• I'm keeping a open mind on who it could be, it really could be any of them, hell it could even be several of them, not likely but still, also thanks for pointing out who 'Georgie' is, that question was in my head all night, thanks.

  • One vote for the dwarves.

    • The dwarves? Why would they off Snow?

  • Its pretty simple, you just have to look for a person with ripped jeans.

    When you find the first head, the person who placed it there ripped off a piece of jeans and wounded him/herself
    while climbing the fence to the right.

    So who does wear jeans ?

    I also find the "my lips are sealed" phrase interesting, especially because the head has the family seal in the mouth,
    attached to the ribbon Faith hinted at when Bigby asked her to spill the beans.

    There are also lips painted on that very same ribbon if you look closely.

    And last but not least, when you tell her that this ribbon is "beautiful" she suddenly looks very disappointed/worried/sad.
    That must mean that this ribbon symbolizes something bad to her.

    • I think that ribbon may be a symbol of ownership. Maybe that's how the pimp branded his girls. In one of the two screenshots for episode two, the stripper appears to also have a ribbon of the same color around her neck.

  • People are really analyzing this pretty well, I need to pick up the pace, I never though of some of these things.

  • I have to agree, I guess even after all the bad changes it did not stop people being nice and really smart, I guess life really does find a way.

  • I don't know who the killer is..I guess if I had a magical animal skin cloak that i could use to shit gold by saying a magical word it would make me and my family a target. especially since a lot of the fables weren't able to escape with their wealth and titles like snow white which would make her a target as well and from the comics her ex husband is always trying to get money from her so i can't really rule out Prince charming.

    I don't understand why slum lord toad had access to the mayors office and actually wrote in the book of symbols but somehow turns up with a cloak that appeared in the very same book with the magic word. toad also can't afford glamors so the cloak would be beneficial to him.

    I don't trust the mirror, the old king might not even be dead all i know is there is a skeleton arm with a arrow next to it, the book of symbols also has arrows in it. The king could be using an archer as an assassin(robin hood?). or it could be faith, fake your own death to rule yourself out, she might have some help from rose red and her boyfriend their a bunch of schemers.

  • I like the headless horseman idea. But I know the real killer.

    Collin did it. He get's a little booze in him, and things get dicey. Traumatized by his brothers being gobbled up by Bigby, and constantly huffed and puffed from couch to couch, basically a door mat to Bigby for centuries, he's snapped and is enacting his revenge. Nothing to lose. An insane pig with thirst for grain alcohol...and blood.

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