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We need romance/sex in games

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I'm not asking you throw in a prono. If its possible to meet a girl, you build up a point of trust till your naked under te sun, caressing each other naked body's...Why cant you make a girlfriend. You can shoot a thousand zombies but you can't make a sl

where i get to 2nd base.

  • It seems that Telltale hates that, they'll kill the woman you like before you are near to start a romance with her haha.

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      fusedmass BANNED

      According to many members and some mods. Doing a storyline that has a romantic encounter even though it would be emotionally compelling. It simply is too much. I feel like this is 1900's, when women were not allowed to vote. It's either we deem them not engaging enough for a storyline or lacking the creative forumla to add this.

      Even though every major gaming choice company has done this.

      They deem it impossible because...pretty much would be impossible to write.

  • I'm sure there is a bar somewhere near you that should be able to fill that need and more bro

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      fusedmass BANNED

      My need isn't for self wanking. It's for that thing that nearly no word can capture. The burning passion you would go to the end of the world for someone. That is love. A strong emotion that drives one who do amazing feats. Perhaps you see romances as equal to an escort.

      I don't. I think, they are emotionally intense, thought provoking. And actually quite interesting. If you make a game cutting off a man's head, blood blowing from his neck. Then remove any romances.

      That is not logical. If other gaming company's have done it and I'm sure not purpose for their customers to wank off to. Then I'm confident, tell tale can do it too. It's about romance, not sex, passion, not lust.

      • Lol I'm not talking bout that either but really, adding what you want would ruin the game. I have bo idea how many times I watch a good movie and think to myself why did they have to involve this chick!! Oh becuase its hollywood and it appeals more having a little girlfriend or whatever. Now that being said and the gane started with you just building a relationship with someone and then she gets off'd and you go on revenge totally fine.

  • Next time on The Wolf Among Us:

    Alt text

  • I'm not sure if sex scenes are a good match for the story of The Wolf Among Us.

    If there is a sex scene, then do we have to pound on Q key to... pound? Perhaps A and D keys to move your....

    Anyway, I believe it's quite unnecessary.

  • I'm still kind of stunned to see tits in a telltale game so I guess anything is possible.

  • I don't think that Telltale is ready to try anything like that, and I don't think the way they release their games would allow for it. Besides, they're less focused on providing romantic fantasy fulfillment and more focused on providing moral dilemmas in games that respond to the choices you make among the options given.

    And as far as "intimacy" goes, I'd say dropping hints at deeds already done is plenty enough, instead of providing the option to say "let's go back to my place".

  • ogre sex...ewwwwwww

  • dating sims, like the beloved Persona 4 already exist

    but I agree, the fable comics have innuendo and romance throughout, and to do a film noir and NOT have sex? well, then its not film noir

    • You clearly never saw a noir movie...
      Casablanca? The Maltese Falcon? The Big Sleep? Those are the classics... and no one of those movies had sex, only mild romances.

      • Or for that matter, one of few games in the same genre: LA Noire. The sex is implied as in "they go home together" (and then no one can't fail to understand what they do).

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