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Sorry if this has been already asked, but I couldn't find anything. If I preorder the game on a website or service OTHER than TTG, do I still get the DVD after the season's done?


  • KevinKevin Telltale StaffBanned

    Sorry. The Season DVD is only available to those who preorder through Telltale.

  • No worries. Was hoping to take advantage of a deal. But I'm more than willing to pay extra for the DVD. And because I hope it supports TTG the most. <3

  • What will the collector's pre-order DVD contain?What is it about?

  • KevinKevin Telltale StaffBanned
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    The collectors DVD will have the entire game on it, various videos, behind the scenes, etc. The DVD also comes in a case with special TTG only artwork. We've done a DVD with almost every TTG series, and we usually start locking down the exact contents of the DVD as the season comes to a close. Since the DVD usually contains things that are created while the series is in production, we can't say what specific things will be on it, but we usually do a decent job. Plus you can't beat the price!

  • If only international shipping was as well priced.

  • Will the videos on the DVD have closed captioning?

  • Oh good thing I pre-ordered the game then! :D

  • KevinKevin Telltale StaffBanned

    We use the cheapest international shipping we can, and try to make some other faster options available for those who want it. You'll be able to see all shipping options and prices before requesting the season DVD. The DVD itself is free!

  • I've got a similar question. If I buy the game off of Green Man Gaming, which says it requires a Telltale account for activation, do I still get the bonus disc?

  • HalfbakedSchemeHalfbakedScheme Telltale Staff

    Select digital retailers are now utilizing TTG redemption keys (the code you receive to activate and download The Wolf Among Us after the game is released) that come from Telltale. IF you purchase TWAU from these retailers or here from us @ you will be entitled to the Collector's DVD offer @ the end of the season and receive communication from us when it is released.

    These retailers are:

    Telltale Games store (
    Amazon PC Downloads
    Green Man Gaming

    We are in the process of moving most of our partners to utilizing telltale product keys but as of right now these are the other sites offering the Wolf Among Us pre-order that will entitle purchasers to the Collector's DVD offer @ season end.

  • I really love playing on steam, but it's hard to pass by on a physical copy.

  • i pre ordered it from greenman gaming (25% discount yay) it says the game will activate on telltales website? so will greenman gaming give me a product key on release to redeem on telltales website?

  • I also ordered from GMG. It says in my library that the keys will be sent out when the game is released (ie, Friday).

  • Green Man Gaming will indeed give you a code that you can redeem here.

  • how do i preorder the CE version?
    or is it to late for that?

    when I add game to the cart it just states a free dvd but not if its the CE dvd
    are all purchases now no longer preorder and no longer CE?

    im hoping like the sam n max CE that it still is avail until the season end not just the single episode

    please let me know if and where i can get the CE version of this awesome game

  • There is only one DVD (no collector, deluxe or standard edition, just the one described in the "The Wolf Among Us" section of the website as a Collector's DVD) and you will be able to get it whether you pre-ordered or just plain ordered the game directly from Telltale.

    There might eventually be a different edition in retail stores (as was the case for most other Telltale games), but (correct me if I'm wrong) I don't believe that anything was announced at this time.

  • then what is jennifer and kevin talking about?

    "Jennifer Moderator"

    "The collector's DVD will have extra content, it won't be just the game on the DVD. Telltale's president Kevin Bruner confirmed that it will have extras like various videos, behind the scenes, etc. The collector's DVD also will come in a case with special TTG only artwork."

    this was said to be there so im confused macfly77 let me know?

    very lost here

  • The Collector's DVD is the only DVD that will be available in the Telltale Store. If you buy the game directly from Telltale (or if you redeem a Telltale code that you received from purchasing the game elsewhere), you will be able to get it for just the shipping costs once it's released (after the season is over).

    Since Kevin mentioned "special TTG only artwork", it's possible that there will be a different DVD available at retail stores (not in the Telltale Store) with different artwork, but I can not say that with any certainty as I'm just a moderator and not a Telltale employee (and to the best of my knowledge/memory, no physical release has been announced at this time other than the one from the Telltale Store).

  • So if right now I get the pc digi dl and wait and get the free dvd that dvd will be the artwork and CE version ?
    but in the same reply you said there might be a different retail version? im confused

    ive never seen CE versions of TTG's at gamestops
    so id assume it would be a stock version at stores and if what you say is true about the CE ordered from here, not sure how its a ? mark.

    so just to clarify

    if right now i buy this game from TTG store, I WILL get the CE with artwork not the random version that might come out later in stores? or is that not true?

    the confused old one

  • "if right now i buy this game from TTG store, I WILL get the CE with artwork not the random version that might come out later in stores?"

    If you buy the game from the Telltale Store, you will indeed have the opportunity to get the CE with exclusive artwork for free (plus shipping) and "not the random version that might come out later in stores".

  • define "have the opportunity"
    does this mean I might not get it? say if it doesnt exist or stock runs out ?
    i dont gamble and would love to purchase this games season
    it rocks .. hard


  • The "opportunity" means that you can but don't have to get the DVD. Some people believe that the digital version is enough. Others might decide that the shipping costs are too expensive (no need to ask, no one knows what they will be).

    If you purchase the game from the Telltale Store, once the DVD is available for ordering, you will be able to place an order for the DVD and you will only be charged for the shipping costs. It's that simple.

  • oh oh rgr lol dur

    my bad there mate

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