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Warning: this contains MAJOR spoilers to The Wolf Among Us if you don't want it spoiled click out of this now.

I just finished this game, and holy crap I wasn't expecting the first episode to end like that, seeing Snows head beside Faiths was more shocking than some of the things you saw in TWD, i was expecting her to be a partner through the game and that's why i feel the ending of this was so good, like in TWD you never know what's going to happen next, as soon as i finished it i bought the season pass so i hope TTG keep the standards up in the coming episodes and i can't wait for the next part.

What did you think of the ending? i'd like to see what other people think.



  • Honestly, it was surprising but extremely disappointing. I love Fables comics and I love Snow, so it was really horrible for me to see her head cut on the stairs. Besides it does not make sense to have snow dead, if this is to be considered a sort of prequel. The game was great nonetheless, superior to the walking dead.

  • I haven't read the comics but isn't Snow White one of the main characters in Fables? Still such a shocking ending, I expected it to be Beauty.

  • If you had read the comics then you would know that the most popular fables don't actually end up dying (for the most part) since they live on through their stories. The witching well is the true death (kinda, gotta read them to understand.)

    You really should read them. I've always liked them.

  • Does she die no matter what though??

  • Wow, I did *not *see that coming. I thought Snow was gonna stick around for at least this episode. I really liked the ending, and since I haven't read the comics, seeing her head on the stairs was a pretty jaw-dropping moment for me.

    I'm really looking forward to seeing where the story goes from here.

  • Given she's alive and well in the comics, I'm guessing it's not permanent.

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    Considering next episodes called smoke and mirrors I think shes alive.

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    Never read the comics, need to try and pick them up someday, but putting it like that yeah she is alive somehow.

  • That would explain her being in the comics.

  • As far as i know yeah.

  • Yeah i'll try and pick them up.

  • Yeah, there must be some magic at work or something, she can't really be dead. Right?

  • I really thought it was beauty as well since she was doing something fishy outside the apartments.

  • I haven't decided story wise which i prefer (being a fan of TWD it would be hard to get me to prefer it but it's pretty damn close) but the way it plays is much better,i really like the action scenes now much funner than TWD.

  • Did my comments post? i can't see them any more,

  • never mind they're back.

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    Yup, Snow is totally dead. I think this called "motivation", huh.
    Also, i think i know who the murderer is. Remember this ginger guy that you meet after Snow comes up to your apartment? He's also appears in the very first scene on the street, and i think he is another wolf (because of the "in the next episode" scene and scratches on windowsill in the Frog's apartment).

  • Strangely I noticed the ginger guy at several locations. I'm very suspicious of him. hmm......

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    Maybe we should take screenshots and create a new thread about this theory? Or not, i'm too lazy for it. ))

  • Yeah erm... someone should really get round to doing that. but i'm err.... busy... Yeaaaaah busy...

  • Well, Snow is with from Issue #1 of Fables, and this is supposed to work as prequel and canon, so she can't be dead.. Dead, I guess?
    Also, what's with the mirror, when asking about Faith?

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    My lips are sealed

  • Just for clarification, death for a Fable depends on the popular of the Fable. Faith and her husband were little known so their deaths are pretty much permanent.

    Snow in the comic survives being shot in her head. Her former husband, Prince Charming, died in battle and recently reappeared.

    Though I COULD NOT BELIEVE THEY KILLED HER. It would have been more interesting to have Beauty died (especially with her secret revealed in Fairest).

    I am not a huge fan of the voices nor the fact that Bigby has been an sheriff for centuries and everyone still hates him.

  • Faiths husband is still alive...at least in my save.

  • Kodo the thing to remember about the Fables universe is how life and death work. Snow White is so famous and well told story that she can/will return much more quickly than say...donkeygirl whom no one really knows anymore. Death for her is much more permanent.

  • Death works strangely in the Fables universe. Snow is incredibly well known, both her or Beauty would be back fairly quickly.

  • I noticed this as well in every situation. Walking away from woodsmans apt, in the woodlands apts as snow comes to get bigby, outside the community business office when bigby goes to meet snow, the taxi driver when bigby gets out to go inside the tiptap.

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    I started a thread about possible suspects. Maybe we can discuss there? :D

  • I have to say, as great as this episode was, the ending has me a little worried. As others have noted, Snow is still alive in "Legends in Exile." So either this "prequel" doesn't take place in the regular Fables continuity, or, and this is more likely, Snow will be brought back to life or found to have not really been dead. Both seem to me like they would be kind of lame cop-outs, and in the case of the latter option, it seems like it would ruin much of the emotional impact of the ending. One of the things I always liked about Fables is that they treat death as something that's more or less permanent. It's not the revolving door that we get in superhero comics.

    I'm willing to see where this goes, but I hope the writers are able to get themselves out of this in a way that stays true to the comics.

  • This, it will end with her coming back.

  • Yeah for sure, And with Beast there I was almost certain it would be Beauty. God damn, I can't wait till episode 2

  • Geez. Just finished the first episode. Loved it. Well, loved it/hated it. It was amazing, always boggling with my mind. And I didn't even expect from ANY perspective to find Faith's head on the doorstep. And then I wanted to beat the writers with a stick at the end.

    Never looked at Lawrence's mail, too.

    Also, does anyone think the default avatar looks like Ben?

  • i would, but i'm not on PC i'm on Xbox so yeah.

  • i noticed him alot too, i didn't think much of him at first, but putting it like that it could easily be likely.

  • What I think of the ending?

    It came too ealry! It was fun to play and I was surprised that it was suddenly over.

    It was Shocking! I knew something bad happened, but I didn't think that Snow would be dead. I thought her to be some kind of sidekick for the rest of the game, but it's probably better this way. It's more torture for Bigby and that might lead him away from his path of redemption.

    I'm however sceptical that there are no more adventure riddles in that game and it becomes more and more like a movie with the fast paced action stuff. Please Telltalegames, don't continue this with all franchises. I like me some good riddles! Is riddles the correct word?

  • Story was great. Now I am impatient.

    I know nuffin about the Fables universe but I loved this. - And I also wanna find the sob who ripped the head off two of my potential love affairs in under a friggin' day. The ending was great too, left me wondering and it was unexpected with that beheading as well.

    Tbh. I think Faith is screwing with me. Or perhaps.. That old guy Ichabud.. bod, something. Or the headless horseman himself. Can't have a female head, can he? He can't see shiez when he cuts them off. :p Mistakes are bound to happen. - I dunno what I'm thinking. Sigh. Gief me more chapters now! I demand it.

  • When I was in the taxi with Snow , I knew it's a high probability she would die. The relationship you were building there was very intense , and I realized they're trying to build tension so they can shock you when the death happens. However I was not expecting the death so soon.
    When I arrived at the end , seeing one of the cops cough (almost vomiting) made me realize somebody died. Inside I was screaming "Please don't be Snow , please don't be Snow" , and yet she was ... and it still left me speechless for 10 minutes , though I knew it was coming.

  • this surprised me cause i taught snow would be a main character in the leading episodes

  • not in mine, if you go for the frog (forgot his name) he dies.

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