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I apologize if this question has been asked - or answered - somewhere before; I searched and couldn't find any information on it.

My question is, does anyone know, or has Telltale clarified, if TWD Season 2 will be a new standalone download? I.e. we download Episode 1 as a large file and for the rest of the season simply receive updates and pay for unlocks.

As opposed to it being more additional content to the existing TWD digital download we have for Season 1.

Hard drive space is at a premium with so many large games these days, and I'd just like to remove Season 1 if I won't need it to play Season 2. If anyone knows please share, thanks!


  • It's a brand new game to download, it will probably be really similar to season 1's setup. Also be careful I wouldn't delete season one, at least not the saves because you will lose your choices?

  • Definitely don't delete Season 1. TTG is working hard on how to transfer your save files.

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    Well, the game's save files are separate from the digital download installation - I of course will keep the save files either way because I know their intentions are to carry some choices over.

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    Telltale has not clarified this, there is no official statement. But I am absolutely sure Season 2 will be a "standalone" game for a lot of reasons. First, they've never done it any other way (Sam & Max Season 2, Sam & Max Season 3). Second, they wouldn't want to have Season 1 as a requirement to be able to install Season 2. That would massively hurt sales. They wouldn't be able to sell it as a 'new game' frankly. Third, there were quite a few bugs in the installation/content download routines of Season 1 (PC) - far better for Telltale to start anew instead of risking to even inflate these bugs.

    Season 2 will be "standalone", not "DLC" for Season 1. Hold me to that.
    You can remove Season 1, but you'd better not delete your saves!

  • There has been said when it came out that the choises from the DLC "400 Days" will have an impact on the 2nd season but I don't really know if they are still going to go for that... Would be sweet though!

  • Our old save-files will definitely have an impact in Season Two. Not only to be able to show us the "Previously on the Walking Dead" cinematic, but alot of important choices were made in Episode Five, especially during the final minutes. This should have impact on Clementine; Lee's final words of wisdom.

  • Season 2 will be "standalone", not "DLC" for Season 1. Hold me to that.

    Good to hear that this is most likely. At least Telltale will have a fresh framework to work around bugs and save issues that way.

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