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What happened with the Collector's Edition?

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I bought this game long time ago, and I was expecting to order the Collector's Box in the future (I was hoping for a Walking Dead or The Wolf Among Us DVD to save on the shipping costs, but I'm giving up hope...) but now with the new website... There is no store! It's only possible to buy the digital downloads of the games, but what happened with the rest of the awesome merchandise? I miss the shirts, the figures and so on... I hope it's only a temporal glitch or something or I'll be very sad.

  • Yeah I hope TellTale brings back Physical Versions of their games, I am a PS3 player and have bought all their games on disc and have skipped the download only titles. I really wanted to play Jurassic Park but had to skip it when Xbox 360 was the only console to get the disc :/

  • Now that I'm going to have the WOLF AMONG US DVD (yay!) I'd really love to order BACK TO THE FUTURE Collector's Edition at the same time. Still no hope of getting it back? :(

  • Crap. This stinks. I should have gotten my free physical copy when I had the chance!!

  • well i should have ordered when i had the chance..i loved the dads and the extra content that came with them :*(

  • I'm also a little disappointed, as I was planning to get the Monkey Island and Strong Bad DVDs after being happy with the Sam & Max DVDs (which I got alongside Surfing the Highway. I'm guessing stuff like that is out of print now too?). Guess I was too slow.

    Would be great to see this stuff come back later. Giving away the DVDs for free to people who own the download versions was very generous. I'd even be willing to get them if you guys added a fee (maybe $5 for the DVDs if you already own the download version to help pay the manufacturing costs?). I guess it's up to Telltale, though.

  • Me want another season of this also shud've gotten it with the other duhikis in it now you can only purchase the cd through other players selling or digitaly boo for that cause no more extra duhikis

  • wish they could send the people that bought the game a video_ts file for us to download or something, along with the extra content

  • Wait a minute! Are you saying I can no longer get the free discs for my orders of Sam & Max episode 1/2/3 and Back to the Future? I recently realized they weren't along the items I got from Telltale, even though, at the very least, Sam & Max 1/2/3 should've been.


    EDIT: Has there ever even been the slightest warning or email sent to people, reminding them they're still eligible for disc releases? If not, wow. Just wow...

    • At the moment, you can't get discs or physical merchandise for anything, at least not from Telltale Games directly. We'll see what they do as The Wolf Among Us wraps up, as they've promised a physical disc for that.

  • Not having a platinum is like why bother finishing the whole game just complete the main story.

  • I still have a sealed copy of my dvd version (the one that we got for free when you bought the entire season) if anyone is interested.

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