• Faith: gave her the money, Bigby is a ladies man

    Beauty and Beast: questioned Beauty but then told her I wouldn't tell Beast and I didn't (sorta regret this)

    Go to Toad or Lawrence: Went to Toad, Bigby needs to help his "friend" although a bit of an ass. The whole investigation scene in his room was hilarious though, him making up lies and stuff. Toad is histerical.

    Woody or Dee: Dee because he was more suspicious I didn't get to really talk to him

    Prime Suspect: Bluebeard, I though none of the others were logical except maybe Dee

    Grendel: Ripped his arm off... What a dick

  • Faith: I gave Faith the money because...well why not? She just got stiffed by Woody (no pun intended) and attacked, and I felt bad for her.
    Beauty and the Beast: I promised Beauty I wouldn't tell Beast and I kept my promise (i.e. lied to Beast) Throughout the game I was afraid that it would come back to bite me and that Beauty would end up dead because of my lie.
    Toad and Lawrence: I picked Toad because it seemed urgent, and when I saw Lawrence in the mirror he seemed dead already.
    Dee: Because personally I don't think it's Woody, he's the obvious choice, too-obvious. So for me it was all about who would give me a lead on what happened to Faith, so obviously I picked the guy who knows her name, knows where she lived, and seemed to be looking for info on her.
    Prime Suspect: Her pimp. I read Bluebeard's character bio after picking the suspect but even though his MO fits, again I think it's too obvious.
    Grendel: I let him keep his arm. Yeah, he pissed me off and I really wanted to rip it off, but the way I played my character he was a sarcastic nice guy with a bad past. The old Big Bad Wolf would've ripped off his arm, this new Bigby Wolf was trying to change.

  • Faith: Did what any gentleman would. Gave her the money. Although I was in need of it after that double whiskey.

    Beauty and Beast: I kept the truth from Beast. Didn't want to get involved in it all.

    Toad and Lawrence: I went to Lawrence first. There could still be things going on in the place.

    Woody or Dee: I arrested Woody. I didn't expect him of killing Faith at all, although I did think I get more information out of him.

    Prime Suspect: Ran out of time.

    Grendel: Let him squander on the ground.

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