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    There must be a deeper net of shit happening, though, developers must have known that people would find this, the internet usually does.

    • Agree ... the more I think about it , the more I realize he probably didn't kill anybody. I start thinking somebody is using him as a tool ... and of course , he agrees , because he wants his piece of revenge too.

    • Oh there's no doubt about that. We know that powerful magic is involved, which I'm not sure is quite up the Shepard's alley. He's probably the main schemer but he might be teaming up with a witch. Hell, I wouldn't be surprised if there was a whole gang involved with trying to get Bigby ousted as sheriff.

      • It happens in the comics a couple times, so it's not unlikely. We only hear about it happening once but it could've happened several times.

  • About that piece of clothing Bigby found ... I've actually checked to see if the color matches Ginger's shirt and ... well , both are Light-Blueish , but you can't tell for sure , because it's very dark outside where bigby fond the clothing (so the color looks pale) However ... they don't look the same color.

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      "Fabric... looks like jeans."

      That kind of fabric is usually either from pants or jackets and I don't think the shirt gingerman is wearing looks like jeans.

      • Just because the jeans fabric was there doesn't mean it actually came from the person who dropped off the head, it could be a red herring. Also, if it was from the same person who dropped off the body, it doesn't mean either a) they were wearing the same clothes at the time they dropped off the head or b) they are the person who actually did the killing. They could just be a messenger, they could have changed their clothes so they didn't get them dirty (they were going to climb over a fence and carry a head around, after all...).

  • Yeah I like it, can't find much to disprove it far as I can tell, you people really did your homework.

  • i am so happy someone else seen him, I noticed those exact same things.

  • I can't believe I did not think of that, I remembered seeing him twice, I guess I don't really pay attention as much as I should.

  • Just crossed my mind. Snow was last seen in the taxi right ? And she was supposed to head straight home .

    So there was no place where she could've been killed except In , or Around the taxi. We also know the ginger guy is the taxi driver .... evidence is getting stronger and stronger.

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    I'd like to say you're wrong but I can't. Smart. Did you really have to post it? Maybe you've ruined the series. Hunger for attention or something?

    • I've thought about it ... I'm a terrible person I know ... But teh world has to gnaaaw !

      • Absolutely loving this thread and the sheer fact that episode 1 has already created this investigative thought and I have no doubt that there is a lot of truth in these theories but if/when they turn out to be true, I know it will not spoil the rest of the story for me. And at the end of the day, this thread rightly has spoiler alert on it and it's my choice to read it.

  • very good summary of the redhead guy investigation, "go team internet!" *high five

    and thanks for the credit :)

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