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Telltale TWD merchandise

posted by The-wandering-Witch on - Viewed by 12.8K users

I was wondering if they will be anything (I seen stuff for Clementine's hat but that's it really)

I'm pretty damn geeky, I have an AMC walking dead blanket my mom brought me for grading, and a AMC walking dead bank (Also a gift from my mother for my B-day XD...she supports my Geeky-ness)

But I want stuff from the game! All I seen is Clem's hat (And yes I do want it)

But I want to see other stuff, Like T-shirts, figures, posters maybe even necklaces and bobble head.

I'm a bit upset there's a huge lack for it...

Only stuff I seen that's Telltale the walking dead related stuff is homemade stuff. (I seen a Lilly plushie, it looked so badass, Cosplay outfits, which are amazing I seen the best Ben and Molly one!)

So yeah I'm kind of upset I haven't found any merchandise for Twd... :( I'm going to try to make a Mark plushie for a school project (But with my failure at a sewing machine god knows how that will turn out...I better stick to hand sewing for me I guess.

Also I had the best idea for a T-shirt.A picture of Larry on it and it says "I got charm coming out of my ass" XD gotta love that line....(It might be the only reason I'm either neutral to Larry)

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