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while i have this community talking about there theory on whats going on and who it is, i would like to start a conversation on everyone's favorite character in the game so far i know there is plenty of room for this to change seen as this is the first of five however finding out the favorite and why would be a fun way to keep the community debating. ill start:
Grendel, lets face it this guy has come a long way from killing the norse people and invading mead halls, the fact that a big monster like him can have any consideration for friends and have such a high protecting nature is laughable. i think i can say this with certainty. did people choose not to rip off his arm because it was the nice thing to do or did you not do it because you feel as though all he was doing was being a caring friend?, even so i dont think it would have bothered him. hes got to have grown one back and come back to life anyway, we all know the story of beowulf now dont we



  • He is really cool. If you think about it, had we been playing him, we would probably have done exactly what he did in his situation. We do find out that they are not being served. I wonder how did his left eye turn white since you last saw him in the hallway though. Did he get into trouble before he went to the bar?

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    Maybe his Glamour start getting weak

  • Bigby and Toad. Snow is a close second

  • i don't know how long glamour lasts but my god hes a good character maybe he did get into something before hand as i said he protects those he likes

  • Ive always loved Bigby even in the comics. He somehow comes off even cooler here.

  • You might find it funny but I liked Colin (the pig) , he brought up some good points to Bigby and was pretty funny .

  • got to love the pig but im sticking with Grendel XD

  • Bigby is my favorite, but that's a given, since he's the protagonist and all.

    Other than him, I'd say Woody. He might be an asshole, but he's one of those likable assholes.

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    I really liked Bigby, but once you get to the bar and meet the woodmans again, i kinda felt myself liking him. That fight scene was awesome to btw. :P

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    i dont know if i could pick out a favorite this early, but i like Colin, i hope there will be more wolf to pig chats in the future, i like the woodsman for being a big angry asshole who actually seems sad on the inside, and i like toad because even though he may give Bigby attitude i think he respects him and knows he would protect him, actually i like most of them, the flying monkey is a fun character, the mirror has an interesting attitude, and of course Snow was/is a good character because she is a good person who realises how bad the lots of the fables lives are even though she is in a privileged position, and i like bigby :)

  • I like all the characters so far for different reasons except the flying monkey I really really REALLY wan't him to die...

  • What about Bufkin? I died laughing at the Book of Symbols. "Aaaand what does it do?" "Makes animals shit gold"... Hahah

  • Really? I ripped Grendels arm off without regret. It was one of those "Wait, will this game actually let me do that?" rip "Yes, yes it did. That's fantastic.".

  • My favorite is probably Bigby.

  • So far my favorites are Bigby, Faith and Woody. Bigby because his interactions with everyone are fun and interesting. Faith because of all the mystery around her. And Woody because.. well I think he's just grown tired of being known as someone he knows he never was which probably made him into the drunk he is today.

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    Snow, followed by Bigby.

  • To quote my crazy deceased grandmother: "Even a pig can speak wisdom"

    ...I'm honestly not sure whether or not she meant that literally.

  • I do like quite a lot of them, and I have never even heard of Fables, I think Bigby is great, and for some reason I like Woody, maybe it is because he takes so much abuse and keeps on going?

  • It seems like everyone is likable and/or sympathetic except for Ichabod Crane, lol. He is a total a-hole so far.

  • Yeah screw him, hell I am already looking forward to what will show up in the future, after figuring it could be a normal Fable, Alice in Wonderland, or Wizard of Oz, now I am really hoping the Headless Horsemen makes a appearance in the future, he is my favorite fable for the record.

  • Maybe the Headless Horseman is the killer. Decapitating seems like his kind of deal

  • Unlikely, but you never know, he does not like Crane and Bigby does work for Crane, maybe I will keep that in mind.

  • I really liked the Grendel character, under the Glamour he reminded me of a few of the real life characters in my local bar......far better left alone or you'll wake the beast :)

  • Umm well my favorite chars end up dead so i dont really have any :D

  • I have that luck to, gee that person is nice, I like her, later that person is dead, I really should learn to stop liking characters after Walking Dead, but I guess I am a stubborn person because this game did it to me once again.

  • And maybe he made a deal with Crane? We know he is scared shitless of him. That would explain the scene of the preview of episode 2 while Bigby is holding Crane near the well. That just my theory :D

  • faith, Colin, and Woody

  • I really like Faith. Its a shame she was the victim. Should have expected it, I guess.

  • Colin and Clementoad.

  • I felt some chemistry between her and Bigby. TTG doesn't have to go with snow as the main love interest, a love triangle would have been interesting. (sighs) well never know

  • I think so far my favorite character has been Donkeyskin. She was a perfect blend of the modern femme fatale and a lost soul headed down dark paths. She did an excellent job in the prolog setting the noir mood of the story (coupled with the fight with Woody, of course). It's a shame we won't being seeing more of her, but at least she went out on a high note.

    I can understand people having difficulty choosing one character as their favorite. So far all the characters in the game have been masterfully crafted and intriguing. Even total jerks like Ichabod Crane leave me wanting more. The only speaking roles that I have found lacking were Beauty and Beast, but to be fair they really haven't had enough screen time to leave much of an impact just yet.

  • I enjoyed most of the characters, though Bufkin's introduction frightened me. I didn't know whether or not I would like Bigby, but he grew on me pretty quickly. It's rare that I enjoy a protagonist's snark, and I liked how he played off of Snow. Quite liked the short interaction with Faith too, wish we could have gotten to see more of her.

    I am surprised by the Woodsman's character though. I threw him out that window and let Faith stomp on the axe without regret, but I really thought the portrayal of him in the bar scene was engaging. This violent, selfish, drunkard, pouring his heart out to you about the lie he's been living all these years. Now he's just burnt out on everything, and seemed genuinely frightened about the idea of being accused of murder. It was very, human.

  • Being a large fan of snark, I instantly took a liking to Bigby.

  • Collin is my favorite. Drinking and smoking like a champ. He has that 'best friend because I'm your only friend' thing going on that all great detective characters seem to have. Who knows how this relationship will play out, but I hope to see more of him. Not sure why letting him drink or not was a choice, there wasn't enough information to persuade me either way, so it seemed like a hallow decision. Regardless, I'm hoping he ends up being the serial killer, because it seems to me out of all the characters introduced so far he would be the most interesting twist.

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    Awww, poor Bufkin never gets any love... He's a favorite of mine.

  • I sure wonder how would a pig that licks alcohol out of glasses and needs Bigby to put a ciggy in his mouth would would kill all those people. Bigby and Colin have a bit too good of a relationship in the comics for this to happen, in my opinion.

    Though, once again, maybe everything is not how it seems. Awooooo... Awoooooooo!

  • I think it's his eyes. Some people are just unnerved by those black soulless pits...

  • Good point. Even if he is the killer, and Bigby catches him, he won't be doing any time. Colin doesn't even have hands! And we all know the rule: 'If the glove doesn't fit...'

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    When I had to choose whoever I want to catch I chose Woody, because the twins were after him, I wanted him off the suspect list and he seemed to be pretty cooperative. (expect he tried to run away)

    So yea, his character have grown to be pretty human in that conversation.

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