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Any thoughts on the 3 Tarot cards?

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I've read through the forum and didn't see any threads regarding the Tarot Cards Bigby found in the business office, One of them with a guy lying there with swords sticking around can be collected so it must be of some use. So, any thoughts?

  • For what it's worth, here's what the cards are supposed to mean in Tarot readings. (These interpretations may not be entirely accurate, but it's not like the stuff is real anyway. :P )

    Strength: Fortitude of character, being able to rise above the obstacles in your way.

    The Tower: Heavy changes and destruction. Usually carries a negative connotation, but can sometimes be interpreted as a good thing (e.g.: a bad part of your life being destroyed to make way for something better).

    Ten of Swords: Extreme misfortune, basically the worst possible thing happening.

    So, if these cards are Telltale's way of foreshadowing, we've got horrible things on the way and the death of something old, but in the end Bigby will manage to stay strong and overcome it.

  • There's many interpretations for Tarot Cards... some say that Strength rather represents the Inner Fight , inner power to change yourself. Then the Tower is usually Chaos , Destruction ... The tower comes before The Devil (in tarot cards). The Ten of Swords ... it's very hard to guess this one. However , generally the last card you pick in the Tarot Fortune Game symbolizes the final result , the inevitable fate.
    So ... I would say the Ten of Swords symbolizes fate ... which is pretty disturbing if you think about it. (ten of swords = guy stabbed by 10 swords ... must be a painful death)

  • You can use the Taro card on the mirror

  • Seemed clear to me:

    Strength: Wolf befriends woman.

    The Tower: Woman is murdered.

    Ten of Swords: Community (or some subset of it) turns against wolf.

    • I think the same as you. But to me strength means that you have accept the death of someone, like Snow. The tower could be someone trying to get the spot of Wolf, to be the new sheriff. And the ten of swords shows a guy stabbed one the back. Probably a betrayal.

  • Going off what one user said..

    • Strength to fight an inner struggle? Maybe this is meant to symbolise Bigby fighting to change himself and not give into his wolf side constantly. as his bio suggests. I support this
    • The Tower ... I go with "a piece of your past being destroyed" this could be bad.. (something happening to Colin) or good (Bluebeard being killed etc)
    • the last one .. Knowing they can't do anything too major to Bigby with it being a prequel and everything.. although I wished it was a non-canon spin off at this point. Could it represent hate... from the community?
  • All I know is, this cards represent something that is going to happen, good old Telltale sneaking in something that is useful, but you don't know how to use that information.

  • Seems to me there's also a much more literal and superficial interpretation to the last two. The second was Faith and the third was Lawrence.

  • anyone else notice that bigby takes the 3rd tarot card??? hmmmmmmmm

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