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Kenny alive or not

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Sadly I think I have found evidence he may be dead in episode five after lee covered Clem in them walker guts and there walking away from the marsh house I think I saw Kenny! Although I could only see his back,the walker definitely had a hat. I like to think if it was kenny he was doing the same thing as lee and Clem and had covered himself in walker guts. But of course this theory Is highly unlikely, telltale probably wouldn't even put somebody in the back ground that only 20% of people would notice.
I am totally team kenny and like to think he's alive, though I may be in denial. Comment what you all think!

  • Who knows. This topic has been debated for several months, almost a year now.

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    Isn't the topic title itself kind of a spoiler? Should we even be marking our posts?

    I want him to have survived.;-;

  • I plan on doing an in depth analysis video on whether he may be alive or not. I think he is alive.

    God bless

  • Of course he's alive, i dunno why people say all the time he died in that street.

  • Kenny should be alive. Sometimes Telltale's realism hurts them.

  • in my opinion the all thing about Kenny's death is strange, at least if he died on the street... I mean he could just have shoot Ben to spare him from pain and go with Lee, there was moer than time... But we don't understand why, he chooses to let Lee go alone and stay there... I found it kind of dumb, but I allways thought he was depressed and was thinking irrationally. But on the other hand someone depressed would let the walkers kill him, and wouldn't search for a way out of there. The only two ways think he might be alive is if he was sick of going with Lee (actually i treated Kenny really bad :P ) and found a way out on his own, not telling Lee about it so he wouldn't search for him, or someone saved him, I really don't know how he could be alive. But despite not liking him I guess I won't mind if he's alive ;)

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