• Post contains either 'Fables' comic and TWAU game spoilers.

    Glad you mentioned about relation between Fable's popularity and he's immunity to death, cause that's the subject which is irritating me in this game. TWAU just made this power.... well, overpower. Why do I think that?
    Remember one of the first issues of Fables, when Snow got deadly shot just right in her brain? She did well at the and, but: 1) It was so serious wound, it took quite a time until she was fully back in her health. 2) Everyone was confirming, that she managed to live that only because she's so hot.... Urm, I mean, popular. Her sister said: 'If it was me in your place, I would be dead by now' (or something like that). Yeah, it's so serious wound, that you have to be known by a quite big bunch of mundies, to manage that and recover.

    And now, be honest. How many of you did ever heard about Prince Lawrence? Not many, I guess. So he's not well known Fable at all. So why the heck is he so immune? Taking pills mixed with alcohol, some dagger stabbing... Well, having HUGE SHOT HOLE IN HIS HEAD... And he's still able to talk? Man, in war against Wooden Soldiers brave, quite well known Fables were taking less damage and they ended in Witch Well. Why some third-class Fable is harder to kill then them?

    And I didn't even mentioned Woodie, who managed to walk away just moment after he got his skull split by axe which damaged his brain. He's muuuuch way less popular then Snow, and he just went like that... Well, making that immunity such overpower ability is for me first and so far only problem I got with the game as a Fables fan.

    • Yeah, the fable healing power did strike me as way more exaggerated than it is in the comics. I don't know. Maybe they'll have an explanation later in the series. Or, more likely, it's just like Superman's strength, and its power varies wildly depending on who's writing.

    • Even the least known Fables are still hard to kill though.

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