I am making a Zombie Epidemic Web Series!

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Hey guys, I am a huge fan of Walking Dead and so like the rest of the writers and Role Players out there, I made a zombie apocalypse show where you can decide where the story will proceed.

Check it out and I would like to know what you think about it!

Intro Music

Episode 1


    1. Purple undies? LOL
    2. kick harder
    3. somethings translate better in writing
    4. Afterworld
    5. the voice actor sounds like he would make a great Bigby.
  • 1.) Yep can let those hanging out LOL
    2.) Thanks for the reply! Can you also put your vote inside youtube comments box? Be the first!
    3.) What do you mean by that?
    4.) You got it!
    5.) I'll let him know that! :P

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    (three) I like to read so for me everything is better in writing I do like what your doing though. Just gave you a thumbs up and comment.

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