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Walking Dead Part 2

posted by Mama Hutch on - Viewed by 922 users

My walking dead part two of the game won't download. It has got all the way up to 99% and the error pops up about internet connect and my connection is high and is fine. It's on my iPad. Purchased 2 and can't even get it to download

  • I have almost the same issue on my Mac. It took about 3 hours to get to 99% and it stayed at 99% for another 3 hours. Downloading episode one from the telltale website takes me a couple of minutes, so it's not my internet speed. Can we please get some help?

    I saw many people having this problem but I couldn't find an answer.

  • i have the same issue..but there's no respond in their costumer service/support. stuck in 99% for almost 2 hours!!

  • I'm having the exact same issue here. I let my macbook pro turned on the whole night to finish the download till the next morning… it froze at 93%
    Just saying… when I went to bed it was like 85%… and I slept at least 8 hours. TellTaleGames, r u serious?

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    DjNDB Moderator

    If you have the problem on Mac or PC, you can try the alternate download options.

    Sadly I don't know how to help iOS users. Some people had success using this workaround. You can contact TTG support at and hopefully get better suggestions.

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