• You're a genius

  • Good investigative work there. It could also be proof that he is Bigbys' regular taxi driver :), why doesn't the sheriff of Fabletown have his own car?........oh wait, dogs can't drive.

  • I think you're spot-on about his identity and him being involved. I'm not convinced he's the killer, though. Or if he is, I'm not sure revenge against Bigby is his motivation. Even for a Fable, that seems like kind of a weak reason to go on a killing spree. Then again, it would fit in with the conversation you have with Colin about how everyone's slates are wiped clean but their memories aren't.

    One thing, though - wouldn't Bigby recognize him?

    • I agree ,revenge is kind of a weird motivation - and yet , it happened in The Walking Dead (the guy who kidnapped Clem) He definitely doesn't look like a killer , but he must have something to do with it - maybe he's not the killer ... maybe somebody is using him as a tool (and he agrees ,thinking he'll get revenge)

      And no , I doubt bigby would recognize him , at least not yet (since the two of them didn't really interact much). In "The boy who cried wolf" , he was less that 10 years old. Here I'd say he's about 20-25. Puberty changes a lot of things hehe

    • Actually I'm guessing the memories are getting wiped somehow. The comment by Colin about memories lasting, and Snow's repeated concerns about how she should be able to remember Lawrence and Faith seemed a little heavy handed to me. Faith also makes the comment about how Fables are hard to kill after she places an axe in the Woodsman's head. My guess is somebody is magically erasing the memories about certain fables - if their stories are forgotten - then they are weak enough to kill.

      • I considered the idea of memory erasure too. Bigby thought that he and Faith had met before and Lawrence described his memory of shooting himself as "fuzzy." When looking at the Chinese food at his place and when looking over the Woodman's apartment, Bigby also remarked that he doesn't remember ordering the food or doing half of the damage that he did to the apartment. Granted the latter two might just be throwaway lines but the first two have to mean something.

        Maybe Bigby and Faith have met before but his memory of her was erased. Maybe that's why she showed him the ribbon: she was hoping that it would jog his memory since she was under some kind of spell that prevented her from talking about it. I have no idea how this fits into the grand scheme of things but it seems important.

        • I'm starting too read so many great theories that I honestly don't kno what to beileve anymore XD

        • And the woodsman hit Faith 'cause she didn't recognize him. Hmm...

          • It could be a Fable heavily tied to memories in their mythology. But I agree, it has to be something tied to memory given how often it comes up.

          • I think the Woodsman thought Faith was Red or something and that was why he was mad "she didn't recognize him."
            He saved her (Red) from the Wolf many years ago (and like he said in the bar he didn't get much reward from it) and now maybe he wanted a real "reward" or wanted to try to rob her (which apparently was his original intention in Little Red Riding Hood).

        • also after the chase with Dee you can ask him who he is and he says to bigby "you dont rememebr me" or something to that effect. so i think there is something going on with thier memories too.

          Maybe it's the nothing from the neverending story lol.

      • Colin said you can't change peoples' memories OR maybe he forgot that! XD

      • yeah bigby also says to faith "I think I've seen you somewhere" which could be another hint that he may have forgotten important information

    • I agree with you. but the way telltale works anyone could be the killer but i have my money on who hire dee and dum

    • Yeah. But I think we're forgetting the fact that the possibility that magic could be involved still stands firm.

    • He could have gotten a glamour, not to hide that he looks like an animal (cause he doesn't) but to maybe hide his identity

  • Good catch, I don't think he is the killer, but there is no way he has nothing to do with this.

  • WOW. Ladies and gentlemen, I think HeartLocker's cracked the case to a degree. All we need now is a motive and we're all set!

  • Well done putting it together, but how about a little credit where credit is due? ;)

    You were the one who picked him out as a character of interest. @thestalkinghead was the one who identified him as the shepard boy who cried wolf. @magodesky was the one who noticed the trend with the episode titles. And I was the one who suggested that the ultimate goal was to get the town to distrust Bigsby for making false accusations, pin something on him, and have him thrown in the Witching Well.

  • Well it goes to show, even after the forum changed for the worse, we still can think together as a community for the better, so I guess that means Huff Puff cigarettes and Parsecs Whiskey for all!

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    Pretty clever, but what bothers me is that Bigby is supposed to be specifically the Big Bad Wolf from Little Red Riding Hood, while the wolf in The Boy Who Cried Wolf was just a... wolf.

    He also doesn't seem to be wearing the pants that would match the teared off bit meaning that he probably didn't kill shit. Not himself at least.

    • Not to his pants, but what about his blue shirt? When bigby checked Snow's dress, you see that the colour is not matching, but it does for the redheads shirt. You can make screenshot and check the colour in photoshop, if you like.

    • In FABLES, a character will frequently span multiple stories. The prime example is Jack, of course, but it also applies to Bigby. He's not just the wolf in ONE story, he is the Ur-Wolf, the archetype for all wolves in all stories (or most of them at any rate). That is why he is so tough from Mundy attention, he feeds on all that, not just from one story.

  • Good point, but then again the wolf who blew down the three little pigs house was not the one who chased Red Riding Hood right?

    • Bigby is the same wolf. He admitted to doing both.

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      Though Red Riding Hood and Three Pigs have almost humanized wolves (talking to pigs, blowing down houses, pretending to be grandma) while the wolf from crying boy was just a simple wolf.

      But I guess not, so it seems that Bigby was THE wolf of Fables.

  • I think that's a very good theory. There's no boy who cried wolf as far as I know from the comics but I could easily see him being added in here.

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