where is my 'the wolf among us' steam key?

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Hi guys! Thank you SO MUCH for your patience. We've got the PC build live on the Telltale Games website now - if you ordered it from us (or from an outlet that gave you a redeem code for the Telltale Games website), you should be able to download it now from the My Games section on your profile page.

I know you guys have been waiting especially for this, so as a special thank you to everyone who pre-ordered here, we've sent you an extra Steam code via email as a bonus.

So excited for folks to play the first episode! :)



  • I preordered the game at greenman gaming, i really would love to have the game in steam aswell. I redeemed the code but i did not receive any mail to download the game, so bored of waiting i logged in with my telltale account to download the game.

    Please, check it out, there must be a problem with the e-mails.

    BTW, great 1st episode.

  • Same for me.

  • Same issue here.

  • Same here. I will now download the game, since I see it is available on the site (I was waiting for the email), but I'd also love to have a Steam key.

  • If you use gmail, for me it was sent to the "Promotions" tab instead of the main inbox. Check your spam and all that. For me it came in the same email letting me know that the game was now available for download from this site.

    Ordered directly from TTG.

  • Might as well chime in, same issue here.

  • No Steam Key, checked all my folders and even ran a search for it and nothing. Not even received an email to say the game is released from TTG.

  • maybe you only got a steam key if you bought the game off the telltale website

  • Yeah same boat. They don't seem to care. I'm done with telltale.

  • Same here. Ordered from Amazon thinking it would give me a steam key like it did last time, gave me a key for here instead. Would really like a steam key...It says, "if you ordered it from us (or from an outlet that gave you a redeem code for the Telltale Games website)" So I think I would've gotten one?

  • They probably just have a large number of emails to process. It looks like it was a crazy day yesterday and the fact that they are willing to give out the additional Steam keys is very cool on their part IMO.

  • so as a special thank you to everyone who pre-ordered here, we've sent you an extra Steam code via email as a bonus.

    the steam keys are for people who pre-ordered here so basically if you bought it on steam or pre-ordered on this website you will have the steam version, if you bought it anywhere else that did not specifically say it was a steam key you only get the version you can download from this website

  • Not sure which one it is.

    In this thread a mod said:

    "You should be able to get it as long as you redeemed the code prior to the Steam code offer, since the e-mails are sent out based on whether you have the game in your Telltale games account.

    Note that it might take a while to get the code. When Telltale did the Walking Dead's pre-order steam code offer, the e-mails were sent out manually from the pre-order database, in chunks throughout the release night."

    Though mods are volunteer's unless they have the "staff" label so perhaps it was wrong.

    I haven't received one yet either (and I had my key registered prior to it being released).

  • As I said in another thread:

    There's no automated system for the Steam keys - they have to be sent out manually, and Telltale's a TAD busy at the moment. So if you feel you're due one and haven't got it yet - hang in there. It'll probably be with you within a day or so.

    Also, be sure to check your Spam box. Some people have said their e-mails have gotten caught in it.

  • No key for me either :(

  • Are all of us who haven't got a key yet so far only the ones who didn't order via TellTale? (bought mine via gmg, had it registered before the game went live and still waiting).

    Is there anyone who did order via Telltale and is still waiting?

  • Yeah, I still didn't get my steam key either.

    Are there still batches of emails being sent out...? Or..?

  • Yeah, that's exactly what I'm thinking.

  • I guess either we really don't get one or they took off this weekend before finishing and will send out more monday?

    Cause I never did get one either.

  • Same over here, but from the official sticky, I remember having read that everyone who would have made a preorder before the giveaway's announcement would have a steam key. When we entered the key on our TTG account, it was registered as a preorder, so we should have a key. If not, i'd like to know why. Hang on tight guys, we might get it somewhere this month...

  • let's pray to receive a key for steam this month :D

    The walking dead was for steam when i bought it at GMG, and steam is the best platform for pc games imho, i don't need to worry about patches nor updates.

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    I'd like to chime in and say that I haven't received the Steam Key either. Their most recent update in the release thread indicates that outside pre-orders which were registered on their website are valid for the key:

    TELLTALE / PUZZLEBOX UPDATE 6:15 PM PST: The PC version of Episode 1: Faith is now available to download from the My Games section of your profile page (for anyone who ordered The Wolf Among Us from the Telltale online store, or from an outlet that gave you a redeem code for this site).

    As a special thank you to those who've been waiting for this today, Telltale has sent a bonus Steam code to the email attached to their Telltale Games account.

    Notice how they don't make a distinction in the second portion, which means that it applies to the above customers. It's likely that they're sending these out by hand, but not over the weekend, which means we should start seeing these today and throughout the week. I'd expect an update on this when they return to work today or tomorrow (depending on whether they have Columbus Day off).

  • Has anyone even received a key yet?

  • puzzleboxpuzzlebox Telltale Alumni

    Hey all! If you didn't get a Steam key and think that you should have, send an email to support@telltalegames.com so we can get you sorted out. Thanks!

  • What if we have emailed and did not get a key or even a response? Email again?

  • I've emailed support, and tweeted @telltellgames.

    Not a single person in my office has heard back from support or received any Steam keys.

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    @puzzlebox I've sent three emails from two different email accounts since Friday two from the email attached to my TTG account and one from my outlook account ive had no reply what so ever also posted on twitter and Facebook nothing at all I even managed to get a number for you guys and leave a message on the supports voice mail to contact me via phone and left my details no reply at all I'm more than disgusted with TTG support.

    Ticket ID #9929 -- claims they cant read the email after sending it and replying several times submitted on the 11th

    Ticket ID #10100 - submitted on 13th no reply

    Ticket ID #10265‏ - submitted on the 15th via a different email address no reply?

    now get the idea why I'm kind of peed off. especially when we have mods posting we sent them all out when they blatantly haven't I even have a confirmation email of the preoder from TTG sent to me after I registered the game on Fri 11/10/2013 7:33 AM GMT

  • Agreed. I still may buy their games in the future, but it'll definitely be directly through Steam.

  • I'm thinking of ordering this via GMG (online retailer) but I'm not sure if I'll be getting a Steam key also? I would really prefer to have an confirmation before purchase. Thank you

  • Read it, it says youre getting a telltale steam key, unless they changed it to steam. It tells you what youre getting.

  • No you won't. Steam keys were (supposed to be) given to people who preordered the game. GMG will give you a redeemable code on TTG's website, not a steam code.

  • I just received my Steam Key.

  • Waiting as well... Even after sending an email to their support... There must be something wrong

  • I got the email telling me I can get a Steam key, but I'm not sure if I will go through with it. It's kind of vaguely worded, and it sounds like I'd have to give up my TTG copy and free bonus disc to get it.

  • Still didn't get one either...Sucks but I'm not going to cry to support because from what I've seen and heard, I probably won't get a response anyways. Don't really care, I got my copy and I'm happy.

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    I doubt they'd do that to you it's a Steam key AS WELL as your TTG version.

    If you don't mind sharing the e-mail (leaving out anything personal, of course), I'd happily go over it and confirm this though. Shoot me a Private Conversation if you'd like me to do that.

    Disclaimer: Moderators on this forum are volunteers from the community and are not employees of the company. Our posts merely express our personal opinion and should not be mistaken for official company statements.

  • I watched part of a "Let's Play" on YouTube and loved the premise of 'The Wolf Among Us'. However I was tossing up whether to buy it off Steam or to get the Collector's from Telltale. I decided to get the Collector's edition (because I love making of's) so I registered, bought it, and found this forum. While I realise everyone is waiting for a key I was wondering if I would receive a code, as I didn't "pre-order" the series. It would be a nice added bonus if I was to receive one. Thank you for your wonderful work,
    A New Fan.

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