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Ginger Guy Dilema [Pictures]

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Excuse me , but .... Wuuuut is going on , why is he there ? (In the Chasing-Dee scene)

Alt text

In case you don't recognize him , I'm talking about this guy : (Meeting him down the hallway with Snow)
Alt text

I managed to find our Ginger Buddy in another shot. Seems he's following Bigby everywhere. Do we need more evidence ?
As you can see he has the exact same Hairstyle , so our buddy was the Taxi Driver too.
Alt text

If you visited the forum lately , you'll know a lot of people have suspicions about this guy , and I agree. Now I'm not saying he's the killer , but he definitely has something to do with this whole thing , I'm telling you !

  • If they were meaning to re-use his character models for extras...why would they use his exact same clothes? Telltale isn't that lazy.
    This guy is definitely involved!!!

  • The problem I have if he really is supposed to be involved is that he's being way too obvious about it. Anyone who's read "Legends in Exile" knows that Bigby is pretty darn observant. There's absolutely no way he wouldn't have spotted this guy. And again, if he is following Bigby, why would he be in the hallway when Bigby is chasing Dee? Was he just hanging out there on the off chance that Bigby might be chasing a bad guy down that random hallway? There's no way he could have known that Bigby would be there. All of which lends credibility to the theory that it's just some extra model that TellTale reused whenever they needed a background character.

    Although I have to admit that I do like the shepherd boy theory.

    • I did think about how sloppy he'd have to be if he is involved. Always underfoot and all. Or maybe he is just extremely clever by hiding in plain sight. Lol

    • It's possible that he actually WANTS to be suspected by Bigby.

      Maybe his plan is to eventually have Bigby get into a huge confrontation with him in front of a bunch of the other fables. He'll get Bigby to snap and rough him up a little, all the while playing the victim and cowering in front of "The Big Bad Wolf."

      Then, just as Bigby goes to arrest him, it'll be revealed that all the murders were faked and/or some conclusive evidence will come out showing that someone else was responsible for the crimes. All the other fables will see this as Bigby harassing an innocent man after failing to conduct a proper investigation. He'll lose all credibility and possibly be stripped of his badge. And that's when the real plan kicks in.

      I still have no idea why he'd be in the Dee-chasing scene though...

      • Yeah , the Dee-chasing scene bothers me the most. Like .. I get that he was the taxi driver , or waiting around the Business Office ,but how did he get in that place ? Bigby wasn't even there yet ! How could he know he'd go through there ?

      • Still, why wouldn't Bigby mention it sooner? I mean, okay. I guess seeing him outside the business office isn't that big a deal. It's the same building you saw him in a few hours earlier. Maybe he just never left. Bigby probably noted it but just didn't have any reason to say anything about it. Then you see him in the hallway. Alright. Maybe you could make the argument that Bigby had his hands full with Dee, so he either didn't notice the guy or, more likely, just didn't have time to do anything about it. But when he sees the same guy again in the cab, why wouldn't he say or do something about it then? Sure, he might not have any evidence to arrest the guy. But he'd know something was up. And Bigby's not exactly subtle either. At the very least, he should have gotten Snow another cab, not left her alone with the guy who had been following him around all day.

        Of course, it's also entirely possible that the guy is just some cab driver from Fabletown who simply has an unfortunate tendency to show up in the wrong place at the wrong time.

        • Bigby didn't notice he was the cab driver either , that's why he said nothing. Right now , Bigby actually has no idea the ginger guy is following him.

          • That's kind of my point though. Why wouldn't he notice the person driving his cab? I simply can't buy that Bigby wouldn't notice this guy following him around. I mean this is someone who more or less solved Rose Red's disappearance within a matter of minutes just by catching all of the minor details that were wrong with the crime scene. There's absolutely no way he wouldn't notice someone trailing him like that, especially if he's being so obvious about it.

  • Now when I think of it he reminds me of Herge (The creator of Tintin) When he drew Tintin he made himself appear at lots of places in each album.

    Alt text
    Here is from the latest animated movie.

    Alt text
    Here he is IRL, the same haircut, and he also has the same haircolour.

    Would have been fun flavour to do a thing like that, but it has nothing to do with Fables, so I guess I'm wrong! :P

  • I'm sure that this guy is involved in the murders somehow but the only thing that remains to be discovered is why.I've read many theories about this and they were all good and coherent.I think that it's also pretty obvious that someone has something against Bigby because both victims were in contact with him and he loved them (mostly snow).And the last time we get to see Snow is in the taxi and it's also at that moment that you can really feel that there is something going on between her and Bigby.And the ginger guy heard everything they said as he was the taxi driver.

  • I think he is involved, but I dont think he is the murderer. His cloth dont match the piece of fabric that you find. The next question is the blood trail. Most likely the killer injured himself when he was trying to jump over the fence, this guy didnt seem to be injured when you met him in the building...

  • And here is another one from the beginning. Ginger bastard, why are you everywhere??? It just can't be coincedence.

    Alt text

  • Lol at first i thought he was some sort of placeholder npc model to fill the background of every scene, but you guys've brought up some interesting theories and now i definetly believe he has something with the beheadings.

    Question is, wich side is he on.

  • After reading something in a theory about Red Riding Hood being the villain.
    The guy who came up with the Red theory said his reasoning was that he thinks that each of the characters whom show up in the book are going to play some important part in the story.
    That made me think of one of the theories against this guy, people say that he is just an extra and there reasoning is that at one or two points he can be seen on the street while also driving the cab.
    Then in my head I counted the number of run ins you have with him. It's about 7 times.
    As in the 7 dwarfs.
    All Glamored to look like the same guy, spying on Bigby and waiting for their chance to take Snow back

    Well that last part is kinda a stretch but its a fun thought

  • The ginger guy has had my suspicion ever since he was first introduced bumping into Bigby and Snow on the corridor right after Snow had discovered the severed head. This thread has raised my suspicions even more, but will I be disappointed if he's just a re-used character model.

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