Sam & Max Easter Egg!

Wow! Thank you Telltale for that even though I was dying from laughter from such a serious scene



  • stirpicusstirpicus Telltale Staff
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    @RAnthonyMahan wrote:
    They're probably hiding a cow!
    I couldn't stop laughing my ass off at the Prince Lawrence scene because of that. Good times.
    Anyway, great episode. Can't wait for the rest.

    Oh man, the TV audio in Faith and Lawrence's apartment? :)

  • Yeah That had me in Tears of laughter just because I wasn't expecting it. :D

  • I didn't see Prince Lawrence, I went to toads house. Haha I'll go to his house in my next play-through... Is he funny? All I saw in my playthrough was his dead body

  • I went to Toad's house first too. I meant how the TV is playing Midtown Cowboys in the background.

  • That was playing? Aww, I missed it.

  • NickTTGNickTTG Telltale Alumni

    Glad you caught that! My love for Sam and Max is too great. There are a few other S&M easter eggs in the game. Probably too many heh

  • I noticed the theme in the bar was the Poker Night rendition of the Office Theme. Were there any others in Episode 1 I missed?

    Also, I'm assuming at some point we're going to see BANAAAAAAAAAAAANG. It's hard to imagine a Telltale game without it now.

  • I missed the Midtown Cowboys but caught the Poker Night 1 music. I thought that was a great and subtle atmospheric touch.

  • When I heard that "They're probably hiding a cow" I couldn't stop giggling.

  • VainamoinenVainamoinen Moderator
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    WHERE was the cow reference? I was of course spoilered already from modding these forums, but still couldn't find it...

    (went to Toad's house first, was that it?)

  • After you have been at Toad's haouse, you go to Lawrence's. While looking at the body, you can hear Midtown cowboys playing in the television

  • I believe there is a Banang bottle on top of Lawrence's fridge too!

  • Ahahahaha yeah, as soon as I heard Featherly's voice I started laughing so hard
    Nice to see that put in a small Sam&Max cameo, no matter how small it is <3

  • Hah, I registred here just because I've heard Midtown Cowboys' intro in Lawrence's apartment, and I wasn't sure if it was me, or I really could hear the Featherly's and Max's voices. Good to see I wasn't the only person who got this great repherence.

  • I went to Prince's house 1st. Should I do a second playthrough and go to Todd's?

  • Have no idea. I guess you can do in Toad's place everything in the same or at least similar way regardless of which is your choice. But being in Lawrence's house as the first probably changes a lot in his case.

  • Anyone seen the folder below Bluebeard's in Bigby's apartment?

  • I looked at it, but forget if it had any Telltale references. (I don't remember any at least) Why do you ask?

  • VainamoinenVainamoinen Moderator
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    It's the file of a certain P. Pennyworth.

  • Man, I missed that! I'll have to look out for it on the next playthrough. I did notice the music in the bar, though. That made me grin.

    Has there been a Banang sighting yet?

  • I think there is one on top of Lawrence's fridge.

  • Did you find the second one at the Trip Trap bar? It's actually a Poker Night Easter Egg, but seeing how they are using The Office theme, I'd count it.

  • Okay what was playing on Lawrence TV anyway? I am guessing its a Sam and Max Easter egg but what was it?

  • It's the audio from the Mid-Town Cowboys episode that was "filmed" during Season 1 of Sam & Max.

    If you stay long enough, you can even hear fake commercials, but I couldn't make out what they were for before the audio looped back to the Mid-Town Cowboys audio.

  • I remember that, good times, great catch.

  • Bigby needs to update his files. He legally changed his name to Mr. Featherly years ago!

  • VainamoinenVainamoinen Moderator
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    Oh no, Anthony, Telltale has thought of everything.

    ...The Wolf among Us is set in the 1980s. ;)

    So Philo is still a young, aspiring chicken on his way to stardom. Heck, he probably doesn't even need glasses in the 80s. We'd hardly recognize him should he make a cameo. We'd better look out for him as soon as Bigby makes the trip to the Farm.

    Midtown Cowboys would have to be some kind of Simpson success series though if it was already on TV in the 80s. Back then, no one even liked the stupid over the top landlord and the two farmers were the real stars. Over the course of 20 years and several iterations of the series though, the farmers became completely interchangeable saps and Philo was the only constant in the series.

  • Do you do alternate gameplay in YouTube?

  • NickTTGNickTTG Telltale Alumni

    It looks like all of the S&M Easter eggs have been reported here. I figured the P. Pennyworth folder would be the hardest to spot, but you guys are too good!

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    the cow is the killer

  • Without question, you can never trust a animal that sits around doing nothing.

  • Androu, you just killed the game for me. I mean ok, we get it, you're brilliant, you figured it out but no need to just shout it and spoil the game. :'(

  • JenniferJennifer Moderator
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    That's neat. I love how Telltale puts in in-jokes like this.

    I didn't notice Midtown Cowboys playing on the television on my first playthrough (I was too engrossed in the story), but I played through it again just to hear it. If you keep listening, you'll also hear the Too Hot for TV parody commercial for Moai Better Blues. :)

  • The last episode will have Bigby and Mr. Featherly teaming up to expose the Midtown Cowboys' horrible secret once and for all.

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    @nathanel.mori wrote:
    Did anyone else notice that the background music at the bar in the end was a cool rock version of the Telltale Sam & Max office theme?

    Yep! Did anyone notice the other Sam & Max reference? In Bigby's apartment?

    The folder beneath the Bluebeard folder is marked "P. Pennyworth" -- I love the idea that Shakespearean chicken actor Philo Pennyworth is actually a Fable (sans Glamor, we presume!)

  • Another is the TV audio in Lawrence's apartment. Midtown Cowboys!

  • I caught Pennyworth, but now I have to go check out the other two...

  • So that's what it was. It sounded so familiar.

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