• Hell yeah i wanna see her again,but hell i really doubt we are gonna see her again

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      I'd prefer bigby getting involved with Faith over snow.. She seemed a lot more interesting a character in her short scene, then what was done with snow.

      • Except Bigby has been in love with Snow for over 300 yrs. Faith was also saved by Bigby along with Snow. Read Bigby's Mercy in the game if you don't know what I'm talking about.

      • COMIC SPOILER Bigby can easily die if Snow is dead. Bigby knows where Snow is all the time, especially when he smokes. Bigby always feels what Snow feels. If Snow dies it is possible that Bigby will die as well. SPOILER END

        I doubt Snow is dead because Bigby is alive.

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          Wait what? they are connected so that they feel each other's pain, and if one dies the other does? I don't remember seeing anything about that in the game..

          • Because it ain't in the game so far, except maybe once. Bigby refuses to mention this detail. Remember when Colin says "I've seen the way you look at Snow, you're not fooling me" Bigby immediately backlashes "would you shut up". That's hint #1. Bigby's Mercy is another hint. If Snow did get decapitated it happened right before Bigby changed form (small blood stains where scratch marks begin). The only way Bigby can survive Snow's death is being in werewolf or wolf form (best is werewolf). More of that in the comics.

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              I might have to read these comics. Can they be picked up anywhere?

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                I wonder how this connection/link between them was originally formed.

                • The comics can be bought online at the DC comics website or any comic store (try complete volumes). The link was in Bigby's nature. It got stronger once Bigby met Snow, you know a little of how that happened. A fact is that Bigby won't tell who the killer is to the government. Type of justice will most likely be street justice. Happily ever after looks like Bigby will be talking to Snow White or there will be a surprise twist to the game.

        • In the future please indicate if the spoiler is for the commic and not the game.

          I have red the comics a bit and i have not red anything about this connection.

          minor comic spoilers ahead (just facts really) But i have red that, bigby smokes and drinks to keep his senses dampened and that the fabels are harder to kill the more know/popular they are with us/the mudies.

        • thats...so romantic ; o ;

          i haven't got that far in the books tho

  • I like what Telltale does.

    With Snows death they set a statement: that nothing is going to be predictable,
    and that the outcome of this story will depend on the player alone.

    This is excellent, because I don't like playing prequels to a story that I know the end of.
    I'm all for this alternate storyline set in the same universe.

    And yes, Snow was great but I mourned Faith a lot more than her.
    I liked the dynamic between her and Bigby because both of them are flawed characters.

    Snow was a bit too perfect for my taste.


    • Agreed, she was too good to be true. Her going down hits hard. I think it invokes "that side of you" where you don't want to think rational you just want to kill. But will you?.... dun dun duuuuunnn

      Great work telltale, what a way to get a series started

      • I think it invokes "that side of you" where you don't want to think rational you just want to kill. But will you?.... dun dun duuuuunnn

        Oh yes, when I find out who's responsible in the next episodes there will be bloodshed. I don't even care if that makes me a terrible person. They beheaded her and left her head on Bigby's front step. Someone will pay for that later.

    • This is the Fables version of Snow White, she is far from perfect. She is also not staying dead.

  • Double post, sorry.

  • I'd love to see Snow besides Bigby the whole game , feeling her presence besides you is very nice.
    However , I like that Telltale did something very unpredictable. That's pretty much the first word that comes in my mind when I hear "Telltale" - unpredictable , immersive storytelling and tension ! :D

  • Not till the 4rth or 5th episode, that if she ever comes back lol.

  • Telltale BRING BACK SNOW PLEASE I'M cryed then i saw her dead.WHY TELLTALE WHY? BRING BACK SNOW PLEASE REALY PLEASE.Becose of my understending Bigby like her and myself i look to protect her but no she dead.And Snow too look to Bigby with another eyes.Feeling like they whant love each other.

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