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Whenever I visit this site (once every month) my main objective is to see if there are any updates regarding the games I'm interested in buying (TWG, S&M, MI). This is extremely hard to do. I don't feel like wading through piles of text in the blogsection and forums are cluttered by threads that forums usually are cluttered by. In no way can I make sure that I haven't missed information. Following a newsletter isn't something I'm interested in doing either since it's the same problem as with the blog.

I would like TTG to put in a 5th tab in the menu which simply stated "xxx" where the content was restricted to reporting how the progress is on the new seasons of the games, expected release dates etc.


  • If you want only the very most important of the top news, check out the Press Release section. This is updated so infrequently that the BTTF release is still front page news, and the most recent update was the 400 Days release on June 11.

    It would be great to have an "upcoming games" section briefly summarizing what Telltale plans to work on and expected release dates, but Telltale doesn't like disclosing that much.

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