Why is this showing in "My Games"

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I bought Sam and Max, season 3 for 34 dollars. I look at "My games" and theres only one title. Back to the future. "There must be some mistake" I thought. If anything Sam and Max shuld show on there. But how could this be. I wondered.

I didn't buy the back to the future game. Yet it clearly shows myself when I click on "my Games" as the back to the future logo. I click on the game, and download. It prompts me to a screen where I quickly put in my user id and password and there an icon appears.

Buy it now...for 24 dollars.

My question to you, why do games that we don't officially own show up in "My games" why did this game show up randomly and say not another game. Is this as simple mistake or some shady promotion.


  • It's just a mistake. Only your purchased games should show up in your games section.

    Send an e-mail to support@telltalegames.com and they should be able to sort things out for you.

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