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    Power that be here! Well aware of the stink, and I have a huge interest in Sam & Max!

  • VainamoinenVainamoinen Moderator
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    Well, Sam & Max certainly only start stinkin' when Season 4 turns out to be a choice & consequence driven "episodic story game". ;)

  • Thanks for the update, it's reassuring.

    Loved yours and the rest of the team's work on season 1. I'll be looking forward to seeing more of it.

  • Say what? You release shoddy, stuttering software and you don't intend to fix it? Why exactly is that? You don't even begin to care do you?

  • JenniferJennifer Moderator
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    Vainamoinen wrote:


    Well, Sam & Max certainly only start stinkin' when Season 4 turns out to be a choice & consequence driven "episodic story game". ;)

    Moral choice definitely wouldn't work in Sam & Max because they don't act based on any moral code, but rather on impulse.

    But there's no reason choice and consequence couldn't be worked into Sam & Max. The Wolf Among Us system of choosing between two locations, and having the other location you didn't choose still play out could be quite fun with the freelance police. Sam and Max often cause a lot of collateral damage when they help people, and that could be played up for laughs. It would be quite fun if the location you choose to go "help" actually ends up in worse condition than the location that you didn't go to. :)

    I know where you are going though. Puzzles are integral to Sam & Max given their game lineage. But, there's no reason choice and consequence and adventure puzzles have to be mutually exclusive. :)

  • No, they're not mutually exclusive. A bit of choices seasoning can be the salt to the meat. But I don't much care for salt only. ;)

  • I wrote and designed ep2 of season 1

    Well that's a good thing, ep. 2 was my favorite one!

    But yeah, I'm gonna miss Sean. He is such a hottie <3

  • before blaming telltale, maybe you should a) check the game install on what ever a vita uses b) reinstall it fresh, (if thats possible)
    c) check your vita firmware/operating system is up to date.

    heck even checking the battery is charged enough

    maybe even settings on the vita for stuff..

  • Vita is not Telltale's main concern presently. The Walking Dead are available on many different platforms; Vita is their newest release. Heck, it was only yesterday the game got on the Vita. Telltale is doing the right thing to focus on the older platforms making them stable before focusing on the Vita. Have patience, I'm sure there will be a fix when Season Two is about to come in one or two months or so.

  • VainamoinenVainamoinen Moderator
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    They don't even want our money. ;)

    From Olly Moss' twitter:

    It's very flattering that people seem to WANT us to do a Kickstarter, but here's a ANOTHER good reason why we're not.

    Which leads us to an interesting question: Where does the capital come from?

    Edit: Dashing, I'd like to make this some kind of general Campo Santo thread, would you mind if I changed the thread title?

  • JenniferJennifer Moderator
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    Vainamoinen wrote:


    Which leads us to an interesting question: Where does the capital come from?

    Sean's intro blog post mentions that they have backing by Panic Inc., which apparently has a nice flow of discretionary income thanks to the sale of their Mac utility software.

  • Ugh. Of course. See, reading doesn't seem to be my strength these days.

  • I agree, a thread about there new company is a good idea Vain.

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    Dashing, I'd like to make this some kind of general Campo Santo thread, would you mind if I changed the thread title?

    Do whatever you want.

  • I was after your blessing, not your indifference. ;)

    But I see Guru has already taken action.

  • The amount of TTG employee responses in this thread has renewed my hope that TWD S2 will be released sometime this year.

  • By writing one sequel? Exaggerate much

  • It's fairly obvious a number of people here aren't creative or embark on long term, professional creative pathways.

    Creative people get bored. Full stop. They get impulses and desires to do things that the constraints of a business environment sometimes make impossible to follow. There's nothing wrong with that, it's simply the nature of a business going in its best interests. it's not stifling the writers, or making them do things they don't want to. It's just a business doesn't always have the luxury of following the direction of its creative members, especially because, while it's easy to change directions as an individual, it's hard to swing the direction of a business. It's the difference between turning a sports car and an eighteen wheeler. When creative people leave to pursue creative pursuits, that's not inherently a condemnation of the business rather than a characterization of the creative members.

  • harrisonpinkharrisonpink Telltale Alumni

    Everything is gonna be okay :)

  • Thumbs up, Daishi. Thumbs_way_up.

  • It has nothing to do with the install, the system or anything like that. The game is stuttering on all Vitas, I'm not the only one with this issue. It's simply a rushed, subpar effort that shouldn't have been released in such a state. There really isn't more to it. And Telltale doesn't plan on fixing it. It might not matter to you since you don't have the game on Vita, but since it's the version I bought I am appalled by this shoddy effort and even more by the unwillingness to fix it.

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    I am amazed at the lengths people go to defend a company that puts out rushed, stuttering software just because they are not affected themselves. Telltale just openly said that they don't even intent to fix it. The game should not even have been released on the state it shipped in. It's indicative of a company that just doesn't care beyond milking a popular franchise for all it is worth without putting in the effort needed to create technically proficient software with proper testing.

  • Like the Vita version of TWD?

  • I dare say you're absolutely right to complain, but you're still in completely the wrong thread for it.

  • I'll miss Sean Vanaman. Thanks for Muzzled, best W&G episode!

  • stop the constant complaining! we all know it wasn't a good port and so does telltale but they simply do not have the time to fix it between season 2 and TWAU.

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    He was behind Muzzled? That was my favorite episode of the season.

  • 'we' are amazed at the lengths some people go to, to slam a company that caters for fans requests of multi format releases on portable systems and then within a day complain when it doesn't work right, the main 'home console/pc' formats are not bug free but for most of us they work fine, and the ios versions have been worse than that.

    Ttg test stuff, if they didn't deem it worthy or playable it would not be released..but then again sony had to sign off on it as well right ? so if sony got the same install you did and they passed it why don't you go holla at them ?

    can you prove them saying they won't fix it ?

    don't forget, the game is made by one team and then a seperate team port it to the other ios, vita, formats...
    milking a franchise ? one season and 1 extra dlc and now because fans asked, demanded, begged, crave more, they made season 2...

  • Geez. You really have trouble understanding that people expect a certain technical quality to be met when they fork over cash for a game. It's really simple, you don't have to write walls of text trying to defend it.

    The Vita version is a mess: Fact.

    Telltale has no plans to fix the game: Fact (see above).

    This annoys me greatly: Fact - And quite justified, I believe.

    People defend this: Fact - And this is why we can't have nice things.

    Anywho, this is not the topic for this discussion. Maybe I should start a new thread in the general TT area discussing software quality?

  • A new thread would be much appreciated.

  • In any case, this discussion will not continue here.

  • Are you kidding?! Goddamit. They leave the story in such a cliffhanger, and with so many question to answer, to just leave?! They we're who shaped Lee and Clementine, and the events that lead the group to the hands of the dead. I don't wanna see the story written by someone else. The drama and action and choices must stay authentic!

  • Telltale's seasons always were a team effort. Lead writers would change from episode to episode and still the overall arc and "feel" of the Season was preserved.

    Also, as Sean has said, they DID help shape Season 2, so the authenticity is preserved in any case.

  • is this locked??

  • this is not good news either way you look at it....but Season one can stand alone as a classic game and will be remebered as something unique and Kirkman was always going to milk his cash cow all the way to the bank regardless of creative ideas,im still going to get Season 2 and will make my own mind up about it. p.s. don't like the attitude of some of the so called moderators on here,the fans are genuinely upset by this and need answers,so try not to talk down to them ;)

  • Have had the same thoughts as you ever since I finished episode 5. I'll definitely get season 2, but I'd be more than happy if we didn't get another season. TWD season 1 stood out as a perfect stand-alone story.

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