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How do you feel about future Seasons?

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I did a quick look around and did not see this.

I was thinking about this last night. Looking through the forum and the posts it's clear TWD game that TTG has created is developing a cult like following just as Rockstars GTA or EA Sports Madden.

Would you like to see TTG create a series of TWD season's? If yes do you think it is possible to sustain the same writing quality of past seasons?

How would you feel if TTG stopped making TWD games.

I was sitting back thinking that all good things come to a end but then I realized that sometimes they don't. Just look at Rockstar releasing GTA V clearly they are not going to stop there. Then I thought TTG could create a series of TWD games like GTA. Then I realized I would feel awful if TTG stopped creating new seasons of TWD. It would make me livid just like if Rockstar was not working on a GTA VI. I find myself looking as forward to S2 of TWD game as much as season 4 of the television show.

I wanted to see what others thought.

  • I would be alright with both ways. A third plus more seasons would be okay, a stop after season two would be ok. :)

  • If they can keep writing great content I would be psyched to get additional TWD seasons. Hopefully as long as people are excited for more TTG will keep making them.

  • I can see them doing more than two seasons for sure this is their money making baby. I think after Season 2 they should start fresh with a new group. The end of Season 2 should be the remaining (if there is any) survivors to find a safe haven. We all know that the comics still haven't ended so that is the best thing we could give them. I honestly don't think or hope Clementine makes it alive out of Season 2 it would be shocking to maybe see her die about halfway through and be very sad to a lot of players but if she sticks around too TOO long might get old and there is no way to really give her "closure" of any kind thatm ight end up being the best option. I feel like the ones we'll least expect make it actually make it this time around too.

  • I would be upset if TTG ended TWD after season 2.

  • I just love TWD, it's probably one of my favorite games of all time. I want more of it - I'm very eager for news about Season 2. But I don't want it becoming another annualized game, or Telltale's cash cow. Annualized releases are bad for every game series, mainly because games get fatigued of playing the same game over and over, and one year isn't enough time to make any significant improvements.

    But if Telltale can keep the same quality as Season 1, I honestly don't see why they shouldn't continue the story.

  • No. I loved the first season of TWD so much that I didn't want a Season 2. I didn't want anything to spoil, enhance, continue or in any way change the way that game left me feeling. I didn't want the cliffhangers wrapped up. I liked them vague. I didn't want to find out Clem's eventual fate. I liked knowing that, for that moment at least, she was still alive. I didn't want a new character. I liked Lee being my entrance and exit from the Walking Dead world. I still don't want any of those things.

    But I'll still play Season 2 because it's Telltale and it's TWD and I'm sure it will be good. And at the end of it, I probably won't want Season 3 for all the same reasons. So...yeah, they can stop any time, as far as I'm concerned.

  • I'm definitely the more greedy type. As grateful I am to TTG for making this phenomenal game that will indefinitely be embedded in my mind, I would just feel left wanting for more if we never saw another season, and this would be regardless of whether they made 400 days or not. I may feel different after season 2 depending on how they end it, but as it stands I need at least one more season of rotting adversaries and gut wrenching choices.

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    TheDuck BANNED

    I'm hoping to see more Walking Dead games like this, but I think it might be better to make them standalone games, as opposed to an ongoing thing or even another two-season release. As it is, the fact that there was going to be another season seems to have hurt the first. The game had to stay linear, and it kind of cheapened our choices. It's only going to get worse if they keep stretching it on. As much as I like continuing stories, for the sake of the choices actually making a real difference, a series of standalone games might be better.

    • I agree. I think they would have better luck moving forward circling back and making a origin story from the outbreak every 2 or 3 seasons.

      If they play their cards right they could reincorporate cameo appearances of TWD S1 characters if TTG went back to a origin story and you played as a different group that crossed paths with lee and company.

      • That would get old very soon. Episode 1 had crossing of paths between Rick's party (Glenn and Hershel) and Lee's party. And then 400 Days had references to Lee's party. Season 2 will most likely include characters from both Season 1 and 400 Days. Personally I can't imagine that there are more than certain amount of believeable ways how new parties cross paths either with comic book characters or earlier game characters. If there are too many references and crossings of paths we might ask why comics and earlier seasons haven't mentioned these encounters and where in their time line these encounters happens.

  • i say keep the new seasons coming! as long as TT can keep the stories fresh anyways

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    Niels BANNED

    idc if they end this story in season 2 , but i dont think they should stop making games about TWD universe..

    i hope if they reboot the serie , we get the chance to play with tv characters ( not saying following the tv story ).

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