue.

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    Your issue actually is not the same.
    Please try deleting the login data from the registry.

    First, open a command window.
    Windows XP: Go to your start menu and click on run. Type in "cmd" and press enter
    Windows Vista / 7: Press the Windows key. Type in "cmd" and press enter
    Windows 8: At the start screen, type in "cmd" and press enter

    Then copy the command line below and paste it into the command window, press enter, and confirm the question:
    REG DELETE "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Telltale Games\Launcher"

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    Please follow the instructions to run the Support Tool and post the download link to the resulting "support_data_pc.zip" or "support_data_mac.zip" to your next reply in this thread.

  • [URL=http://wikisend.com/download/971138/support_data_pc.zip]support_data_pc.zip[/URL]

    Done, but it searched my C Drive for the game when it is installed on my D drive... would that cause a problem?

  • Hello DjNDB thanks for the reply, So before I saw your response I tried reinstalling the game and now when I try and play it says 'you appear to not have a valid licence for this game, would you like to go to our web site and purchase it' and im redirected back here even though I have obviously already purchased the game

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    Actually i didn't request the support tool info from you, but from adamross000.

    Have you tried deleting the login data as i wrote above?

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    In that case i suggest you delete the login data as i wrote above. It should ask you to login the next time to start the game and hopefully work.

  • DjNDB your a champion!!!! thank you so much!!!! it worked perfectly and 100% working... so glad I can continue to support good developers and im very much looking forward to season 2, thanks again

  • I did, but inevitably I got frustrated and just deleted the whole game. I was really angry, but the game is so good I just bought it again on iTunes.

    At least there it doesn't complain about my account.

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