Serial Killer Suspects



  • She's an original character, all the more reason of her being the killer, since we don't see her in the comics (at least I think so.) This is why she doesn't have an entry on the Book of Fables too.

  • I agree and like all the points you made. We have to focus on all the inconsistencies or evidences instead of only theories. i believe they left a huge amount of clue at Lawrence's apartment in particular.

  • Yeah, I caught that to. Whoever is driving that Taxi is apart of this whole thing.

  • Hmm.. I've been thinking the red-head, but maybe he's a red-herring?

  • Er... you need to investigate his apartment a bit more then... I won't spoil it, but yeah... he can live, even in your situation.

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    If you solve all toad's lies doesn't he confirm the scratch marks were left by him when dum pulled him back in?

  • When you first go to Toad's house and look up at that room, you will see an unknown guy with white T-Shirt, that's one of the Dum brothers or I don't remember exactly their name, it was too obvious because not only the white T-Shirt was revealed but also the hat.

  • When you first go to Toad's house and look up at that room, you will see an unknown guy with white T-Shirt, that's one of the Dum brothers or I don't remember exactly their name, it was too obvious because not only the white T-Shirt was revealed but also the hat.

  • When you first go to Toad's house and look up at that room, you will see an unknown guy with white T-Shirt, that's one of the Dum brothers or I don't remember exactly their name, it was too obvious because not only the white T-Shirt was revealed but also the hat.

  • When you first go to Toad's house and look up at that room, you will see an unknown guy with white T-Shirt, that's one of the Dum brothers or I don't remember exactly their name, it was too obvious because not only the white T-Shirt was revealed but also the hat.

  • I thought it was pretty obvious.

    • Redhead lurking around
    • Looks exactly the same as the taxi driver.

    Alt text

  • OOOh, I can' t wait ep.2. So many mysteries. Couldn't even imagine how awesome this game will be. I was very sceptic before playing it, but it took only 15 minutes to prove me that I was wrong.

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    And here is another one from the beginning. Ginger bastard, why are you everywhere??? It just can't be coincedence.

    Alt text

  • look at that tie, i wonder what the cane represents

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    Something we all seem to be overlooking is the phrase "my lips are sealed", which was repeated a few times by both Faith and the magic mirror.
    It doesn't look like Faith wasn't saying anything to Bigby because she was scared or aloof - it sounds like she literally couldn't tell him anything because of...something magical.

    So what was she involved in? Why couldn't the magic mirror locate her?
    And do the answers to these questions tie into the motive or identity of the killer?

    I don't think we've got enough clues to know what this is all about yet, and I don't believe we have met the killer yet, either.

    As for the red-headed guy, him being the big bad would be a bit too obvious.
    I mean, it's possible that he's involved in all of this somehow - him seeing Bigby and White together could explain what happened to White.
    But still...I also suspect that he could be a placeholder character model (saving Telltale from having to create a new civillian for every scene).

    Alternately, perhaps he's just the Fabletown taxi driver, visiting Crane to discuss various transport-related civic issues. It'd explain why he gets around quite a bit - plus it'd make him a rather neat red-headed herring.

    And the mystery guy upstairs? He had the same build/clothing/hat as Dee, so I'd say that was Dee.

  • Most of you give various suspects that make sense, but my theory goes that Bigby is the one we are looking for :) Why?
    Several things like those scrapings on the window point out to him.Lets not forget when Faith said she will swing by Bigby's apartment and we have him falling asleep.Right there it is possible that he killed Faith when she swinged by his apartment.I am talking about split personality or in this case when he transforms into a wolf he loses his patience and acts as a beast :)

  • what if there is some kind of sleep monster/fable that tricks people into doing things while they sleep, just like lawrence and his "suicide"

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    Fables are very hard to kill. That was my theory too, that he had to keep trying different things to do the job. I think he wrote the note on the bed then slit his wrists (hence the blood being dry on his arm - and the bloody knife) and when that didn't work, he sat in the chair and shot himself then took the sleeping pills.

  • He's the Riddler! No, I dunno. Hmm...

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    But when would he have killed Snow? He left her in the cab (and I cannot emphasize that enough - he left her in the cab with a familiar looking cabbie) to go into the bar and then we're with him from that moment until he finds Snow's head.

    Also, those didn't look like scratch marks on Toad's window sill to me. They look like the kind of mark that would have been made if Toad tried to crawl out the window to escape and was dragged back by one of the Tweedles. If the marks had been caused by Bigby, why didn't Toad say so? And if he didn't know what caused the marks, why did he make up a story about it at all?

  • I'm guessing Colin, it just seems like he is the most unexpected person to do it.

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    Nobody mentioned the pimp yet? "Georgie?" (I assume that's his name since if you manage to keep Lawrence alive he gets all upset and that's the name that he says.) Also in the preview of the next episode when they briefly show the pimp he has a tattoo that says "Kiss the Girls" (Clever, LOL). I don't necessarily think the pimp did it, but I'm interested to see what will happen when he's questioned. What else he may know.

    I thought about Bluebeard too, since he's such a smarmy character. But, the beheadings almost seem too obvious. Makes me wonder if someone's trying to frame him?

    So far, some of the things that I'm wondering about are:

    • "My lips are sealed." Definitely points to magic. Maybe one of the witches is involved. Someone could have paid a witch to ensure that a secret never got out. So, possibly points to a fable with money, like Bluebeard. However, see my note above on what I think of Bluebeard.

    • The ribbon. Is that important? It was stuffed in Faith's mouth with her family ring. That makes it seem very personal to me.

    • Beauty sneaking around. Obviously related, but how?

    • The blade in the prince's apartment and the blood on the bed.

    • Prince Lawrence's gun. Fired over a week ago? What was up with that? I still think that he knows a lot more. How long was he sitting there exactly?

    Still so many questions. I'm going to be replaying this in my head like crazy until the next episode. :)

  • I'm not sure any of the ladies are dead. The ribbon reminds me of the story of the man who married a beautiful woman with a ribbon around her neck which she could never take off or explain. He cuts it off one night while she is sleeping and her head rolls onto the floor. Plus, we know Snow White can not be dead, because she has been a mainstay of the series. I think Bluebeard is looking for something and using Bigby and this case to help him find it. It seems Bluebeard has hired the Tweedle twins and Faith to find it Faith was trying to hide in the Woodsman's place with her donkey cloak- didn't work. The "sealed lips" comments, and the fact that the mirror couldn't show her corpse when it showed that of her dad make me believe she is not dead. I think she may even be working with Bluebeard and wants her loser husband out of the way. Lawrence seems fuzzy on the details and has tried to kill himself repeatedly, but the bullethole in the wall behind him doesn't seem to fit. Maybe someone is trying to collect enchanted weapons (woodsman's axe and Lawrence's knife).

  • Yeah, I came up with the same idea of Headless Horsemen being somehow behind this. Maybe all that case is aimed against Ichabod Crane. He acted quite overreacted and quick to blame someone else when Snow told him about that head and surely he knows something more then he revealed, as we can assume from 'next episode' sneaker. And yeah, I also though about red-haired (only a ginger can call another ginger ginger :) ) man as a Horsemen with Glamour.

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    the theory now is that the "redhead" is the boy who cried wolf, but the headless horseman could still be involved


  • It should be noted that the Woodsman's axe is also very sharp and has magical properties. And the bloody knife is Lawrence's apartment is probably the one he used to cut his wrists.

  • How does a pig cut off someone's head?

  • it could be multiple events happening at once. someone could be trying to get enchanted weapons and someone else entirely could be creating these events. by the way where is the horseman? seems strange not to have seen him yet.

  • It is the mysterious ginger, he was driving the cab when snow white departed you could see the fuckers silloutte!

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    I'm keeping a open mind on who it could be, it really could be any of them, hell it could even be several of them, not likely but still, also thanks for pointing out who 'Georgie' is, that question was in my head all night, thanks.

  • I like the whole investigation on the red-head. He's definitely involved, and could even be the boy who cried wolf and the killer, but I agree with Planeforger, that "My lips are sealed" is a phrase we should be investigating. I've probably been watching too much "Once Upon A Time", but my gut instinct says Rumplestiltskin and Mr. Crane isn't sitting right with me either...

    I'm off to investigate where that phrase comes from...

  • One vote for the dwarves.

  • The dwarves? Why would they off Snow?

  • The dwarves? Why would they off Snow?

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    Its pretty simple, you just have to look for a person with ripped jeans.

    When you find the first head, the person who placed it there ripped off a piece of jeans and wounded him/herself
    while climbing the fence to the right.

    So who does wear jeans ?

    I also find the "my lips are sealed" phrase interesting, especially because the head has the family seal in the mouth,
    attached to the ribbon Faith hinted at when Bigby asked her to spill the beans.

    There are also lips painted on that very same ribbon if you look closely.

    And last but not least, when you tell her that this ribbon is "beautiful" she suddenly looks very disappointed/worried/sad.
    That must mean that this ribbon symbolizes something bad to her.

  • Actually, my vote goes toward dwarf, as well. Why, might you ask? Simple.

    Mind you, I haven't played through all the scenarios, yet, and I certainly have no knowledge of the comics, so... yeah. Anywho. This theory isn't meant to point a finger at a suspect as much as it is meant to rule out a few things. Well, maybe a little finger pointing. Let's begin, shall we?

    One thing about the "crime scene" at Laurence's apartment doesn't set well within my mind. It's implied that he tried to commit suicide, however, a lot of factors don't seem to play well with that theory. One of those is simply how he isn't sure about what happened, when he supposedly shot himself. He states that it's "fuzzy" to him. Fair enough. Now, looking at the physical evidence, it only goes to prove that something else happened around him.

    If you notice the gun on the floor, Bigby states that the weapon hasn't been fired for about a week. Again, fair enough. However, to add to the mystery, there's a bullet casing that matches the same caliber of the Prince's weapon. Interesting. However, that isn't as interesting as the details of the firearm, itself. Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't the ejection port of the Prince's weapon on the right side of the gun? How is that important? Look at the placement of the shell. It's to his right, as he's sitting in the chair. Huh. Interesting. If he aimed the weapon into his own heart, wouldn't the shell casing fly to the left of him? That's not even the biggest piece for my assumption.

    The casing itself is strange. Even if someone was facing him, the shell casing would have still flown to his left (Albeit, there are some pistols out there with the ejection port on the opposite side). We'll get back to the shell casing, in a moment. Let's look at his shirt. There's a bullet wound and some blood. Looks pretty concrete. Wait. If he shot himself in the heart, at point blank... wouldn't there be powder burns on his shirt? What could that mean? Well, if he was shot in the chest, it might suggest that he was shot at a distance (Two or three feet, if not more). Great, but how can you conclude that a dwarf might have did this? Well...

    Look at the trajectory of the bullet in the wall, that passed through his chest. Bigby concludes that if he committed suicide, it would make sense. Alright, seems legit. However, what if he was merely sleeping in his chair? Or was pushed into it, or something of that nature. Dwarfs are short (At least the story book renderings), which would make sense if the dwarf was in front of his chair, as the Prince sat in it, and fired upward at him, due to it's height. Even if the Prince shot himself, the placement of the gun, itself, seems a bit off. It makes more sense, in my mind, that a dwarf shot him, as he stood in front of his chair, aiming upward (Bigby even suggests that dwarfs are ill-liked, when thumbing through the book which listed all of the characters).

    Now, what about the casing and Snow's pretty little head? The casing suggests that the round might have been fired off near the doorway of the apartment. There was another area of blood, wasn't there? That might explain why the casing was laying where it was found, seeing as one can simply buy the same make and model of pistol. It's also implied that the casing couldn't be from the Prince's gun, unless he left it there for a solid week.

    Why would a dwarf kill Snow? That's a little iffy. They make it seem as if the characters are capable of switching their lives around, so to speak. The Wolf was always the bad guy, in the stories, and here he's the good guy. What were the dwarfs? Snow's friends. Huh, backwards much? Maybe. My other guess is that it might be a means in which to throw someone off, as Snow might have been in danger, or something. Who knows.

    TL;DR? I'm guessing a dwarf murdered, or attempted to murder, the Prince.

  • probably Bluebeard remember the horseman didn't leave heads, he took them.

  • Well, let's just say that the dwarves in Fables are decidedly not friendly. And given how Snow left the dwarves in the comic, I don't see any reason for them to come looking for her. But hey, you never know.

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