What did you choose?

I think the big choices that are gonna have an impact later on in the stories were whether or not you gave Faith money, how you handled the Beauty and the Beast situation, if you went to Toad's or Lawrence's first, who you chose to go after in the bar, whether or not you maimed Grendel, and who you thought was the main suspect. Why did you choose the choices you chose?

Here are my picks:

Faith: I gave money to Faith, didn't want her to get into trouble with her pimp. Didn't really matter in the end, though. Seeing her head on the stairs was pretty damn surprising.

Beauty and Beast: I also lied to Beast. I didn't want to, but I promised Beauty I'd cover for her. Which I immidiately regreted. I don't lie, but I don't break promises either, so...it was kind of a tricky situation.

Toad and Lawrence: I went to Toad's apartment first, because it sounded like he was in pretty big trouble. Plus, he and Bigby seem friendly, sort of. I was just curious to see where that'd lead later on.

Woody or Dee: I went after Dee. Woody, even though he's a doucheag, he's not that kind of an animal. He definitely didn't kill Faith. I'm not sayind Dee did it, but he can definitely point me in the right direction to find out who did.

Prime Suspect: No one. I kept quiet, didn't really know what to say.

Grendel: I didn't rip off his arm. I would have, but I think that's gonna be a pretty important development in my relationship with Woody later on.



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    Faith: I didn't give her money

    Beauty and Beast : silence

    Toad and Lawrence : Toad

    Woody or Dee : Dee

    Prime Suspect: Bluebeard

    Grendel: Ripped off his arm

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    Faith: gave her the money, Bigby is a ladies man

    Beauty and Beast: questioned Beauty but then told her I wouldn't tell Beast and I didn't (sorta regret this)

    Go to Toad or Lawrence: Went to Toad, Bigby needs to help his "friend" although a bit of an ass. The whole investigation scene in his room was hilarious though, him making up lies and stuff. Toad is histerical.

    Woody or Dee: Dee because he was more suspicious I didn't get to really talk to him

    Prime Suspect: Bluebeard, I though none of the others were logical except maybe Dee

    Grendel: Ripped his arm off... What a dick

  • Faith: Gave her money.

    Beauty: Lied to gain her trust. Lied to Beast.

    Went to Toad.

    Woody: He was wanted by someone else. I was concern.

    Prime: No Prime

    Grendel: Left him.

  • Faith: gave money

    Beauty/beast: stayed out of it

    Toad or Lawrence: Lawrence

    Woodsman/Dee: Dee

    Grendel: Ripped that shit right off!

    Prime Suspect: None

  • Faith: Gave her money. I mean why not? I saved her life and she seemed in a bad situation
    Beauty and The Beast: Lied to him. I kept a promise and seemed like she was doing something that'd be better off in the future.
    Toad and Lawrence: Went after toad. he seemed in danger. Was surprised at how long they took to get there though..
    Woody or Dee: Woody. I don't know why i choose this. it seemed .. right. Telltale ALWAYS have a way of the obvious choice not being the right one in the end.. I no longer suspect woody. But he can tell me more, and by the looks of the next time trailer .. he does
    Prime Suspect: Dee. I mean after attacking me. why not? he's hiding something.

  • Faith: I gave Faith the money because...well why not? She just got stiffed by Woody (no pun intended) and attacked, and I felt bad for her.
    Beauty and the Beast: I promised Beauty I wouldn't tell Beast and I kept my promise (i.e. lied to Beast) Throughout the game I was afraid that it would come back to bite me and that Beauty would end up dead because of my lie.
    Toad and Lawrence: I picked Toad because it seemed urgent, and when I saw Lawrence in the mirror he seemed dead already.
    Dee: Because personally I don't think it's Woody, he's the obvious choice, too-obvious. So for me it was all about who would give me a lead on what happened to Faith, so obviously I picked the guy who knows her name, knows where she lived, and seemed to be looking for info on her.
    Prime Suspect: Her pimp. I read Bluebeard's character bio after picking the suspect but even though his MO fits, again I think it's too obvious.
    Grendel: I let him keep his arm. Yeah, he pissed me off and I really wanted to rip it off, but the way I played my character he was a sarcastic nice guy with a bad past. The old Big Bad Wolf would've ripped off his arm, this new Bigby Wolf was trying to change.

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    Faith: Gave her money. Didn't feel right sending her off with nothing after the beating Woody gave her.

    Beauty/Beast: I told Beauty I wouldn't lie for her and I didn't, I told Beast I saw her outside.

    Toad/Lawrence: I went to Lawrence first. Toad sounded like he was in trouble, but Lawrence was the strongest lead on the case and the scene in the mirror looked grave. I wanted to get there before anything went cold.

    Woody/Dee: I went after Dee. Woody seems like an asshole but I don't think he did it. Dee probably didn't either but he seems super sketchy and will probably be of more use than Woody.

    Grendel: I didn't rip his arm off. Bigby is trying to turn over a new leaf, Grendel was beat, no reason to brutalize him.

    Prime Suspect: Her pimp. Nothing is really solid at this point, it was between him and Bluebeard and I chose the pimp since he was the last person she said she was going to meet after Woody. Bluebeard is a strong possibility but I didn't choose him since you don't really get much info on him in the game.

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    I almost made the same choices than you Alex Baratheon, except for Beauty/Beast. I said Beauty I'd stay out of it because I didn't want her to be reassured, but then I saw her sincere look and I just couldn't say the truth to Beast... i almost said The Pimp but as I didn't know him yet, it was risky...

    Alsso, on Steam at least, it seems that there is only a tiny minority of people who chose Toad over Lawrence, whereas here almost everybody answered Toad. Weird.

  • Faith: Did what any gentleman would. Gave her the money. Although I was in need of it after that double whiskey.

    Beauty and Beast: I kept the truth from Beast. Didn't want to get involved in it all.

    Toad and Lawrence: I went to Lawrence first. There could still be things going on in the place.

    Woody or Dee: I arrested Woody. I didn't expect him of killing Faith at all, although I did think I get more information out of him.

    Prime Suspect: Ran out of time.

    Grendel: Let him squander on the ground.

  • Faith: Gave her the money. Didn't see any reason not to and she'd had a rough time.

    Beauty and Beast: Didn't get involved. Luckily Beast didn't press me.

    Toad and Lawrence: Lawrence just because I wanted to see what was going on over there. It was pretty messed up.

    Woody or Dee: I went after Dee because I was starting to suspect that Woody was innocent at least of the murder and the brothers were feeling more suspicious. I don't know. I wondered if I made the right choice afterward.

    Prime Suspect: Woody although I was starting to doubt a little bit.

    Grendel: I let him go. He seemed like he had enough after Bigs really started to putting the hurt on him.

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    Faith: Gave her the money. Didn't see it coming into play later on. It kinda did but not in any significant way.

    Beauty and Beast: Didn't tell Beauty that I'd lied for her. Let the door close on Beast. Just stayed the fuck out of that mess.

    Toad and Lawrence: I went to Toad's place because it seemed like things were happening right then and there. Didn't think the situation with Lawrence would have changed much. Boy was I mistaken.

    Woody or Dee: Dee. I doubt either of them did it, but I know Dee had a boss. And I want to know more about him.

    Prime Suspect: Silence. I would have picked either the pimp or Bluebeard but didn't have enough evidence to make a strong claim about one over the other.

    Grendel: I went BeoWolf on his ass. He pissed me off. I would have probably let him go if Bigby wasn't transformed but I just like the idea of Bigby trying to be a nice-ish guy but not being able to control his rage when pushed into his wolf form.

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    Faith: Gave her money. Didn't think I would need it later on.
    Beauty and Beast: Listened to what beauty had to say but then stayed out of it to maybe keep out of any trouble later on.
    Toad and Lawrence: Toad, because he seemed in urgent need of help and I thought he was a cool amphibian when I met him at the beginning.
    Woody or Dee?: I chose Dee. I needed to know who him and his bastard brother were working for.
    Prime suspect: Bluebeard. I ruled out Lawrence, Woody and the Pimp (the pimp because I hadn't met him). Dee seemed as if he was working for someone. This meant for me that the only other person I could assume committed the crime was Bluebeard. Process of elimination there.
    Grendel: Ripped of his arm. He was an asshole!

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    Faith: I gave her the money, I figured any little bit will help her

    Beauty and Beast: I stayed out of it completely

    Go to Toad or Lawrence: I went to Toad's place. I actually had a hard time choosing this one. Lawrence seemed like he might be in trouble but I wasnt 100% sure about it. But on the other hand Toad called me asking for help so I figured, I know he is actually in trouble lets head there first.

    Woody or Dee: Dee I think might have some involvement in it or at least an idea of who is doing it. Woody seem pretty shocked when I told him faith was dead.

    Prime Suspect: I said Dee because well I don't trust him and his brother.... They rubbed me the wrong way.

    Grendel: Ripped his arm off. I was PISSED that he even started shit since I was actually being civil with Woody.

  • Faith: I gave money to Faith to her.

    Beauty and Beast: I lied to beast. I am going to trust in Beauty. I think Beast would really been hard on her. If I told him. Besides she wouldn't have ever trusted me again. If I told him.

    Toad and Lawrence: Toad's APT. He seemed like he needed help the most.

    Woody or Dee: Went after Dee. Woody seemed too obvious

    Prime Suspect: I suspected her pimp

    Grendel: I didn't rip his arms off.

  • Pretty much same,except i suspect on Woody

  • Faith: Gave her the money. It seemed like she needed it.

    Beauty and Beast: Lied to Beast. I didn't really want to, but I had made a promise to Beauty.

    Toad or Lawrence: Toad's, since it seemed more urgent.

    Woody or Dee: I went for the Woodsman. I'm sure everyone else is going to call me an idiot for it, but I was trying to be by the book. I came there to get information from the Woodsman, so I'm going to get information from the Woodsman, dammit.

    Grendel: Didn't tear off his arm. As much as he deserved it, I'm trying to stay the good guy as much as I can. There was no need further brutalizing him after he was down.

  • I'm roleplaying as a kind of Inspector Javert type of guy: strict and law-enforcing, thinking only about the case at hand. Well, I try to, thus:

    Faith: I gave my money to her. A girl was in enough trouble already, and I tried my best to minimize the amount of it.

    Beauty and the Beast: I stayed out of that, it's their personal stuff, and I was not going to get involved into that mess.

    Toad or Lawrence: Lawrence, he was my best lead, and it really seemed like he was in danger through the mirror. And Toad was still able to speak.

    Woody or Dee: Went after Dee. He and his brother attacked me and ran off, he's constantly interfering with my affairs, and Woody's reaction to Faith's death was very genuine. He's an ass AND a drunk idiot, but not to that extent. At least, I believe like this, we'll see.

    Grendel: I left him with his arm intact. He was a threat to an officer of the law, I neutralized him to a point when his state didn't allow him to cause any harm to me or others, so further violence seemed unnecessary.

  • Faith: gave her money

    Beauty and Beast: i lied :(

    Toad and Lawrence: went to toad first but i had a feeling it would be lawrence but shook it off

    Prime Suspect: The Pimp

    Grendel: walked away after the awesome cinematic fight

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    Faith : gave her the money for the chance she might trust me in the future and perhaps be honest with me

    Beast : I lied to him and kinda regret it , I think that like kenny in TWD he is not the forgiving type.

    Toad and Lawrence : decided to go help toad first , seems like he was in distress and I thought Lawrence is already dead.

    Woody or Dee : Went for Dee , I don't think woody knows as much as dee.

    Prime suspect : Bluebeard because Dee looked like he was working for some1 and Bluebeard seems like the guy behind the scene.

    Grendal : didn't rip off his arm even though he should have his ass whooped some more .
    I wanted Woody to trust me and I didn't want to frighten him more than I already have.

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    Faith: I gave her the money. Bigby is a gentleman and likes to help out a pretty lady.

    Beauty and Beast: I told Beauty I wasn't getting involved and then when I bumped into Beast, I lied to him.

    Toad and Lawrence: Toad first, seemed more urgent as it looked like Lawrence was dead already.

    Woody or Dee: I like to play in character, and since Bigby told Woody it would be a lot worse for him if he ran, and he DID, he wouldn't have appreciated being ignored and disregarded like that, so I chose to run after Woody.

    Prime Suspect: I chose the silence option since we really didn't have a lot to go on.

    Grendel: I left his arm intact. Had already given him a decent beating. Bigby needs to learn some self-control!

  • Faith: I did give her money

    Beauty and Beast : silence

    Toad and Lawrence : Toad

    Woody or Dee : Dee

    Prime Suspect: Dee

    Grendel: Ripped off his arm

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    • Faith: Didn't give her the money.
    • Beauty and Beast: silence
    • Toad and Lawrence: Lawrence
    • Woody or Dee : Woody, I want him off the suspect list. The brothers are after him anyway, he might know something. I kinda like him in the end.
    • Prime Suspect: silence
    • Grendel: Didn't ripped off his arm. Wouldn't be any use for me if I do that and Woody said me not too. I want him to cooperate.
  • Did anyone else pay Holly for the whiskey?

    I walked away from Gren and paid for the drink, it felt gooooooood. Bigby is a nice guy, after all ;)

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    Faith: Gave her the money. I'm a nice guy.

    Beauty and Beast: Said I wouldn't get involved... and then lied to Beast anyway. So much for THAT.

    Toad and Lawrence: Lawrence first, solely because that was the original plan. Half regret it given how Toad was all shook up when I finally got to him, but I made my choice.

    Prime Suspect: Let the timer ran out. I had absolutely no evidence to suggest any one of the choices offered was the killer, so I chose to pick none of them.

    Woody or Dee: Went with Woody, then changed my mind and went for Dee instead. I hadn't noticed the blood on his shirt the first time round, and with that info... yeah, I'd rather go for the guy who's NOT tired of fighting.

    Grendel: Walked away. As Woody said, he'd had enough (and when I replayed it for the Book of Fables entry, having to rip his arm off made me feel AWFUL, so quit/reloaded to leave him alone again. NOT happy at having to do that, TTG)

  • I already gave my money to Faith. :(

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    Did anyone else pay Holly for the whiskey? I walked away from Gren and paid for the drink, it felt gooooooood. Bigby is a nice guy, after all

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    Oh yeah of course. That's a nice detail. I guess because I was one of the cheap ass 10% I was able to give it to Holly.

    I already gave my money to Faith.

  • Faith: I wasn't sure what agenda she had, and I suspected she was after something other than money from him so I gave her money to see what happened. Later it turned she really was a working girl so... dunno.

    Beauty and Beast: I didn't want anything to do with it and when Beast showed up I froze and the timer went out.

    Toad and Lawrence: Toad. It seemed urgent. Did those who chose Lawrence manage to save him?

    Prime Suspect: I said the pimp. I have no idea. I don't think the woodsman did it. Bluebeard seem to obvious, and it's the thing about the deliberate placing of the head.

    Woody or Dee: Dee. I figured there where no more information to get from the woodsman. And the fact that I think he's innocent and didn't really wanted to arrest him in the first place in case he got scapegoated and the real killer got away. Didn't think Dee did it either, but he rubbed me the wrong way and grrrr!!!

    Grendel: Walked away. Wolf is feared allready and he wants to change.

    I am so looking forward to the next episode!

  • Yeah. Lawrence is still alive in my playthrough.

  • Oh.

    I regret my choise then :/

    Yeah. Lawrence is still alive in my playthrough.

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    Faith: I didn't give her the money. I'm surprised so many people gave her the money. My logic is that a cop shouldn't be giving money to a prostitute to give to her pimp, i.e. seemingly condoning the behavior.

    Beauty and Beast: I didn't tell Beast. I wanted to stay out of anything that didn't actually seem like a "legal matter."

    Crane: I told Crane right away. I'm curious what happens if you hold off...

    Toad and Lawrence: I went to Lawrence's place, because I felt that he could be the most in danger, seeing as it was his wife that was just killed. I sort of regretted this, but I just hoped that Toad wouldn't be hurt, since he wasn't really involved (I assumed). I'm glad I was right...

    Woody or Dee: I went after Woody, because I knew he had things to tell, and I didn't want him getting away, again. Plus, I didn't want to replicate the "chase Dee and then get head bashed in" thing if Dum showed up, again...

    Prime Suspect: I guess I suspected her pimp, according to the game. I mentioned that way early on before I knew about Dee or Lawrence or Faith. After that, in the car, I kept silent when Snow asked me who I suspected.

    Grendel: I didn't rip his arms off. I am trying to play as close to a "straight" cop as possible (while still being super tough on crooks). I figure Bigsby needs to keep himself in check and wants to...so sticking to some sort of "rules" makes it easier to just do that and not get too carried away with emotions.

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    I went to Lawrence before Toad, but he is still dead... I think I didn't "act" fast enough (trying not to give away too much).

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    Oh. I regret my choise then

  • Did anyone rub the magic lamp? I never got around to it.

  • I did. It doesn't really do anything. Bigby just says " A magic lamp is just a lamp once the genie's out. " . Or something along those lines.

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    Did anyone rub the magic lamp? I never got around to it.

  • That's if you look at it. If you rub it, nothing happens and he says "Eh, worth a shot."

    I did. It doesn't really do anything. Bigby just says " A magic lamp is just a lamp once the genie's out. " . Or something along those lines.

  • So, I just finished my second playthrough, and I'm still loving the game.

    This time around I tried to be as big of an asshole as possible, contrary to my first " good guy " playthrough. Anyway, I chose to go to Lawrence's place first, and he didn't actually die. And I also prevented his suicide attempt. This seems like a more interesting plot arc then going to Toad's. I'm really looking forward to seeing where this'll go from here.

  • Right, my bad. I did both, but I forgot he actually said that line.

    That's if you look at it. If you rub it, nothing happens and he says "Eh, worth a shot."

  • Faith: Gave her the money. I was not surprised at all to check back later and see how overwhelmingly the players chose to give her money, though it makes me wonder if the percentages would have been less lopsided if she hadn't been a smoking hot chick. A bit like the Carley and Doug thing in Walking Dead.

    Beauty and Beast: Lied for Beauty. Felt like that was the wrong decision afterwards; I wish I had chosen to tell both of them I was keeping out of it and it was none of my business, which it wasn't. I didn't want to take either of their sides over a matter I know nothing about.

    Toad and Lawrence: I went to Toad, who sounded like he was in immediate danger, as opposed to Lawrence, who to me looked like he was already dead. I just wouldn't feel right leaving Toad out to dry like that.

    Wood or Dee: Dee. I genuinely believe Woody isn't guilty, as he appears to be just too plainly set up for it, whereas Dee looks very much like he is involved in something deeper. I think Dee will provide the best link to whatever is really going on, even though I highly doubt he murdered Faith.

    Prime Suspect: I initially chose Dee and Dum, though I regretted it a bit afterwards. It's just that, of all those we had encountered, they were the only ones who seemed to have a clear connection to whatever the deeper plot is. The Pimp and Woody had clear motives for murder...but to me seemed to have no clear motive for then leaving her head on the apartment doorstep as a message to the rest of Fabletown, which is what I think that was.

    Grendel: Let him go. I'm atoning for my past, right? Ripping people's arms off is a bad way to about it, even if Grendel is a jerk. Besides, he had just taken more than enough pain to last him awhile.

  • I played through multiple times to see what I liked the most and seemed to fit best.

    Faith: I also didn't want her to get into trouble with her "boss" and hoped giving her some cash might alleviate that. I actually didn't ever try not paying her. I mean...aside from buying cigarettes or paying for a drink at the end...what other point is there for the cash?

    Beauty and Beast: I tried both...and found it surprising that Beast and Bixby will be duking it out in Episode 2 either way! I think lying to Beast may be beneficial in the long run...but it's hard to say, because Beauty's mysterious "plan" may well backfire on her.

    Toad and Lawrence: Going to Lawrence's first seemed majorly more beneficial! I mean...the guy LIVES if you go there first, as opposed to dying! Very little seems to change at Toad's place, depending on the sequence.

    Woody or Dee: I feel pretty confident that neither Woody nor Dee is the murderer. However, I feel next to positive that Woody didn't do it. As most have said here...it seems too obvious. If anything...I think someone's trying to set up Woody to take the fall. With his axe being enchanted...it seems the obvious "murder weapon" possibility to sever a Fable's head. And it was dropped carelessly more than once this episode...anyone could've picked it up and pinned it on the "town drunk."

    Prime Suspect: I split my plays between Bluebeard or the pimp, who I assume is "Georgie." I feel like out of the characters that we know of so far...those are the only two I would believe could be responsible. However...the Dees are not exactly spotfree. Anyone who would threaten to kill a child is pretty low and suspect. Not that a hooker slapping alcoholic is Mr.Rogers...

    Grendel: HAD to try both. I'm actually concerned that there will be negative repercussions, maybe both ways on this one! With how Woody and Holly view Bixby...as well as vengeance on Gren's mind. If Gren has one arm, he may be less apt to try anything...but perhaps it would also motivate him to revenge, instead of just letting a beating go? In the long run...I say just beat him down and walk away.

  • Yes. Nothing happens, so no worries!

    FakeKisser posted: »

    Did anyone rub the magic lamp? I never got around to it.

  • My guess is that if you maybe tell Lawrence that his "wife is missing", instead of "dead" may affect that effect. Is that what you did?

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