Serial Killer Suspects

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Judging from the various amounts of posts on the Wolf Among Us, I became curious on the suspects each of you guys were extremely suspicious of and why. There's a list of Bigby's POIs (person of interest) below that I have seen in posts so far.

Twiddle Dee/Dum If one chose to go to Frog's apartment, and successfully extracted the truth from him, Frog tells Bigby of the threat that Twiddle brothers Dee and Dum made of killing his son. Also, Twiddle Dee was shown to be hiding in the closet of Lawrence's place after "asking about Faith's whereabouts."

Woody In the beginning of Wolf Among Us, Bigby Wolf is called by Mr. Frog to investigate a disturbance upstairs. He finds the Woodsman, or "Woody", hitting a prostitute that we find out later to be called "Faith". He has been shown to attack Bigby with an axe and would have a suspicious motive to have beheaded Faith and Snow with that very same axe.

Bluebeard Although not shown in the first episode of Wolf Among Us, Bluebeard's fairy tale has involved his infatuation of beheading his brides, until he is stopped by one girl, who discovers his secret, and gets her brothers to kill him. Judging from the Fables Wiki, Bluebeard has a sadistic streak of killing those that are harmless to him, and exercising his wealth and influence. Maybe he hasn't changed his ways after all....

Lawrence Once upon a time, we lived in a world where two young people fall in love, get married, and raise a family peacefully. This might not be the case for the Donkeyskin Fairy Tale couple, who have fallen on hard times, leading to what hinted at a nasty social dispute with Faith trying to raise money and help Lawrence out. A spat of jealousy could have easily fueled Lawrence's rage, murdering her in cold blood for sleeping with other men.

Snow White Although she is shown dead at the end of Episode 1, Snow's severed head may have been a ruse to throw suspicions off of herself. She may be hiding somewhere, waiting to emerge from the shadows for her next victim. MWUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAha.......coughs Excuse me.

Mysterious Man (EDIT: Twiddle Dee/Dum?) If one chose to go to investigate Mr. Frog's frantic call about someone riffling through Woody's possessions, Brigby sees a silhouette of a slender male figure in a top hat roaming around in there. Much isn't revealed about this guy, but he may have a hand in the serial killer's motives.

Ginger Dude Many of Wolf Among Us cutscenes show a redheaded male lurking around. Players typically first see him when Snow and Brigby almost bump into him in the apartments' hallway. He has been shown in the background of certain cutscenes, and a positive ID of the ginger's presence as the taxi driver for Wolf and Snow have been made by some players. A number of players have considered the fact that the ginger male may be a wolf himself, affirming the facts that there were scratch marks on Mr. Frog's windows and his ubiquitous (everywhere at once) presence wherever Brigby goes. Only time will tell whether the community was true.

So, what do you guys think? I'll try to add to this list when the next episode comes out, as a four letter word is going to hit the fan.

Bonus Joke Woody: Your arm's off!
Grendel: Oh, just a flesh wound.

Grendel: Don't hurt me, I'm "arm"less.



  • Even though I pointed to Woody in the game when Snow asked, I don't think he did it. He's almost too perfect of a suspect. He's the guy in a mystery story that the cops go to first, and then after they question him, you realize it was just a red herring to keep you from figuring out the real killer. Besides, when Bigby talked to him in the bar, he seemed genuinely surprised to hear about Faith's murder. I believe him.

    Dee's definitely involved somehow, but he doesn't strike me as the guy we're looking for.

    Lawrence is one of the victims, and we know he's dead before Snow's murder. So unless he somehow faked his death, I think we can cross him off the list.

    Bluebeard is pretty evil, and it wouldn't surprise me at all if he did something like this. But I hesitate to say that he's the guy simply because the game is a prequel. So assuming that Bigby eventually solves the case by the end of the season and it does turn out to be Bluebeard, why is he still walking around free in "Legends in Exile?" Of course, there's another scene that doesn't make sense for much the same reason, so clearly some things are going to have to somehow be retconned back into continuity before the end.

    The camera did seem to linger a little too long on the redheaded guy in the hallway, so I imagine we probably will be seeing him again in some capacity. At this point, I'd say that if he's not the killer, it's probably someone we haven't seen yet.

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    I don't think the ginger did it though, that would feel too easy.

  • Lawrence doesant have to die. He is alive in my playthrough!

  • I feel we might have a copycat killer on the lose, but we'l see in time.

  • Murder suspects?

    Listen up for here is my theory. The wolf among us seems to be a typical story of redemption. Our anti hero character tries to leave his past behind and to suppress the monster inside. Why? He's the big bad wolf and everybody hates or is afraid of him and he doesn't seem to enjoy it.

    Since the murders seem to be in some way connected to him (women he knows are brought to his doorstep), I assume the main bad person is connected to his past. Maybe it's a previous victim that has gone crazy?

    So if I were you, I would consider "Red" as a suspect. Surely it's much more complicated and I expect some connection to the broken laws for the fables....

    Well, due to language issues I didn't quite understand, what he said, when looking at her in the book. Is she dead?

    Anyway, it would be interesting, if he would face his past in such way to get his redemption and arresting the killer or to accept beeing the big bad wolf and killing everybody present in rage.

    @ ginger
    Bah, that would be so lame, as in Shadowrun returns. Why does the killer always have to be visibly "hidden" somewhere. I would prefer a killer that stays truly hidden until the last episode.

    @copycat killer
    I didn't see anything that would let me think this to be true. It's possible, but I don't think so. I rather see this as a way to personally hurt our wolfman (for which I have no proof either).

  • I don't think its any of the suspects that we could name in Episode 1, I think all of them would be too obvious. I think out of everyone we saw it could be the Ginger dude. I wondered what was the point of adding him in, I think he's going to be a more important character in later episodes.

    Did anyone else think that, especially when Faith was killed, that it could be Bigby himself? I haven't read the comics but I thought that maybe he just goes into random fits of rage and can't stop himself, and since she was heading to the Woodlands, maybe he killed her then (he fell asleep before her body was placed and woke up after it was, so maybe he didn't even know it himself that he killed her). But it doesn't really make sense that he killed Snow White considering there was no time to do it as he was in the bar with he Woodsman.

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    Because of the comics (and also, because Bigby as Oedipus trying to find who the murderer is while realizing he is the murderer... is a trope already washed out of its surprise,) Bigby wouldn't be the killer. It would have to be addressed at some point. As with Red it seems plainly impossible because of the comics, too, but I won't say why because it would spoil it.

  • I see :) I'm not aware of the comics. But I don't want it to be the ginger guy. Another harmless looking guy that is omnipresent and a serial killer? Boring :(

  • Yes, I don't want it either and I think Telltale won't go with that choice. They like to be more surprising!

  • The killer is not on Snow's list , I can ensure you that. Before trying to guess who he is , we must first understand why the murders happen.
    I doubt we can predict anything right now , but here's some of my theories about reasons of murder :

    • Somebody hates Bigby and wants revenge from him. This could either be something from his past (maybe it's Red Riding Hood lol) , or something that happened after they moved in Fabletown.
    • Somebody is jealous on Bigby being a sheriff and wants to take his place (doubt it , but who knows)
    • Somebody is tired of seeing The Fables live miserably and wants to free them. And by free , I mean take over the world. Fables are obviously very strong , imagine how much destruction could Bigby cause when getting in his wolf form. Now let's add Beast , Woodsman , The Witch ... you got the idea. If this theory is correct , somebody is probably trying to piss Bigby off (and awake his Werewolf form). Personally I like this theory a lot !

    Personally I find it very hard to predict anything right now , and I'm extremely curious to see what will happen in the next episodes ! I'd like to say that I find The Wolf Among Us being Reeealy good. The ending of the 1st episode gave me chills and literally left me speechless for 10 minutes. The impact it had on me was amazing , and I want to congratulate Telltale for that xD

  • Also, in my playthrough, I went to Toad's first, and it was one of the Tweedle's up in The Woodsman's apartment - I was thrown by the picture of "suspects" in the end game statistics when I saw the skinny guy with the Hat.

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    Here's a thought. What if the murderer is the Headless Horseman? Both of the murders were decapitations, right? So the MO fits. And Bigby says that the heads were left in front of the Woodlands as message. Maybe he's sending a message to Crane.

  • What about Holly? She may be trying to prove a point.

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    Taxi driver in the very last scene with alive Snow White looks like Ginger Dude. Nobody noticed that? Or is it just me? Anyway I don't think it's Woody, he was really surprised when Bigby told him about murdered Faith. Twiddle Dee/Dum knows something, that`s why I chased him not Woodsman.
    And one more thing...every potential romance interest of playable characters will die in every Telltale game(Carley, Faith, Snow)? XD

  • I wanted to mention a big clue, since no one has pointed this out.

    When faith's head is examined, Bigby comments that it required something very sharp or magic to have done the beheading.

    When you ask where Prince Lawrence is, the mirror focused on the sword next to him. At his place, you notice that the sword had blood on it, and Bigby comments that it is very sharp. This bloody and sharp sword does not fit into the story of Lawrence simply killing himself. There must have been a struggle, fight, or someone else leaving the sword there by accident. Unless we believe Lawrence was responsible for at least killing Faith.

  • I don't think we saw the killer in this episode, i'd say it's someone copying Bluebeard's M.O but as of now i've just been saying to everyone Bluebeard is the responsible for every bad thing that happens in fable town :p.

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    that "mysterious man" was not slender it was either Dee or Dum, but i suspect the headless horsemen to be a part of it, so the replacement town leader (forgot his name) is involved, that Ginger Dude that we keep seeing could actually be the headless horseman because in the picture of the fables we see that he has a pumpkin as a head so ginger hair = pumpkin head maybe???

    Edit: also laurence seems to have been tricked (magically maybe) into killing himself, there has to be some magic involved in these murders

  • I assume you went to Lawrence's apartment first?

  • I like how you looks at it from the author's point of view, and the mechanisms behind the written work. However, Telltale Games have provided us with a lot of red herrings to go on, and I agree with the fact that we might not even see the real killer till the last episode. In order to write a good mystery novel, you have to make the reader facepalm in the last few pages of the book. Maybe this is what Telltale Games is trying to accomplish.

  • And the fact that he was busy apprehending Woody or Dee in the bar, depending on your choice. Logically, this most likely opts him out of the list.

  • I hope not. It's too cliché how the murderer tends to be some background stalker dude that happens to have a hard on for murders.

  • Same here, and I agree with your last theory. I like how you listed the three most common plots for murder mysteries that I typically see in a library or bookstore. XD

  • Bluebeard or Crane.....hmmm......

  • Maybe, but it really seemed like Telltale Games wanted her to be a minor character judging from her few interactions with Brigby. I can't seem to find a fairy tale with her in it, though.

  • Yup, Telltale Games has a habit of cockblocking the main character. XD

  • I agree. Don't you find it suspicious that you could see Faith's father's corpse but not Faith's? Either there's some powerful shielding spell blocking the Magic Mirror to discern the whereabouts or the two girls Faith and Snow are not really dead and are hiding or kidnapped.

  • He does have a bad habit of picking on the weaker Fables in the comic series.

  • I don't believe it was Lawrence, because if you choose to go to Frog's place first, then Lawrence will die nonetheless, as far as I know. And Snow's severed head was found at the end of Episode 1. I think you're on to something with that sword, though. Maybe someone's trying to "string along" Brigby.

  • yeah, that was definitely suspicious that you couldn't see Faith, maybe there is a family connection because of why we couldn't see Faith, i can't remember the exact quote, but it was something about being sealed like "the mirrors lips are sealed" or something but the important part was sealed and seal could be something about her ring and her family seal, so maybe it is part of her family that is connected to the murders or even her father because all we saw was his hand not his body

  • Interesting thought. I assume that whoever's doing it must have a motive for revenge or the pure joy of watching someone run around in circles, specifically Brigby. I doubt that Snow's dead, because she is a major character and the love interest of Brigby in the comics.

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    yeah i think the heads can either be reattached (magic) or they weren't the real heads (magic)

  • Yes, but unless there's a different killer depending on whether you go to see Toad or Lawrence first--which I highly doubt--Lawrence can't possibly be responsible for both murders.

  • I have to fully agree with @magodesky.

    At this point I don't believe the killer has been seen yet but Dee is definitely involved somehow. Otherwise there would be no reason for him to run.
    Woody is the first guy you come across and the perfect suspect especially as the first scene doesn't build well for him but he seems genuinely shocked when he learns of Faiths death so I very much doubt it's him.

    The ginger guy is definitely going to be seen more (along with bluebeard) I would imagine, but just because he's seen lurking around (and bluebeard has a checked past) doesn't mean it's them. It's still too early to tell.

  • The title of this tread is a little spoil :> I just finished the 1st episode, but I read the title before playing it and it told me that there will be a serial killer (which I didn't know). But maybe I'm overreacting ;) I have also admit that knowing comic books change a lot in my opinion.

  • I went to his apartment first and he committed suicide.

  • I bet it's frog he said he was tired of feeling trivial, in fact they all are. He probably didn't pull it off himself though. Could be a witch involved. could be someone who is tired of living on the farm. Based on what Colin said it's a horrible place and bigby is responsible for sending fables there. Whoever it is their stalking Bigby, taking away anything he might love or potentially love.(snow/faith)

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    I'll add the Queen of Hearts to the list. Like the headless horseman she also likes to decapitate people. Or the Horseman is the Queen of Hearts servant.

  • The whole Lawrence-Faith thing was the weirdest thing in the episode. What the heck happened there? Bigby clearly said that the gun had not been discharged in a week....

    My first idea was that Lawrence was shot a week ago and kept docile with the sleeping pills (he is a fable, but I don't know how the lore works) but that might be INCREDIBLY SILLY.
    He named that his murderer was Faith, but the bullethole's angle fit a suicide. Then there was Dee, the bloody dagger (used for...cutting heads?) and the bloody bed. What if someone else used the Donkeyskin, as it was clearly not in Faith's possession...... WHAT HAPPENED!?!?!? I'm so anxious to know now :P

    Personally, I answered Dee when Snow asked about the suspect, but I realized they are just thugs. Woody is too clichéd, and I don't know anything about the pimp or bluebeard. I just bloody love this game.

  • I think someone tampered with Lawrence's apartment. There's too many things in one area that kill someone you didn't need 3 ways to kill yourself to get the job done. Also the placement of the suicide letter to Lawrence, shouldn't the letter be in close proximity to Lawrence and not tucked into a Murphy bed? what about the pool of blood on the corner or the bed and under the bed? If you chose to go to Lawrence's apartment first he tell you he tried to kill himself by way of a gun, the bullet hole behind the chair shows that Lawrence didn't attempt suicide while sitting on the edge of the bed but sitting in the chair. That leads me to believe that the blood on the bed is not Lawrence's, but Faith's. As stated by Lawrence, Faith would drop in from time to time to check in on him. When she came home to check on him or to tell him that debt they were under was gone she saw him dead and read the suicide letter not ever noticing that she forgot to shut the door behind her and the killer walked in unnoticed pinned Faith to the bed and cut off her head, which explains why there's blood on the corner of the bed and the floor.

    Or the other theory is that someone had access to the house and could come and go with ease which means that they knew the killer.

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    yeah that detail about the gut being shot a week ago was weird, and i agree that the sleeping pills were probably there to keep him docile, but maybe he just needed them to sleep or maybe he used them to try and kill himself possibly the same with them cut wrist.

    it might just be a sleeping pill, slit wrist and gunshot to the heart attempted suicide that happened a week ago, but because he is a fable he survived, but I'm not sure on the lore of the survival/toughness of fables

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