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The game Haunts me

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I first found The Walking Dead on Steam a month ago; The first of September to be precise. At first I didn't think much of the game as I've never been into Zombie Apocalypse games, but I heard people talking well about it so I thought I'd give it a try. After the first episode I was hooked. I completed the game in two days' time.

Something brief about me to make more sense; I'm very, and i mean extremely sensitive about children. A parent-character. I can barely manage to see parents yell at their children in stores. :P

This must sound pretty stange to you, but we all know this game is traumatic and I'd like to know if someone else feel the same. After having experienced Episode Five, I can't restore to normal everyday life. The game haunts me in my senses making it difficult for me to concentrate. This has been going on for an entire month now, and the thoughts refuse to let go. I tried to play the game a few times to try to fool my head and eventually make the game look boring and tedious. No luck in that. The soundtrack is stuck in my head, and the worst that can happen is Take Us Back by Alela Diane starting to play in my head. Then my whole day is ruined. I keep telling myself It's Only A Game and try to accept that but not been able to yet. The only ray of light for me right now is Season Two slowly approaching. I'm dying to find out what happend to Clem.

Before I found The Walking Dead I had a lot of games I loved to play; I have not played a single one of them since I started with The Walking Dead. The game also got me into watching the TV-series, (which is the only good thing it did to me I guess). Telltale Games really must add more warnings to this game for sensitive players. It is rated M for 17+ but I think it deserve more. No kitten-thearpy in the world can heal the wound this game mark on you.

What is your take on all of this?

  • Rated D for Depressing, M for mentally destroying, C for sadness, and for content contains Clementine, is that what you want on the back of the box? Because it would be a nice touch.

  • Isn't that the sign of a good game? It must have taken about 2 months for me to get completely over it all and all the while I didn't feel like playing some other game that just didn't matter.

  • If you freak out when you hear parents screaming at their kids, you've obviously never had to take care of a child... Maybe not Clem, but God, kids are assholes.

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      FreddeN93 BANNED

      Far from that. I work with children as an assistant nurse at my local hospital... Well, I USED to. Now I work with seniors, but they act like kids sometimes too. I think I've seen enough seriously upset kids in my time. ^^

  • I think that warnings they give are the average, because something should make a greater impression on you, and other - less.
    There are so many things in the game that may touch your heart: friendship, care, betrayal,cruelty of others or, perhaps worse, your own self. For example, I have been thinking for days, even until now about certain events or choices made in the game. We are all stronger influenced by the things toward which we can relate the best. It all depends on our life experience and, lo and behold, it's different for each one of us.

    That's why for some tribe that lives far from civilization and eats other tribes for breakfast, episode two would be rated as an E. But it's not the same for us.

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    FreddeN93 BANNED

    One thing I keep thinking about is yet again they make us feel we're in the same situation. However, the game still walk us through the same tunnel even though we try to be ourselves and do what we think is right or wrong. I felt like dying at the end.

  • Yep, brilliant game with a near-perfect story.

    Too bad there had to be a sequel.

  • It's been almost a year since Episode 5.
    I'm still not getting over Lee.
    And probably never will

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    FreddeN93 BANNED

    I'm lucky I started playing the game so close to Season Two. Don't understand how some of you managed to wait a year.

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    TheDuck BANNED

    When you visited the page on Steam, was the title written in black marker? Was it cheaper than normal? Did it damage your computer in some way and start talking to you?D :

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