Do you regret any of your choices?

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I really regret lying to beast , I started to think what if he is like TWD Kenny ? he'll find out that I lied eventually ...



  • No, I actually don't regret any. I'm pleased with the outcomes, if I may say so.
    As for the Beast, never lied to him, chose to stay out of all it.

  • Well I corrected everything and I was happy in my second playthrough because I knew what to do, in my first playthrough it was a real mess lmfao I didn't know anything or what was going on.

  • Hmm... In this kind of games ( games by Telltale, I suppose ), I never replay anything, even if I'm not satisfied or regret my choices. My logic behind it is simple - my character did it / said it / etc, in real life we can't change our choices and reverse our actions or decisions, we're stuck with what we've done. In order to keep the story engaging and more realistic, I chose to "live" with my choices, good or bad :)

  • That's exactly what I think and that's why I didn't replay TWD as well , even though I didn't like having Kenny being so resentful and angry with me.

    I had to make a quick decision and I'll just have to see what comes out of it (another reason why I like telltale games so much , like in real life , they don't let you think about your answers for more than 10-15 seconds) .

  • i only regret not going to prince lawrence's apartment first

  • I'm double thinking if I should have ripped that guys arm off or not. I went a head and did it , he pissed me off.

    It might hurt me working with Woody down the road. But you never know it might actually help too. That's why this game is GREAT!!

  • I only regret being silent when Beast ask you about his wife. I didn't know Bigby would just let the door slam

  • i only regret not going to prince lawrence's apartment first

    Yeah same here, and I did have some bad feelings for ripping off that guys arm. Even though he deserved it.

  • I never regret my decisions in these kinda games unless I accidentally choose something else, in which case I go back to correct it.

    If my choices come back to bite me in the ass later, then so be it, I can accept that. No choice is the wrong one. It just adds to the replay value.

  • I regret punching that frog when I figured out he was lying. I never read the comics, assumed he was hiding something. I could went different way of confronting him. He's son of whatever, is scared of the wolf now. Because of that.

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    you ripped off his arm! i didnt because i know woody will use that against you in future events

    P.S: you are mean for doing that >:(

  • I regret lying to beast and ripping off Grendel's arm because snow told me not to be too violent

  • you ripped off his arm! i didnt because i know woody will use that against you in future events

    P.S: you are mean for doing that >:(

    I KNOW! :(

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    Really regretting not going to Lawerences' place first, I even thought I chose correctly because you find that note in the donkeyskin cloak so I was like, "If I went to the Prince first he would've never gotten this note!"

    ...Turns out he didn't get it anyways...

    I'm also a bit worried about the preview for the next episode and how angry Beast seemed...Maybe should have just stayed out of it...

  • Only time i went back to change an option was when I was talking to Woody in the bar and I chose [Glass Him]... I thought it meant to give him a drink or something... D: I thought it would be ironic since he was saying a drink was all he got from what he did... yeah....
    Was not expecting for Bigby to hit him with the glass. It surprised me so much i laughed my ass off for a few minutes straight.

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    But we had to for that last entry in the Book of Fables! It's not our fault! THE GAME MADE US DO IT!


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  • I regret not going to Lawrence's place first, but otherwise I don't really regret any of my decisions. Except that one in the fight, of course, but then I HAD to do that to get the Book of Fables entry, so...


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    i regret hitting toad or more specifically frightening his son, i thought toad would give up the information sooner because i knew he was lying because i saw Dee/Dum when i arrived, and i sort of regret ripping of grendel's arm even though i didn't like the way that Holly (the bar owner) kept looking at him to be sure what to say like grendel would beat her if she didn't say the right thing, and he started it so it was his own fault.

    actually @Darth Marsden you have to do the fight two times, one ripping off his arm and one not to get all the book of fables entries, so you can't blame it on that

  • Well, I went to Lawrence's first, but it still ended up bad for me, because I didn't "act" fast enough, at one point, I think. However, I don't hold that against me, because I was waiting for valuable info.

  • Yes. I regret hitting Woody with the glass. I thought it ment like taking a drink with him or something. And I regret for going after Woody as well now. Wish I had gone after Dum or Dee.

  • I regret leaving Faith's letter with Lawrence, unopened in my first playthough. I opened it on my second, though, just to satisfy my curiosity.

    I also kind of regret tearing Grendel's arm off on my second playthrough, but I had to do that to get the achievement.

  • the way i see it is that you can't regret something you did on your second play through because that wasn't your choice, it was just the alternat choice

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    I regretted not going to Lawrence's place first, kinda, but at the moment the decision was made it was certainly the most logical decision. Lawrence looked already dead, whereas the very-much-alive Toad and his son sounded like they were in imminent danger at that very moment. It was the right call to make with what Bigby knew at the time.

    I felt regret when Beast confronted me and I lied to him. I didn't want to have anything to do with it, so I should have just said so straight out instead of effectively taking Beauty's 'side' by lying. I'm sure that decision will come back to haunt me in Episode 2.

  • HAHA! That's hilarious. Ya know, I was very tempted to pick that option but chose otherwise. I think in my next playthrough I'll play Bigby as a violent asshole... >:)

  • I really regret ripping Grendel's arm off. I did it in a fit of rage, and it was a piss poor thing for a Sheriff to do. My only justification is that I think Bigby would have done it, and regretted it, just as I have.

  • Playing through it again just to go to Toad's first. Should I or no?

  • Teltale gave us a great excuse to justify a replay. We need Those Achievements unlocked

  • I regret giving all my cash to Faith. Couldn't buy smokes :(
    Rewinded game only once, in Toad's place (by the way - LOVE this apartment, all those posters and photos with cars, race wallpaper... Really appreaciate that design), when I could confront his story about lost keys with busted doors. I wanted to do that, but It was moment after I installed gamepad on my pc and didn't got used to this yet, so I didn't click that choice in time. But it the rest of choices: happen? Then it stays then way, no rewinding game.
    And boy, you are quite bloodthirsty fellas, aren't you? All those causes of arm-ripping...I wanted to see it, but knew it would put me in serious trouble, ripping arms like that when my opponent is down already. Bigby has weak PR even without that.

  • I kind of felt bad too about ripping the arm, or should I say horrified by my own self, this is what I loved about this game, you lose yourself in character and start thinking and feeling like him. The lap dog comment pissed me off, than seeing the overly intense scene just made me do it, I shared the rage and the inner beast of Bigby for a moment and as terifying as it was it's what made it so great as a game experience.

  • I both did and did not, it's like in life you do things and sometime you wished you could have avoided others. It's just exciting to see how things will turn after what I choose to do. I don't want to replay it before all seasons are finished because my first play through will remain my story, but I might after all is finished because this game makes you want to know what could've happened.

  • I tried both with the lie/truth option with Beast...and both my preview scenarios show us getting ready to rumble! Weird huh?

  • The decision to go to the aid of Frog and the child made sense, but it would have been better to save Lawrence. I don't regret making the choice I did. I "regret" that the 'right' choice did not yield the best result. That's how life goes...often.

  • I'm the opposite. I regret going after Dee instead of going after Woody.

  • I regretted not going to save Lawrence first, other then that I am fine with what I did, I am surprised so many people tore of that one guys arm, and I can't be the only person who for some reason thinks Woody is interesting right?

  • Every time I made a tough choice in the game, I just kept asking myself "Am I doing the right thing?". I've been trying to play as a nice guy throughout the whole episode. (Most of the time) XP

  • I did the same thing, be nice do that, but sometimes I just don't care about being nice you know?

  • I didn't regret not saving Lawrence until I found out via these forums that he could live... Now, I kind of regret not being able to save him. However, there was no way for me to know that, so I guess I can't really be too sad about it. :)

  • I had the exact same thought. "Glassed him" in the belief that he would buy him a drink! didn't go back to change anything... might play through the episode once more though.

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    In my first playthrough I also regretted not going to Lawrence's first. I also smacked Toad around and scared the kid. I kind of regretted that (because of the kid and the way that Snow lectured Bigby afterward). And, I chose to "glass" Woody in the bar. That did not mean what I thought it meant! LOL

    I didn't tear off Gren's arm the first time. I really wanted to, but for me the conversation with Colin kept coming back to my mind. (I did tear it off in a second playthrough just for the satisfaction.)

  • Actually in the Bar with the woodsman when we were talking and option [Glass him] appeared i though i would give him a drink. I didnt know that he would smash the glass on his head xd. I had to replay that :P

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